Friday, April 17, 2009

Notes from the Tea Party

I had my handmade sign, labeled "LET THEM FAIL" on one side and "RESET CONGRESS VOTE THEM ALL OUT" on the other. I figured the "reset congress" side would be better received, but more people liked the "Let them fail" side than the other. Lots of posing for pictures, though I have yet to see any floating around google or flickr. :) I wore my Appleseed shirt, and my "Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps" hat.

There were lots people with cameras and camcorders, though I only saw one set of professional media kit, not being handled by a professional media outlet. The only news van I saw there was telemundo, and I'm pretty sure they were covering something else. I guess people wanted to get lots of proof that it happened, because they knew it wasn't going to get covered.

It was really windy, and signs were hard to keep in one place, but people didn't put them down.

Talked to an LA Times reporter (one guy running around with a notepad and pen, not even a camera), who wanted to me explain my "Let them fail" sign. Somehow, everyone else there understood exactly what I was talking about... He took down my name, age, and occupation, asking repeatedly whether or not I was self employed. "So, you don't support any of the bailouts?" "I supported helping out the banks initially, because that was a real threat to our banking system, but these repeated big three bailouts, and insurance company bailouts are nonsense." "Oh. Ok." I guess I shouldn't be surprised he didn't use my quote. Oh yeah, he also had to ask me what my Appleseed shirt was, "It's a marksmanship training program." [reporter exulent right] I wonder if he noticed my hat...

The counts I heard put the total crowd at around 5000.

I know I don't really have to mention this; but there were a lot of "excuse me"s and "may I take your picture?"s

We ran into one counter-protester with a sign that said "Where were U when Bush was spending?" There was a woman arguing with him for some reason. I tried to ask him who he worked for, so I could ask him if he wanted his boss to have more money or less, but surprise, surprise, he worked for the highly over funded, and highly under performing school district. Shocker... Oh yeah, he also was insisting that his girlfriend made 80k a year, and paid 4k in taxes. Either someone's lying to him, or he's lying to himself.

It kind of bugged us that the event organizers used the common lefty tactic; putting a 10 year old in front of a microphone, and getting him to say, "X makes me sad!" Awwwwww... Nonsense.

It was a lot of fun to be there with like-minded people. It was a good feeling.


pdb said...

Oh yeah, he also was insisting that his girlfriend made 80k a year, and paid 4k in taxes. Either someone's lying to him, or he's lying to himself."I don't pay hardly any taxes, why, last year I got some back!"

Mike said...

Wow, $4k in taxes on $80K income? Does the local library have that in the fiction section?

Dan said...

Competitive example. I make 2.5 times what a relative of mine makes (gross pay). I pay 10 times the federal taxes (withholding, we won't even discuss the other disparity) they pay. Yup, seems equitable to me.