Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ghetto AR Ambi Light

I wanted to move my AR to bedside duty, and that meant it needed a light.

I had a few requirements;

1. Light use is completely ambidextrous
2. No exposed cables.
3. Light must be able to activate in a firing grip.

After playing around with a rail, a Surefire G2, and a raised scope mount I had lying around, I actually came up with something acceptable.

By moving the button right next to where my hand would be in a magwell grip, I can activate the light by pushing my ring finger forward slightly.

It's low enough to light the target area without being shaded by the underside of the gun, though the shade of the barrel remains. The scope mount locks solidly enough to be handled like the handguard. The only thing it needs is a click lock so I can push to temporarily activate, and push harder to permanently activate.


Anonymous said...

Blind the zombies, then shoot'em!

Check out the lighting uoo-gots at

A $300 tactical flashlight?

(uoo-gots = uoo gottsta have one of those)

pdb said...

Good God those see thru rings suck. Finally a good use for them!

Also, look into getting a shock proof or LED bezel for your G2. I know the 5.56 doesn't recoil a lot, but the G2 wasn't designed as a weapon light, and it's only got to fail once...