Monday, April 13, 2009

Upward Over The Mountain

A friend of mine twittered (tweeted?) the following video, and commented that it makes him want to move out of California.

The video choked me up. It made me pine for something I've never had before. I'm sure the music had a lot to do with it, but the images in the first half of the video struck a chord with me.

I have been thinking and talking about leaving California for a long time now.

Watching this video just now, made me realize--

My heart has already left.


Mike said...

I've got a futon if you want to come scope out San Antonio. I don't know how the tech market here is, but Austin is just up the road a ways, and you could check that out, too.

That's how I wound up being able to move here. A friend I made over the intertubes made me a similar offer, and I took him up on it. My digs aren't anywhere near as nice as his, but I'm offering.

My blogger ID is my primary email if you're interested.

Fletch said...

Thanks for the offer Mike, I just may take you up on it in a while. Unfortunately, I've still got some unfinished business in California.

Mike said...

No rush. We'll be here for a while. :D

John the Texaner said...

Can you expound on your feelings a bit? It's a nice video and song, but I don't completely understand why it would cause someone to want to leave California.

I don't pretend to understand the Californian mindset, having grown up in Texas and never have visited the state. To me, there's an element of glory long lost about the place, having gone from a frontier of possibilities to a land of hand-wringing and nanny-statehood.

Judging from the recent Hollywood-polished desparate "find yourself here" commercials by the Governator and hollywood elite, the state is experiencing a mass exodus of prosperity as a result of its fiscal and social irresponsibility.

Sadly, a large number of the folks that are leaving seem not to understand the cause of their misery, and promptly attempt to set up new California microchosms within the prosperous states they relocate to. They don't seem to comprehend why we despise them so.

Fletch said...

Mike, it's really more about open spaces, and slower paces. Certainly California has those, but not where I live, and if I want to move out of SoCal to find those things, I might as well get out of California entirely. I mean; why give up the hustle and bustle, convenience, and pay; only to stay in california, and not get any additional freedoms out of the move?

I understand your frustration with those Californians who leave the state because of expenses, lack of opportunity, and nannyisms, and try to set up similar conditions in the state they moved to. It's foolish, and stupid. They really don't get it. Please keep fighting them, so they don't poison your state. I'm going to need a place to move to after my business in Ca is completed. But don't worry, as I'm sure you're already aware, I'm not one of those Californians.

Fletch said...

It took a while for me to realize it, but the reason this song affects me so much is because of my mom. Now I can't listen to the song anymore. Even for catharsis.

I still want those open spaces, but my sadness was not for that particular longing.