Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Protestors hold a banner during a demonstration in Istanbul. US President Barack Obama wraps up an exhausting eight-day trip to Europe after setting lofty new US foreign policy aspirations and declaring the US will never be at war with Islam.

Isn't it great to be loved all around the world now that Obama is in office?


NotClauswitz said...

Because what's more important than anything else in the World - to be loved by all means you feel real good about yourself...

The phrase "Ugly American" certainly resonates here.

Fletch said...

To be clear; I couldn't possibly care less what other countries think about us. I just like that people voted for him for certain reasons, one of which being that he will repair our relationships with other nations, and one by one those reasons are vanishing into a cloud of hopechange.

Dan said...

I never thought I would actually see a placard telling a US resident to go home and think... good.

I am grinning about there being some footage about what the rest of the world really thinks.

Normally, I could not care less; but, for once, I am quite happy to agree.