Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So how long till a swine flu bailout?

CNN is on in the NOC (pretty much as a joke), and they just showed a computer simulation of a man sneezing. I'm waiting for further instructions on how best I can FREAK THE FUCK OUT!!!11 The W.H.O. has escalated the pandemic alert to five out of six, making this danger to humanity one arbitrary numerical representation away from TEOTWAWKI.

In other news the American swine flu deathtoll is still hovering around the treacherous figure of 1.


Fascion said...

One death.
One death... of an infant.
One death of an infant... who was brought here from Mexico.

If now is not the time to panic, I don't know when is!

Steve B said...

"We're from the government...we're here to keep you frightened and easily manipulated."

Anonymous said...

Run-Away! Run-Away!

Mike said...

Yeah, pretty much everybody I know is busy laughing at this hysteria. I haven't run into anybody who's actually participating, and we're damn close to the border and have had a few cases in the area.

Glad to see that I'm not the only person who thinks this flu "pandemic" is just the same silliness.