Thursday, April 02, 2009

Making it personal.

You've no doubt noticed this image;

on the sidebar.

I've decided to attend a Tea Party protest on Tax Day.

It'll be in Orange County, California, because Californians have extra things to protest.

I made the decision to take the time off of work, and inconvenience myself, because I wanted to feel like I was making my presence known.

I've been a non-attending well-wisher for long enough.

Will me attending make a huge difference? Probably not. But I decided I needed to do this for myself.

So I can feel like I'm doing my part.


NotClauswitz said...

Making a Difference? Part: B.
IMO, Part A: is more importantly meeting other like minded people.
I'm going to one either in San Jose or San Mateo. OTOH - the one in San Jose is right down in Caeszar Chavez Plaza, and all the free-riders, alcoholics, and gang-bangsters will be surrounding it.

Stout Republican said...

I'm going to be there...we should think about carpooling, and then rent HUMMERS!!