Friday, April 03, 2009

Rights are like muscles...

...They disappear if you don't use them.

Lets listen to a recording of someone who didn't CHOOSE to submit to unlawful search, by exercising his rights.

What suspicious activity did this young man undertake in order to raise the hackles of the highly-trained TSA agents? He had $4700 in cash after selling things at an event.

Note that the TSA agents avoid answering his question. They know they don't have the authority to make him answer, all they can do is escalate to a real police agency. Yet they persist in their line of questioning in a manner that implies they have the power to make him answer, and he must answer, or he will be sent to jail.

This is a common tactic.

Be prepared for it, don't be intimidated by it.

You have rights. When the time comes for you to voluntarily waive your rights, really weigh if you absolutely need to be back right on time. Consider if your time and stress is going to be worth the settlement for violation of your civil rights.

If you don't do it... Who will?

One more thing...

Got 30 bucks?

Then you've got 300 hours of recording time, and 25 hours of continuous recording. Long enough to turn on in your pocket when you get up in the morning, and erase at the end of the day if nothing happens.

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