Tuesday, September 30, 2008


From David comes this disgusting display of law enforcement officer "us vs them"ism.


Just fucking disgusting.

"Hahaha, you're the police, and you like to beat people! Hahahah." Who the fuck do you think you guys are?

The Subprime Crisis in 11 minutes

UPDATE: Jesus christ. I had no idea it was this involved! Watch the whole thing.

Reposted from Kevin's place to get the word out.

Hungry! Hungry!

Some Kind of Robot over at Robot Powers Used for Awesome relates a story that reminded her of my favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop, and to ensure everyone knew what she was talking about; posted the entire episode.


Mushroom Samba may be my favorite episode, but it's not the best example of the series. I wholeheartedly recommend you watch the series. It's kind of a space western.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Enfield saga continues

I got a replacement firing pin for my Enfield No4 MK1 after some confusion, and was happy to play with it some more. When I ordered the firing pin, the one they sent did not fit my cocking piece. Unsure if they sent the wrong part, or if I had mismatched parts, I sent my broken firing pin back and asked them to send the right part, or charge me for a different firing pin that fits the threads on the broken firing pin. The correct firing pin was sent back with no explanation, so I wasn't sure if my parts were matched. I still had another issue with my Enfield, the bolt head catch for removing the bolt was very stiff, and difficult to get all the way down.

So it was time to take the Enfield down for a detail strip to look at these issues and to get reacquainted.

The first thing I noticed was that the cocking piece had "MK2" stamped lightly into it. Looks like the cocking piece and firing pin were from an Enfield MKII. When I took off the stock to get access to the bolt head catch, I realized it moved freely. Apparently the stock is what was keeping the bolt head catch from becoming fully depressed. After a bit of testing to confirm this, I took out my knife, and cut a small channel in the wood under the catch and reassembled. It moved a bit more, but it was still stuck. I thought about it a bit, and then realized the solution was simple. I reassembled the parts, and got a large punch and a hammer. I used a piece of cloth between the punch and the catch, and wacked it with a hammer. It was stuck down, and after slipping my knife under it, it popped back up, and moved freely.

The stock didn't have an opening of any kind on it for the bolt head catch, which leads me to believe this stock was for a Enfield MK1*, which didn't have a bolt head catch.

So my wartime (two groove barrel) enfield, beat all to hell, with a MK2 firing pin and cocking piece, and a MK1* stock replacing the (what must have been) beat up stock, leads me to believe this Enfield has been to hell and back.
It just occurred to me that there are no import marks on this rifle. The metal is pretty beat, and the worn finish plays tricks with the light, but I'll have to give it another examination to be sure.

Oh yeah; I saw a hot blonde at the gun store. But the price was not right. After learning so much new stuff about my MK1, buying a brand-spanking-new, perfect condition, post-war MK2 has less appeal.
Maybe if the price goes down... According to a friend of mine who works at the shop, I'm pretty much the only guy who's interested in those "classic" arms.

Milton Friedman on Greed

Is greed really such a horrible thing?

Heard this on Larry Elder's radio show and found the video online.

Where was ofheo?

My smile diminishes

I am disheartened to learn that the failure to pass the $700 Billion Bailout on the part of the Republicans was more related to them being butthurt than fundamentally disagreeing with the bailout.

Most of the Dems were apparently against it because a lot of their pork got trimmed.

What a sad, sad state of affairs.

We need some representatives who represent us.

Behold the perfect Democrat world

I was over at StoutRepublican's place and caught another great video he posted.

Some McCain supporters arranged a march through the heavily Democratic west side of Manhattan. The results were as expected. The friendly, loving, helpful, accepting, tolerant Democrats shouted down, cursed at, and issued rude gestures to the peaceful McCain supporters.

Dissent is crushed in the democrat party. Tow the party line, or get the fuck out.

If half the Republicans in America died tomorrow, and we became a serious minority, this is how we would be treated. Hell, why don't they just make us wear badges with our party affiliation?

Godwin has been invoked! But not against Republicans, so it's not that overused.

"There IS no crisis"

From SR comes this video about how the Democrats ignored the brewing storm of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

SR adds;
We all know Republicans are going to be blamed anyways, but having the TRUTH on your side is nice.

Too true...

I found hollywood's missing writers!

Apparently all the good writers are working on Dexter.

Shows like Dexter and Californication make me believe that paying for entertainment is entirely worth it. The only thing keeping me off satellite radio is that I mostly listen to talk radio. If their "fairness" doctrine passes (unlikely) I'll sign up in a heartbeat.

I smiled on the way to work

I heard the 700 billion was not approved.

This week is looking up!

Enjoy some political cartoons related this this nonsense

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Armed Canadian's big reveal!

In a post earlier, the Armed Canadian revealed his pretty face!

Just kidding!

Ok, here he is with the visor up.
Not just another pretty face!

NOCus Technicionus ~ The Curious Beast

The NOC Technician (Networkus Operatus Centre Technicionus) is a strange, and fascinating beast.

Born with little skin pigment, and eyes high in rod count, they are perfectly evolved for the darkness in which they live. The NOC Technician (or NOC Tech) rarely moves from his or her chair in order to save calories. This allows the NOC Tech to work for extremely prolonged periods, and survive on very little food. They have been known to survive for months only on soda and stale donuts.

NOC Technicians are curious animals. They crave neither human contact, fresh air, nor the most basic staple of existence; light. An evolutionary feature unique to the species is the development of nearsightedness at maturity. Some more seasoned NOC Technicians work long enough hours, and eat so little they can actually suspend their metabolism by going to work before dawn, working with minimal physical activity, consuming little, and going home after dark. This allows the NOC Tech to enter a state of near-hibernation, an ability unique to the human genus.

Though antisocial by nature, NOC Techs form small groups within their NOCs (Network Operation Center). In the case of large NOCs, impromptu "sub-NOCs" are usually formed, and may lead to rivalry, and working problems between sub-NOCs. The small groups may be very diverse, but develop into a very tight social group quickly. These relationships may or may not extend to the world outside the NOC, no scientific reasoning has been established to determine the cause of this behavior. NOCs will invariably develop their own limited language. Half-words, inside jokes, and non-sequiters carry extra meaning unknown to the outsider. Infiltration of these groups may only be achieved by complete immersion. All previously recorded attempts have resulted in the complete assimilation, and loss of 28 known researchers. No future attempts are planned.

NOC Technicians are also capable of handling a significant amount of mistreatment, usually delivered by aggressive users or angry managers, if promised small rewards. The average NOC Tech is capable of absorbing near-deadly levels of mistreatment if offered free soda, or a subway sandwich twice a month. Expected rewards can lead to complacency, and small unexpected rewards are necessary to maintain a working morale. Occasional Jumbo Jack Cheeseburgers, or McDonalds Apple Pies, are all it takes to restore the morale of even the most vexed NOC Technician.

A friend of the 2nd needs help

Going to court.
In December 2002, I founded The High Road forum dedicated to the advancement of responsible gun ownership. Recently, it was discovered that in 2006, the volunteer forum systems administrator, Derek Zeanah of Statesboro, Georgia, changed domain registration to himself. After he was confronted, Derek locked out all other staff from accessing the Web server administration and would not share even backup copies of its content. After failed attempts to peacefully resolve the dispute, it has become necessary for me to initiate a lawsuit against Derek Zeanah for the return of thehighroad.org domain name and the forum database.

I am seeking and would greatly appreciate donations to help with the cost of litigation. You can use Paypal (olegvolk@gmail.com) or send a check to:
Oleg Volk 3112 Chambley Ct Hermitage, TN 37076

All donations shall be returned if the lawsuit is ultimately avoided. You can also aid me by re-posting this appeal on your blog, forum or web site. My legal position is already endorsed by almost all of The High Road staff as well as Rich Lucibella, the founder of The Firing Line forum.

UPDATE: Derek's reaction was to disable The High Road forum all together. He also removed most of the staff who opposed him.

I have never met Oleg Volk, but there can be no doubt that he is a true friend of the 2nd amendment. His site, A Human Right, was one of the first I read cover to cover, and helped make up my mind about firearms when I was still on the fence.

He is OUR friend, and he needs help.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Range Trophies

This is that 8 shot group I shot with my 1911 last weekend. I only called one flier, so I failed to catch the second one, but minus the two fliers the group was a 1.35 inches.

Looking forward to getting better.

I realized I forgot to post my best group from the rifle range.

My best 4 shot group with my Savage 10FP at 100 yards. Three shots in .25" and with the fourth, .41".

Not bad on either account :)

Quote of the candy!

"You grab the stupid-long goatee and then BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM until candy comes out"
~Atomic_Fungus via IRC

Robo Cow Rides Again

Search Term Genius

I've heard of ambidextrous magazine releases...

But ambiguous? Like, a magazine release that doesn't look like one?

I know the 10/22 has an ambiguous bolt catch...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Avril 14th - Aphex Twin

Overheard at work

Coworker: Where's the Linux agent?
Me: Same place the Mac agent was. On the FTP site.
Coworker: I don't see it. Oh wait, is it the dot tar?
Me: Yep. Good old tarball. Is it gee zipped?
Coworker: Nope. Just tar'ed
Me: Heh... 'tard.

Quote of the Clinging

That one about how we in "flyover country" (not his formulation) "cling to our guns and religion."

Something about it was bothering me in a way I couldn't quite define until now.

It's this, you only "cling" to something someone is trying to take away from you.
~Stephen Browne

A great read.

Hat tip to Atomic Nerds

How fringe is the true meaning of the 2nd?

Something struck me a bit ago while I was thinking about Obama's recent statement;
This [gun control] can't be the reason not to vote for me.

Gun control is a BIG issue with a BIG block of voters. It is a constant source of perturbation to politicians. (well, SOME politicians) The possibility of having to vote on a new assault weapons ban unnerves elected officials right where it hurts; in their reelection. Frankly, to an outsider, it's damn odd that guns are such a huge issue.

It's obvious that majority of gun owners take their gun ownership and ability to continue to purchase guns very seriously.

The original intention of the 2nd amendment was not for hunting, shooting tin cans, or even self defense. It was for shooting unruly politicians. The framers had just had to fight for their freedom, and they knew that they wouldn't have been able to win without firearms (and the implied skill to use them). The 2nd amendment was added as a fail-safe, to make sure that the people retained the ability to challenge an overreaching government.

I was under the impression that the amount of gun owners who believed in the original intent of the 2nd was a small percentage. But that would make the rest of gun owners simply hobbyists, and the political fervor surrounding guns does not support that.

Were most gun owners simply hobbyists, they would have LONG ago moved on to something else. Something that didn't have confusing laws, inherent danger, and the threat of federal prison. Indeed, even in the most anti-gun states in the union, gun owners fight through layers and layers of red tape to own a gun. No other "hobby" that I know of carries such legal conditions.

The broad and tenacious opposition to gun control is indicative of a vast majority of gun owners who understand the serious political importance of preserving their right to keep and bear arms.


What is the percentage of gun owners who recognize that guns are so important to this nation?

What is the percentage of gun owners who feel so strongly about their gun rights that they will become one-issue voters?

What is the percentage of gun owners who would resist or avoid confiscation?

What is the percentage of gun owners who would engage in civil disobedience for their 2nd amendment rights?

What is the percentage of gun owners who would actually fire a shot to defend their right to keep and bear arms?



Monday, September 22, 2008

Not yours!

Post-It Note Experiment

Fucking Genius.

BIG hat tip to Xavier.

The 1911; she sings.

Since some jerk (whoops) jerk screwed up my travel plans, I had to cut the vacation a few days short. I returned Friday morning instead of Sunday evening. But with the new Buckmark and 10/22, I was more than happy to spend those two extra days at the range. Saturday was reserved for pushing paper plates all the way back to 50 feet at the local indoor, and seeing how small I could make the groups. I averaged 4" groups at that range, and look forward to making them smaller. I'm still getting the hang of the Buckmark, and I'm beginning to notice little things about my shooting. Like how I need the lane light on so I can clearly see the sights, and how the black sights on the white paper plate in front of the black backstop cause the light to bend weird. I enjoy shooting the paper plates for cheap, but I think I need more light to properly focus on the sights. Also of note was the fact that even at my current skill level, returning to the basics improves my shooting. Focusing on the front sight, target blurry, brain thinking "front sight front sight front sight" as the tip of my finger applies steady pressure to the trigger, resulting in a surprise break: always produces the best groups.

I was looking forward to Sunday when I could see how the Buckmark had improved my 1911 shooting.

Sunday was for expensive trigger time. Well, comparatively expensive. The 1911, S&W 442, and GP100 were loaded into the range bag along with two (sigh) boxes of ammo. (totaling $70 :|) The 442 was still giving me infrequent weak hammer strikes. I think I'm going to send it in considering it is still under 300 rounds new. (though it has been dry fired quite a bit) My GP100 shooting had a few cobwebs that disappeared after a few cylinders, then it was back to shooting clovers because that never gets old.

Then the 1911 came out to play, and I do so relish it when I have the ammo to invite her to the sock hop. I set the paper plate to 35 feet to start, and worked out some unexplained weirdness I was having with my grip. After a few magazines I sent the target back to 50 feet, and failed to produce improved groups. Then I remembered my Buckmark lessons, turned on the light, focused on the front sight, and steadied my trigger pressure. The result was better groups, and among them, the best 8-shot group I've shot with my 1911. After grinning at the perforated paper plate for a few seconds too long, I put it back in my range bag so I could post it in my closet. Nothing incredible, but I'm certainly going to post a picture of it.

No significant changes in the feel of my 1911 shooting to report. The feel is quite good, but no better than it was at last report. With all the recent talk about new exciting 1911s, I felt a bit infidelitous (new word!) eyeballing all the fancy 45 caliber JMB shrines. Do I need another 1911 now? Can I justify a target 1911 with some better sights? After this recent range visit, I realize I am quite satisfied with my GI45, and don't think I need bigger this or polished that to become a better shooter. The only issue is reliability, and since broken in, the only issue I've had is the occasional failure to feed, (Failure to battery, hardball round angled up into the chamber, but not completely fed. Fixed with a rap to the back of the slide) but without Wilson Combat mags (currently using Chip McCormick 8 rounders), I can't be sure it's not a magazine issue. Need to suck it up and buy at least one! This range trip of 100 rounds saw two of the aforementioned feeding malfunctions. These failures become accentuated after the feed ramp dirties up (WWB 45 gets it dirty fast). I'm reluctant to polish it to any degree because 1: it still feeds HP ammo well. 2: I don't have WC mags to test for mag malfunction. 3: it works pretty damn well right now. This "starters" 1911 has been preforming strongly, and has been improving my shooting ever since I bought it.

I refrained from getting a WC barrel and bushing because the stock barrel and bushing didn't have much slop, and because I knew I wasn't accurate enough to even be able to tell the difference! After the last range visit, I'm beginning to think I might almost be there.

Xavier was who I read for inspiration on my 1911 selection, and who's part selection I mimicked when I didn't know enough about 1911s to know one from the other. Even now I've hardly begun to scratch the surface of 1911 knowledge, but I know I trust Xavier's judgment. He also loves to revisit his selections, and I love rereading his thoughts.

Well, he lets me into heaven anyway

But I get the room next to the noisy ice machine
For all eternity and every day he runs by screaming;

Quote of the donut brained squids

Giant Squids have donut shaped brains. The esophagus passes right through the middle of it.
Go figure.
Wonder if they think donut thoughts?


Advanced War is Hell


Vacation highlights

Logging off: I watched no news. I browsed no internet. The most sophisticated technology I used was the Xbox360 controller to play GTA4. This was great. I would catch myself looking at headlines, or reading ticker news, and stop myself. It's kind of refreshing not having to worry about the world going to hell in a handbasket (footage at 11!). Of course, my lack of attentiveness did nothing to stop the truly epic socialism that took place while I was out, but the result would have been the same had I known and worried about it.

Kayaking: Seems like it would be more annoying, but it's really fun. We went down a level 1 rapid, so finding the quick spots was fun. A great lazy trip through nature.

Biltmore Estates: A "high class" hotel/resort in North Carolina. Now with 20% more Fancy! We stayed there for most of my vacation. Not really my scene, but fun.

Tea and Scones: We had Tea. Proper Tea. With a capital "T." If I would have known you get sweets and sandwiches with capital "T" Tea, I would have had it before.

SMOKING!!!11: PEOPLE SMOKED IN RESTAURANTS AND BARS! THROUGH SOME FORM OF MAGIC I FAILED TO DIE OF SUPERCANCER! I suspect there is some kind of health vortex in Georgia. How else could you explain my surviving second hand smoke? Now that I'm back in California, I'll have to flee for my life at the faintest hint of smoke.

Lonely Early Morning Tea: One of the days in North Carolina I found myself quite awake at 3am, so I went down to the opulent lobby, picked a seat, ordered some tea, and read my book for three hours. Hot tea, comfy chair, good book, solitude. What more could anyone want?

Fancifyin' up the place: During our short stay in Biltmore Estates we added to the overall class by returning with bags from Arbys, Subway, and K-mart. Also, wore my flipflops with my nice pants and shirt to a formal dinner. Haste in packing due to the sudden liquidity of my travel plans caused me to forget my belt, so for a few days I was sporting a paracord belt. Sorry, I didn't have an extension cord with me.

Petting Zoo: I petteded some goatseses. I like goats. Also saw the biggest horse I've ever seen. Its eye was about the size of my fist, which qualifies it for "please don't eat me" status. Also I got to say "Hey, you." to a Ewe. So that's funny too.

Waffle House: An unmistakable greasy spoon. Eating it was fine because it tasted great. How I felt afterwards, however, was another story. I believe the course of action to correct this, is to never stop eating there. It appeared as though some of the patrons had already come to this realization.

Steak Paradox: Ordered the $50 Surf 'n Turf at the super fancy formal dinner. Later, got the $15 steak at a nearby TGIFridays, and it was better. Go fig. I was sure to tell the TGIFridays manager.

Sunday Sunday Sunday: I can't complain about things not being open late here, because apparently in most places, things close at 6 and may not even open on Sunday. Something about Jesus or something. What the hell do you do at 5pm on a Sunday? The answer, I extrapolate from the girls I met, is "make babies."

Weather: The weather was good. Very good actually. It was lukewarm. Not even warm. Even at night, it was perfect.

Little Miss Sunshine: Finally got to watch that movie all the way through. WAY better than I thought it was. The moments of cinematography and color caught me off guard. Good stuff.

My Two-Knife Girlfriend: Due to annoyance with airlines and flying in general, I did not check any luggage. As a result, I was unable to bring a knife. When I arrived, I told my girlfriend who produced an extra knife she had brought for no immediately obvious reason. (you need a reason?) Awesome.

My First Mullet: In the Atlanta airport I saw my first real live mullet. I had seen semi-mullets before, or what looked like accidental mullets, but this kind of full-on Joe Dirt mullet was a first. Spec-tacular.

Barflyery: We hung out in the fancy bar for about 3 hours experimenting with different drinks, and letting the bartender experiment with drinks on us. For the first hour all we talked about was cartoons. I was about to crap out when our bartender mentioned an extra spicy bloody mary, and I instructed him to attempt to kill me. It still wasn't spicy enough. Tab was $140, but from the looks of the bill, I'm sure there was around $100 missing from it.

I missed the Emmys: 100%. Didn't hear about it coming up, didn't know it was on. Hadn't heard one word. Sweet.

Fucking Bugs: In Georgia, there were fucking bugs fucking everywhere. That is; there were bugs fucking, and they fucking everywhere. This was actually so excessive it was funny. (not funny "haha," more funny "haha I don't live here" :p) Fortunately, North Carolina was practically bug-free. You sure know it when those dragonflies hit the windshield.

And the number one reason this vacation was awesome...

Getting Away

Quote of the Affle House

Just off the plane I spot the lit "Waffle House" sign at the first exit (and almost every exit thereafter). One of them has the "W" burned out.

"Oh no! Awful House!"

It was funnier after MANY hours on a plane and number of layovers.

Quote of the Waffle House

"...So anyways, I was tellin' him that-- ... Well. She just up an' left. Wadn't tellin' the story to myself. I already know it."
~Waffle House Waitress

Friday, September 12, 2008

Curse you Euclidian geometry!

You and your sphereoids!

Hackers infiltrate LHC!!!!! Except not.

Hackers infiltrate Large Hadron Collider systems and mock IT security

"Infiltrate" is a bit of a strong word for this. Their website was defaced. That is all.

As far as skill and complexity of attacks go, website defacement is a few steps above port scan.

Website defacement is particularly limited in scope because the website was likely run on a Linux Apache server, and if you let it get out of date, or attackers know of an undiscovered vulnerability, the Apache server can be compromised. HOWEVER! Since it's not a windows server, compromising the Apache server means that the attacker would only have access to Apache stuff. The worst they'd be able to do (assuming there is no leverage) is deface the website. Oo ho hoho! Scary!

But even if t3h L337 hax0rz DID totally compromise the system, so what? Does anyone honestly believe the controls for the supercomputers managing every aspect of the Large Hardron Collider are connected to the internet!? (directly or indirectly) This is not Sneakers, where you fire up your modem, and connect to a power grid controller.

Yeah, I know this douche was probably just trying to drum up traffic with his sensationalist title, but who cares? Don't be such a fucktard.

Ike's a jerk.

Vacation snafu

Some jerk named Ike is fucking up my travel plans...

Hurrr! No hurricane problems for me! I'm going to Georgia, and Ike's going to Texas! Layovers don't count! Hurrr!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Felt time paradox!

A good way to make a week crawl is to have a vacation starting the weekend.

To make the week fly by at lightning speed, just have a project due at the end of the week.

I have both, so I'm just confused.

7 Years

It still feels like yesterday.

But it seems like another world ago.

We-- not the pundits on teevee, or the liberal trash who have all but renounced their nationality-- WE AMERICANS...



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Go my boss!

My boss has been busy and pretty much absent the past few weeks, and I've had to deal with people above or on the same level as my boss. This sucks, because I have boundaries I can't really overstep, even when some shit really needs to be said.

Last conference call, my boss kept stopping me from explaining, and laying the straight smack down on the other folks on the conference call. Basically, he stood up for me, and wasn't afraid to tell people they were wrong, and needed to shut up. All the stuff I can't technically do.

Your boss is supposed to be your buffer from the rest of the company. When your boss is absent, or fails to be that buffer, things get sucky REAL fast.

"Never gets old, huh?"

10/22 love

After picking up my 10/22 yesterday afternoon, I sped out the door at 9pm to make it to the range before they close at 10. I made it in time, and set up a paper plate at 25 feet and loaded the magazine. There was one other group there, five people in their early 20s, one of them a shooter, the rest obviously new.

I put the magazine into place, and pulled and released the open bolt. Whoops. Nothing happened. I futz with it a bit, but can't manage to get the bolt released. It's not rocket surgery... I remove the magazine, and try again, but still can't unlock the bolt. I eye the controls. Mag release. Safety. Trigger. What the shit? I look at the controls more closely, and spot a sliver of metal extending awkwardly between the trigger guard and the mag release. I thumb it curiously, and note it seems to do something to the bolt. I idly glance behind me and see one of the new shooters was watching the scene reminiscent of a monkey with a square peg and a round hole. I take comfort in the fact that there aren't more people here to bask in my genius, and retreat to the range counter to ask the guys there how the hell you release the bolt on a 10/22. When I turn, one of them is just coming in, and I ask him what the hell I'm doing wrong. He smiles and says, "Yeah, it's pretty stupid. You might go for the aftermarket bolt release." The then shows me how to release the bolt (rock the sliver upward while pulling and releasing the bolt).

I put two mags through it off hand, and after getting used to the trigger and sights, made a small hole in my paper plate. While reloading I noticed one of the new shooters was still looking at me, and offered to let him shoot it. "I didn't really pay for it, so..." "It's two cents a round, don't worry about it." "Ok!" I showed him how the sights should align, and he shot one magazine through it. He missed the plate a few times (I let him set the range), but it didn't matter, because he had fun. I noticed his friend was watching him shoot, and offered him a chance to shoot which he accepted gratefully. After a second short instruction session, the second friend shot a little better than the first, but he had the same grin when he was done. But this time, another new shooter was done, and I figured I'd just round it out and offer for her to shoot. She declined, and I returned to loading the magazine. After I was done I turned slightly and saw her there waiting to shoot. Another quick lesson and another quick magazine, she was done, and I was ready to return to my paper targets. Just doing my part making sure new shooters have a good time and want to return.

I put the target out to 50 feet and got into a standing shooting position (showing off my elbow rest/stomach), and shot until 10. The overall rifle feel (over the G22 bullpup) made shooting easier, and the weight and balance made it easy to keep on target. No malfunctions, one failure to fire (heavy hammer strike, cheapie golden bullet ammo). The overall feel of the gun was just right. The sights were a little low, but I'm going to replace them with peep sights anyways. The trigger was kind of heavy, but far from difficult. I planned to keep this 10/22 as close to stock as I could in deference to tradition.

I think I've got a new favorite!

Oh yeah, I went home and couldn't help but pull out the sandpaper and open up the barrel channel so the barrel was floated. I'm going to shoot it without the barrel band next time, and see if I notice any difference. I probably won't, but I just had to futz with it a little bit. :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eastfield shotgun disassembly/field strip

You must...


Loosen or remove the stock.

Otherwise you will damage the main screw.

Also, +1 to the guy who's blog I read where he humorously mentioned using the M44 bayonet as a screwdriver. It worked great.

Overheard at work

Coworker: Define "ambiguous."
Coworker: Well... It's kinda... It's like a thing, but not. It's hard to describe.

Quote of the don't cross the streams

You need two beamlines to dance and cause our existence to go askance. There's only going to be one tomorrow. Even if they start both beamlines, unless you intentionally cross the streams with our licensed nuclear accelerator, ain't nothing gonna happen. So unless Gozer makes an appearance tomorrow at the top of the ATLAS experiment and they need to banish him/her/it, we're safe.

Really quickly, on the topic of the LHC, when I heard about the statistically impossible possibility of destroying the world my answer came quickly;

"What are we going to do? NOT turn it on???"

We have reached the pinnacle of our understanding of the physical world. What are we supposed to do? Sit on our hands?

Of course, an honest assessment of my position would reveal that I don't really care if the whole world is destroyed. Meh. I want my anti-gravity and teleportation. An understanding of "dark matter" has promise in an incredible array of new technologies.

This is the next level, people.

This could be bigger than anything we've ever done AS A SPECIES.

Suck it up.

Sit back.

Drink a cocktail.

Enjoy the moment our understanding of the universe changed.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Metalocolypse Second Season Finale


I really was on the edge of my seat, and I really can't wait to find out what happens!

That's my bread and butter you're fucking with.

Buckmark and some trigger therapy

I brought my brand spanking new Buckmark to the indoor range Saturday night at 7pm with half a box of the cheapest .22 in the area, Remington Golden Bullet, and a full box of federal bulk.

I set up one of my target paper plates at 25 feet, and got started.

Part of why I bought the Buckmark was to improve my 1911 shooting, and my pistol shooting in general. By only the second magazine, my flinch in rapid fire was obvious to me. After the shot, I would compensate and move the front sight down (I guess) to control the recoil, instead of letting my arm and hand return to my natural point of aim. Many magazines later I stopped compensating, and started playing with my grip. Since I'm cross dominant, and shoot right handed/left eyed, a straight grip (bore aligned with my forearm) causes significant tweaking in my arm and shoulder. Despite this, I attempted a straight grip, and found I shot better when I gripped it as I usually did, slightly off center. This might be more of a problem with pistols where I can't "gas pedal" the safety like this 1911, or the buckmark, but with the "gas pedal" and proper placement of my support hand, everything snaps right back on target.

I had been consistently shooting slightly left, and instead of adjusting the sights, switched to my left hand, and saw I was right down the middle. This meant I needed to work on my grip or trigger pull. But after a few hundred rounds, the problem disappeared as I focused more on my shooting form.

For the first half of the session, I happily practiced semi-rapid fire at 25 feet (which is just a lot of fun with a .22), but after I began to get the hang of the Buckmark, I switched to slow fire at 50 feet.

At this range the Buckmark was sighted three inches high, which was perfect because all I needed to do was rotate the paper plate to have a fresh section to shoot into. Groupings were mostly vertical, and I could see in the front sight that my arms were beginning to tire.

Around this time, another shooter invited me to shoot his 8" .44, and I was too polite to decline. (he insisted that he reloaded and made his own bullets, so cost was NOT a problem) He gave me 6 shots of a light load, and found it actually, more mild than a 357. I returned it with a big smile on my face, and he handed me 6 more shots, and made it clear he would not take "No" for an answer. :) What he didn't tell me, was that those were full loads. All I can say is WOW. I've got small hands, and had difficulty with the large wooden grips. Each shot pounded my hand like a hammer, but it was so awesome I just had to keep going. I actually managed a respectable group considering the double action, oversized gun, and monstrous recoil. I thanked him profusely, and returned to my Buckmark to find that 6 full loads of .44 is a big dose of ANTI-flinch. I shot two more magazines of federal and made the smallest groups of entire visit.

Around now, I had to go because I had been there for THREE HOURS and they were closing. I hadn't spent that long at the range in a long time due to the cost of ammo.

Of the 500 rounds split between the cheapest .22 in the area, and the federal, I had two failure to fires (ammo related, golden bullet has a problem with primers that get knocked loose), and one stove pipe (also golden bullet).

Trigger Therapy

In the hours following the range visit, I noticed I was MUCH less tense. Not necessarily that I was tense before, and now I felt better, but that I felt "normal" and then suddenly felt much better! My girlfriend noticed the change immediately, and commented. I guess it has been so long since I got a long range visit in, I'd forgotten how much better you feel after a few hours a shooting! The entire cost of the range trip was approximately $10. I defy you to improve your mental health so dramatically for less than that.

I look forward to more therapy with Dr. Buckmark.

Quote of the Obama on guns

Can everyone hear me in the back?

Every gun owner in America hears you loud and clear. Volume is not the problem, it's the source.

I may want to ban guns, but it's OK because I don't have the votes!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Quote of the principals

"Look," she continues, "I make money doing bonds, and so this curfew should benefit me. But some things just aren't fair."

Challenging things that unfairly BENEFIT YOU is the truest form of principals.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cigarery - Punch Corona

Smoked a Punch Corona under the recommendation of a forum member.


I asked for spicy, and found the flavor very mild. Not entirely aromatic. I let it heat up a bit, finding it lacking in the cooler smoke, and was rewarded with displeasure.

I've been looking for something as good, as flavorful, and as spicy as the cuban I enjoyed while in Mexico, and have yet to even come close.

It should be noted that I'm quite a novice to cigar smoking, and have been refining my technique with little overall success. Though the cuban I enjoyed was the absolute first, and lacked "proper" smoking, it was tremendously enjoyable, and stayed with me for a long time. I smoked it as a formality (hell, when was I going to get a chance to smoke a cuban?), and enjoyed it so much I decided to continue with extremely occasional cigar smoking.

The search goes on...

Friday, September 05, 2008


Browsacking from PDB

Browsacking from TD Gudis

Also, double duck headbutt from Alan!

Sooo... Sleeepyy....

The 16th Colossus is a jerk.

I was up until 5am trying to get him.


In related news; Shadow of the Colossus is--




That is all...

... ok, one more;

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Expedition: Florida

From Archduke Cornelius Westonshire Esq. who's new blog is full of Brawndo!

Needless to say, my humors were thrown at once out of alignment, and it was only a hearty swig of Doc McGillicuddy's Nerve and Moustache Elixir which rouse'd me from my stupefie'd state. (While my nerves did in-deed become quite regular as advertised, I had no need of it's facial hair thickening properties. Damn and blast your eyes, Doc Macgillicuddy! I've already got as robust a moustache as a man can rightly ask for, and now thanks to your tonic, I shan't be able to go so far as the local haberdashery without lower-classmen stopping to compliment my moustache's lustrous, full-bodied sheen!)

This entire blog is made of win and awesome.


On the drive back from Del Taco;

Me: Oh! Check out this fortune I got today from Panda Express... "A tempting proposal will soon present itself to you." Sooo.. what am I supposed to do then?
some kind of robot: What do you mean?
Me: I mean, I'm supposed to be tempted by something, but am I supposed to accept or decline?
skr: I think it's a good thing that you would accept.
Me: "Tempting" means there's a repercussion that I have to balance before making the decision.
skr: Well, you could be tempted by an offer of a new job that pays more money. The only thing to decide is if it's better than what you have.
Me: But that would be readily obvious. Temptation implies a possibly negative consequence. Otherwise it would be like "A good proposal" or "A bad proposal." The word "tempting" implies you'll have to think about it.
skr: There could just be one con, though, keeping you from doing it. It doesn't have to be a negative outcome as a whole. Think of it like food.
Me: Hmmm... So I was tempted by the Del Taco spicy mole chicken burrito.
skr: Yeah, and what was the repercussion of the decision?
Me: ... Deliciousness?
skr: Right, and what's bad about that?

Ye olde IRCe

I'm burning up PDB's IRC channel.

Join usss!

Not because of your politics, because of your presumptuousness.

SR loses a favorite.

...but this... you guys have effectively lost me not because of your political beliefs ... but your presumption that everyone who is a consumer of your product who doesn’t already believe that which you do wants to hear from you just galls me. I don’t go to C-SPAN for my music, and I really didn’t want to go to Deep Elm for my politics. You’ve crossed the two, so I’m tapping out.

It's not we disagree, it's that you think I'm too stupid.


For chrissake people. It's not fucking rocket surgery!

When the bears get close to stupid people, they become a threat, which means they need to be destroyed. Making bears more familiar with people causes DEATH OF THE BEARS.

Back at Pine Mountain Club, Bryant tried to dispel the myth that bears are "man-eating monsters." She called them submissive and "nothing more than scared big chipmunks."

Jesus! Forget this lady. I say we give her a salmon overcoat and a basket of steaks, and let her go nuts. That's a Darwin award waiting to happen right there.

From David

Cop for a day

Todd Lizotte, microstamping patent holder? Is that you?

This is a little roundabout; but stick with me, it's worth it...

I was perusing my sitemeter, and saw an odd search that found its way to one of my quotes of the day...

Snipped version, clicky for full version

A couple of things stood out about this search;
1. Microstamping is fucking retarded, and the only people who care about it are gunnies who don't want it, and legislators who do want it. Regular people could care less about the specifics of a technology before they vote or don't vote for it.
2. This was a blog search. This means the searcher was not interested in the technology, but was interested in what people think about the technology.

It linked to a recent Quote of the Day wherein I quoted an old post from Bruce about the futility, and stupidity of microstamping.

I thought it was odd, and moved on.

A few minutes later, I have a new comment on the microstamping quote of the day post. I figured it would be a simple "Rah!" or "Boo!" but was surprised to see a carefully written rewrite of the exchange Bruce developed. A surprisingly thoughtful comment to be left by the enigmatic and ubiquitous Anonymous.

I was impressed.

I read it three times, and began picking it apart for my reply. The comment was reasoned well, and was written with a considerable amount of knowledge about the technology, but it missed the small picture. At first I though it was written by law enforcement since it was so keen on the big-picture role microstamping could play in charging large crime syndicates. But when I saw that that was all Anonymous could offer, I realized he couldn't be a cop, because a cop understands criminals. And criminals are not all members of complicated crime syndicates. They're simple creatures. For every one member of a complex criminal enterprise there are probably thousands who are not.

I stopped writing, and realized Bruce might be better suited to take this apart, and sent him a comment.

After it was off my plate, I went back and read it again. Then I thought about the search I had seen earlier. Who was this guy?

I saw Anonymous was from New Hampshire, which is big-L libertarian country, which made it even stranger. What the hell?

A google search revealed the following;
... conservative Republican from New Hampshire" who makes annual contributions to NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. He promised that the Microstamping ...

That's odd.


[Todd] Lizotte is a member of the National Rifle Association, and a self-described "Second Amendment guy and a Castle Doctrine guy; a conservative Republican from New Hampshire" who makes annual contributions to NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. He promised that the Microstamping technology would be provided royalty-free to firearms manufacturers with gunmaking facilities in the United States.

Curiouser and curiouser.
Who is Todd Lizotte?

Curiously, that news release was forwarded by the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. Todd Lizotte, who owns the patent on this technology, told Gun Week that the gun control group distributed the news release because "they have looked at the technology as being useful."

It couldn't really be him though... Could it?

The only extra information I had was the city Anonymous came from; Londonderry. The city is not always accurate, so I didn't think I'd get any more information.

Surprise, surprise, Todd's linkedin profile popped up.

So, where was Londonderry?
Todd Lizotte’s Experience

US Director of Emerging Technology
Hitachi Via Mechanics USA

(Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; Nanotechnology industry)

October 2003 — Present (5 years)

Mr. Lizotte is the US Director of Emerging Technology, of Hitachi Via Mechanics (HVUS) in Londonderry NH.

So what does Hitachi Via Mechanics have to do with microstamping?

Google pops up a Londonderry news article...
Todd Lizotte, whose office at Hitachi Via Mechanics in Londonderry overlooks Manchester Airport, is the principal inventor of "microstamping," which can be used to inscribe identifying marks on a gun's firing pin, leaving a tiny imprint on bullets and casings shot from the gun.

So, uh, Todd? Is that you?

I understand it was just before 5pm over there, and since you didn't come from a Hitachi Via Mechanics IP range, I can only assume you're at home (long day eh?). Are you really so worried about your technology that you have to spend your free time searching blogs for people writing negative things about your panacea?

Why go anonymous? You're a big boy. I'm a big boy. Bruce, the original author of the quote is a big boy. We can talk about this like men. You disagree with the sentiment of the post, and have spoken your piece. Revealing your identity would only make me take your comment more seriously. Why hide? Aren't you proud of your baby? Don't you want the opportunity to defend it?

So Todd? Do you really want to talk about Microstamping? Or do you just want to hit-and-run?

There is a difference

When technicians of any field take the two month crash course, it shows.

When technicians of any field truly understand their job, it shows.

9 hours till Buckmarkery

I should really get to sleep...

Sleep brings guns... Guuuuuunnnnnssss....

Alright already!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Rap!

Fucking genius, and actually accurate!





Gets 'em every time.

Quote of the "assault weapon"

The AR buying spree [of hurricane Gustav] demonstrates that people don’t think of it as an "assault weapon" but rather an arm that is ideally suited for self-defense, which it is. I also suspect that for some of the folks this is their first firearm. Goes to show that not only is there no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole but that there is no such thing as a gun-control advocate in one either.

Too true...

Black Devil

Xavier talks about getting ready for Gustav, and Ilsa does her job admirably.

Ilsa was not giving up. I placed her leather quick leash over her head and without turning on the porch light, I took a look through the peephole. Nothing. Ilsa was insistent, still barking, and snarling gutteral growls.

Free Hugs

Awesome video.

From Kevin; from Pugs of War

Shadow of the Colossus is fucking epic.

Normally I'd withhold my review or report until I finished the game, but after starting the fight with the following (fifth) colossus, I was left with my mouth hanging open.



(video contains spoilers about 5th colossus kill)

I really can't wait to play more.

Gas prices won't stop

... dropping, that is...

Somehow it escapes the news...

I blame Bush.

Need a bumper sticker

But I can't find a Palin / McCain sticker. The only ones I can find have McCain first...

"Warrantless" raids on "peace" protesters

I came in this morning and had a link from one of my Democrat friends;
(Fuck BoingBoing. No linky for them.)

I used to read BoingBoing every day, but as it became more and more partisan, I got so disgusted with them I took them off my reading list, and refused to read them. This time, however, I expected my friend to talk to me about the link, so I sighed a deep sigh, and clicked the link.

Report: Massive, warrantless raids on peace protesters in Minneapolis, ahead of RNC.

It seems the homes (some homes, some merely houses rented as meeting points for other protesters) of some protesters were raided by the police looking for specific items and specific people. Everyone in the homes were detained and questioned while evidence was gathered, and then they left.

Le sigh.

I put on my rubber boots, and waded into the muck.

A couple of things became evident quickly;

1. The "warrantless" raids had warrants. Only BoingBoing reported "warrantless." Go fig.
2. This got relatively light coverage, and what coverage it DID get was either obviously biased, or took very few liberties. There doesn't seem to be a lot of support over the "outrage."
3. The video is hilarious. Listen to who they interview. She is obviously aware of why they were raided. Her weasel words hang so thick in the air, the Salon interviewer can't help but pause.
4. The items gathered are serious stuff. Some of them are not, but if you know what you're looking for from protesters, it's very obvious these items were not just "stuff" lying around.

From DigitalJournal
Many items were seized by the police including PVC pipe, chicken wire and duct tape. The RNC Welcoming Committee wanted to lock themselves together in human barricades called "sleeping dragons." Also included in the raids were knives, flammable liquids, five-gallon buckets of urine, homemade caltrops (which are devices used to puncture bus tires), bolt cutters, sledgehammers, protective padding and plastic buckets that were cut into shields.

The "RNC Welcoming Committee" is a protest group that had been shooting its mouth off for a long time leading up to the RNC. The fact that they were largely ignored (none were arrested) leads me to believe the police have classified them as "Mostly Harmless." It is my opinion that they were a secondary target.

Of the 7 raids, and the many many people raided and searched, only 6 were taken in on conspiracy charges. If the cops wanted to break up all the protests as so many would have you believe, they could have easily detained everyone for an extended period of time. They didn't. In fact, they didn't even close down their "rally point" houses. Cops supposedly had lists of names and lists of specific items.

From MNBlue (leftist)
I heard a police officer on cell phone talking about a tupperware of bottles (both cities recycle). A code officer was being called to look for code violations. We expected they will try to board up the house - sort of like immediate punishment for even planning to parade in protect. Update: late in the day, the house was released and the people are back inside.

Whoops. Guess the cops didn't really care about their piddly little organization and its super radical message of peace. More about those plastic bottles later.

The Sheriff lists the items they took;
Materials used in creating "sleeping dragons" (pvc pipe, chicken wire, duct tape)
Large amounts of urine (including 3 - 5 gallon buckets of urine)
Wrist Rockets
Assorted edged weapons including a machete, hatchet and several throwing knives
Gas mask and filter
Empty glass bottles
Flammable liquids
Homemade Caltrops (devises used to disable buses in roads)
Metal pipes
Bolt cutters
Sledge hammers
Old tires (for burning)
Repelling equipment
Kryptonite locks
Empty plastic buckets cut and made into shields
Material for protective padding
An army helmet

Sleeping dragons are pipes with padding inside that protesters can put their arms into, and bind their wrists together. These are used for making human walls or for doing sit-ins. They attach themselves to posts or other immobile objects using only their bodies, and form a chain across intersections or routes. The police can't just cut their arms off, and they can't break their grip on each other because the bound wrists are covered by the metal or pvc pipe they put their arms into for the link. The kryptonite locks were likely meant for use with the sleeping dragons.
Knives may be found anywhere, but what you probably won't find anywhere are machetes and throwing knives. Not much mention of these on those lefty BUSHITLER websites...
Flammable liquids I cannot find described anywhere. Could be liquor, could be gasoline. Though I'm sure it'd be described if it were more sinister. Not much to determine from this.
Homemade caltrops is an interesting one. I'd be interested to see what innocent use these were supposed to have.
Also on the list of stuff they were looking for was a general "materials for incendiary devices," but if all that was listed was flammable liquids, I think it is fair to say these guys weren't cooking up napalm or thermite...
The rest of the stuff is so-so... Cops probably grabbed it because they could. Not necessarily good, but cops have been doing this forever. Complaining about it just because it happened to them is indicative of the selective nature of the "injustices" they fight against.

Here's a picture of all of it.

Clicky for full size.
The maps look home made, and were probably used to plot out routes. The idea that the maps confiscated were tourist maps or stylized drawings are BS.

MNBlue asks;
Is this stuff that is in normally in homes, or associated with a hobby or business?
Except some of the homes weren't "homes." They were houses rented by non-profit groups for the express purpose of congregating peace protesters. People didn't "live" in these home, and need to keep tools and different items there, they just needed a place to sleep, store bikes, and what one of the videos refers to as "equipment."

All the rest seemed to be BS, so I'll cut to my assessment;

This was a raid for Anarchists.

Note I capitalized the "A." These are not a loose group of people who vaguely adhere to the believe in anarchist principals. The Anarchists are a group of violent protesters with whom the police are very familiar.

The Anarchists show up at otherwise peaceful protests and execute plans to covertly escalate the situation. They goad the police into reacting to the whole crowd as they hide among other peaceful protesters. All of this is, of course, taped in order to be edited, and released on the internet. This group is very smart, very motivated, and appears to be funded. Some tactics include hiding behind pregnant women so they can be hit with rubber bullets, throwing bricks wrapped in paper while other people throw paper or light objects, throwing frozen water bottles as others throw empty ones, setting fires, using human waste on police, using wrist rockets and firecrackers to simulate officers being fired upon, and on, and on, and on. The Anarchists have served as flash points for so many protests in the past that agencies plan in advance for them, and gather enough evidence and names to detain them long enough for the event to conclude. When agencies fail to plan, you get things like the Los Angeles immigration rally "May Day Melee."

All in an effort to make the police appear to overreact to some peaceful protesters.

The ones that actually perform the violence usually wear black sweaters, and almost always wear bandannas over their face. The sleeping dragons were not for them, the Anarchists don't have enough people to do a complete sit-in and upset traffic. They probably really were for some peaceful protesters (Though there is a way to cut straight through them without injuring the protesters. Guess they missed the memo). But the caltrops, fireworks, urine, water bottles, and possibly the flammable liquids and glass bottles (who knows nowadays) were obviously for the Anarchists who had insinuated themselves into the other protesters, and were making use of their "rally points" to store their hardware.

It seems to me the police were reacting to the Anarchists, and some of the other protesters were caught up in it (honestly, they were only detained for a while, and let go to return to their house). The protesters were just overreacting. They'll still get the chance to chant "bush is hitler" or "the government needs to be in charge of everything, unless they're republicans" or whatever it is they love to say. (I still think "free speech zones" are BS, but with groups like ELF becoming more and more violent, it's hard to just say anyone can go anywhere.)

Still, there will be protesters at the convention. No official is stupid enough to stop all protesters. So don't worry your little hippie heads. Just keep up the hypocrisy, and thin-skin you guys are known for.

Quote of the brown paper bag

For some reason I'm conjuring up a cartoon of her standing behind McCain at the inauguration getting ready to pop a blown up paper bag.
~David Codrea