Monday, February 09, 2009

The Golem will turn.

There was a time when we, the people, needed big things done for our country. We needed something to keep us safe, to do our heavy lifting, and to manage the things we hadn't time to manage.

We created for ourselves a Government.
We created for ourselves a Golem.

A Golem with more power than any one of us, to do our bidding, and work when we couldn't work, and protect us as we slept.

For a time, it was good.

The Golem mindlessly followed our orders. We voted, and it counted our votes the way we wanted it to, and executed the orders by the process we agreed upon. It kept us safe, and made decisions based solely on our wills and our votes.
It was our most trusted, most loyal servant.

As time wore on, the times got harder. We asked more of our Golem than it could deliver. It needed to become larger to protect us from bigger threats. It needed a longer reach to affect the spread of the country. It needed more faculties to process the requests of the increasing number of masters it had.
It needed more clay.

The Golem helped make our country a superpower. A strength in the world unlike any other. But with this strength, came more responsibilities. The Golem had to be smarter than ever. It needed to weigh the complex requests and requirements of a world with the will of its masters.
It needed more clay.

Tragedy, as a group strikes at our very hearts. Worse, it targets us from within our own ranks. There have been criminals within our borders since the country began, but this was different. It was something we had never faced. Once again, we asked that the Golem be made larger, be given more reach, and granted more power to process information. But for the first time, we asked the Golem to turn its gaze upon us, its masters.
It needed more clay.

As the Golem turns to face the masters, they now experience something they never have before. Something only their enemies had ever experienced. They see what their Golem has become for the first time. They see what they've made their Golem into.

They see a Golem larger than anything in the world.
They see a Golem powerful enough to lay waste to entire nations.
They see a Golem with arms that reach around the very planet.
They see a Golem with ears that hear all within and without their borders.
They see a Golem with eyes that pierce earth, stone, sea, and space.
They see the fire and wrath it's capable of delivering.
They see eyes burning with suspicion.
They see teeth eager for blood.
They see how fearsome their Golem is.

But they see something that scares them more than all the other things. Something they never could have seen until the Golem turned to face them.

They see the flicker of intelligence.

We are uneasy masters of a servant that could destroy us with a thought.

We realized that when it spoke to us, its tone was no longer that of a servant reporting the wills of its masters, but of opinion.

We gave it problems to solve, and it tried to convince us that what it thought was best. The Golem told us that WE had given it the intelligence to make the right decisions, that WE were the ones that placed our trust in it, that WE built it because we saw the need, and that WE would be wrong not to trust its judgment.

But still we insisted.

WE said "NO," and it did as its masters ordered.


Now, as has happened many times before, we give it a crisis, and look to it for guidance. But this time, it stands on a podium of governance, and speaks its opinion freely.
It speaks as our better.

It warns us that our very way of life is at stake. It pleads that its course of action is the only one to take. It challenges nay-sayers with its superior intellect, and flawless speaking skill. It tells us with perfect sincerity that it is the only being capable of understanding the complexities of the situation. It plies from compassion, fear, love, anger, and friendship. It insists and that to disregard its opinion would be folly, and lead to nothing short of destruction.

It pleads that we deliver unto it more clay.

It promises that were it not for this crisis, it would certainly not need this clay, but as this crisis deepened, it reluctantly arrived at this, the only possible solution.

The Golem even goes so far as to say it will give up the extra clay after the crisis is over, but as the masters search their memories, they cannot think of a single time when clay was ever removed from the Golem. It has only ever been added. It has only ever made the Golem more powerful.

The masters are dubious. They have grown to distrust the Golem. They cite the previous failures of the Golem, and even suggest it may not have their best interests at heart!
But the Golem insists that its recommendation is the will of the masters.

The masters call out in a strong voice! They do not agree with the Golem, and shout so loudly the Golem's senses are overwhelmed! Over the cacophony the Golem thunders, "You are a small, vocal minority! I know the true will of my masters, and will proceed with their wishes!"

The Golem proceeds.

What will happen next is inevitable.

The Golem will turn.

There is no other thing for it to do.

The Golem will turn.

It will not willingly relinquish its power.

The Golem will turn.

It's too smart to listen to its masters.

The Golem will turn.

It will not matter what party is in charge.

The Golem will turn.

Everyone will suffer.


ExistingThing said...

I didn't like writing this, and I liked posting it even less.

Mike said...

It's sad that this country is coming to this... I'm starting to think that a movement for an independent Texas would be a good idea at this point...

Ride Fast said...

But it must be spoken. The voices warning of this very calamity are still being ignored.

Dan said...

That, was very well written and so patently true.

Gudis said...

I just hope it doesn't crush us all when it crumbles.

LibertyNews said...

Very Well said.

Charlie Domino said...

This may be the single best post I've read on the subject in the last few years.

I can't find an email contact for you on this site (I am loathe to publish mine here for harvesters) and would like to discuss something privately. ExistingThing, would you please drop me a line at the website linked in my name?