Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eliminate Your Tactical Gut

There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men.
~Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers

Earlier, Stingray wrote a post on Weapon Maintenance. No, not the weapon you hold in your hand.
...cast your mind’s eye around the collection of folks you go to the range with, or the ones at the gun shop, or the last group you went to Blackwater with. How many of them had a gut that entered the room several seconds before the rest of them, or had to stop every few minutes for a quick puff?

I won't call it scathing, but Stingray pulls few punches. Worth the read.

Tam couldn't help but post this...

[insert stifled laughter here]

...and add the following.
There's no point nattering on teh intarw3bz about the proper technique for "low crawling" if your ass is going to be sticking in the air just waiting for some marines to plant a flag atop it.

PDB has picked up the gauntlet cast in no particular direction, and issued his own.

We live in increasingly dangerous times.

I started my workout two months ago.

Should you?

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Kelly Byrd said...

Yes, I should, and did. I feel better already 4 weeks in.