Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quotes of the straight-shootin' liberals

Tam presents a post titled I've seen the future, brother, and it is nutbar which includes the comment left by someone who claims to be a liberal gun owner who can shoot straight.

I really can't reproduce it here. It's just that nutty.

Seriously, the disassociation from reality is so terminal, he probably posted it from another dimension.

Go give it a read, and if you don't quite get it, read the comments.

Which leads us to the quotes of the day...

"Balding" and "middle-aged" fits. I'm not so sure "fat" or "loser" does. And when I can get first round hits from 1000 yards away I don't think they are going to care about the number of hairs on my head or the number of candles on my birthday cake.
~Joe Huffman

You can't argue with results, and Joe delivers results at a few thousand feet per second.
Progressive Statists doing their own dirty work. Ha ha! I have a better chance of seeing my taxes cut by fifty percent.

Face it "progressives", we control the purse and we have people who can pay their own medical bills, pay for their own homes, and manufacture their own ammunition. You have people who call 911 because McDonalds is out of Chicken McNuggets. You're fucked.


Spaz might be well advised to look at a map showing the county by county election results. He should then ponder two things: The demographics of our modern all-volunteer military and where all the food comes from. Logistics will beat [them] every time.

Logistics win wars.

There are plenty more, I recommend you give them a read.

My derision is, of course, not meant to suggest there are absolutely no gun owning liberals who can shoot straight. I'm just saying that a liberal who does own a gun, can hit a man-sized target to 500 yards, and has the willingness to use it against civilian political opponents, would be something of a black swan.

Liberals, by nature, are submissive to force, and lack the personal responsibility to actually do something for themselves when they could just as easily call a phone number, and ask someone else to do it for them.

BUT! The notion that these gun owning, straight shooting, "progressive revolution" fighting liberals out-number, out-shoot, or AND out-think their conservative counterparts is so funny that I forgot to hit the bolt release.

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Fletch said...

I replaced "or" with "and" in the last sentence. It was not accurate as it was.