Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That's the world you're building, one damn brick of "daddy make them stop" at a time.

Roberta has had it with people who try to impose their will onto the lives of others, and then claim it's OK because of their beliefs.

Read the whole thing.

Yes, it's true that some gay men, somewhere are having sex. But you're either going to have to be a big boy about it, or march us closer the nanny state that controls everything because someone, somewhere, might be offended.

There is little middle ground.

There is freedom.

Then there is tyranny.

The only difference between the middle ground and tyranny is time.

So before you shout down someone else's choice from your moral high ground, ask yourself how long it'll be before someone shouts YOU down from ground that's higher than yours.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


SR has been trying to get me to drink beer for quite a while now.

He recently introduced me to a Schwarzbier, and I actually enjoyed it. I had like three of those big cups, which is pretty much a record for me.

I've been thinking about hitting bevmo for a while now, and am afraid the acceptability of Schwarzbier is overcoming my apathy.

It's good stuff.

I've got some work to do too...

JR posted a video of a gentleman performing the Bill Drill.

5 shots, on target, in under 1 second with an AR 15.

JR says; "I have some work to do."

As do I.

I'll have to think about setting a good target for the next trip to the desert.


Fuckitty FUCK this is awesome!

No mouse in this house

About a month ago we saw something scurry across the corner of the kitchen floor. I inspected the areas accessible from where I saw it, and found no obvious holes. The pantry held no indication of compromise. I determined it was only able to make it behind the refrigerator, behind the dish washing machine, and under the sink. Obviously, there was no food there. Later I set up some traps baited with some peanut butter, and set them in some out of the way places I knew the mouse had access to.

Weeks pass, and every once in a while, I glance at the traps, and see them notably unsprung. We also noted that we hadn't seen the little bugger, and assumed it moved on to some place that actually had food. I gathered the traps so I could play with them, and found the first one devoid of bait. Like, completely devoid. Clean enough that I doubted whether or not I had even baited the trap. Unsure what to think, I checked the other trap, and found it just as clean. I remember specifically baiting the traps. The mouse just had two snacks at my expense...

I remembered something Les Stroud mentioned about baiting traps; if you want the animal to actuate the trap, you need to really rub the bait into the triggering device. That way the animal must really work the trigger to get the bait, and actuate the trap. The mouse traps I had had a fake plastic cheese triggering place that had holes in it. I thought the holes were for aesthetics, but either way, decided to make use of them. I spread the peanut butter into the holes, and into the underside of the "cheese" triggering plate.

I then went about designing a better mouse trap. I found the triggering system to be far too insensitive, so I made a rectangular tube that lead to a piece of cardboard that rested on the insensitive triggering place on the mouse trap. I then tied some paracord fiber to the snapping arm, and ran it around a overhead hanger wire bar, and then to a flap door. The mouse would enter the trap through the door, approach the bait placed at the end of the cardboard lever, trigger the trap, snapping the trap shut, and pulling the door to the trap closed. I have a picture I'll post later. Half way through the construction I exclaimed to no one in particular, "Yay! I'm making this more complicated than it has to be!" My girlfriend commented, "Yeah. That sounds like you." While this trap was quite humane, that just happened to be where the design led me. I'd be lying if I said the idea of more... tortuous dispatch mechanisms hadn't occurred to me. The phrase, "tiny mouse iron maiden" may or may not have been uttered.

I made another trap copying a triangle one-way passage trap I saw online, in case the complicated one didn't work.

A few days later the mouse was caught. In the same mouse trap with the peanut butter smeared on the top and bottom of the triggering plate "cheese." Seems it is rather hard to build a better mouse trap. I took out my knife, and gave the trap a deserved notch.

The peanut butter on the top of the triggering plate was all removed. Only the peanut butter on the bottom remained. I imagine he deftly removed the readily available bait, then met his end trying for the more difficult stuff on the bottom.

I regarded the former animal and its broken back with a pang of remorse.

A pang easily quelled when I remembered how it emptied both traps out easily, and I continued to check them for weeks.

I gave him a proper burial box (maple and brown sugar oatmeal, if it matters) and disposed of him.

Sorry bud. Them's the breaks.

Good riddance. Stay out of my home.

Saturday night in

Three rifle bag

Whenever I have to bring more than one long gun anywhere, I have to make multiple trips from the apartment to the car. Worse; since I don't have multiple cases/gun socks, I wind up putting a gun in a gun sock, carrying it to my trunk, removing the gun sock, then putting it on the next long gun I need to carry to my car.

On trips to the desert, where I'm inclined to bring multiple guns, this can be cumbersome.

I couldn't find any place that sold rifle cases that held multiple long guns without being huge, so I decided to make something to carry multiple long guns at the same time discreetly, and without fear of dropping them all.

I had the heavy canvas, so I just went at it. I'm rather pleased with the results

I only did three sections because I wanted them wide enough for my widest gun (AR-15, 10"), but if you have a lot of thin guns, you could probably make it to four sections easily. Though I wonder if at that point the weight will become too much a factor.

The measurements are 45"x30". The sections are 10 inches wide to accommodate an AR. You can futz on the rest of the sections, but be sure that at least one is 10 inches, or enough to fit your AR. 10 inches is a little snug for an AR, so measure twice, sew once.

Once you have them in the pockets, fold them up like a "Z" so they're kind of stacked.

It would behoove you to ensure that your flattest gun goes on the side you intend to sling over your back. AK charging handles in the back hurt.

Since I was still working out some kinks in the shoulder strap and retention design, I just went for the paracord.

This is one length with a taughtline hitch and a bowline hitch, and another length with two bowline hitches. It will be made for use with an existing shoulder strap. I picked a comfy one from my bailout bag. (heh, "bailout." wonder if it's full of billions of dollars)

Bunch up the open ends of the stacked pouches, and slip the taughtline hitch over the end.

The taughtline hitch is meant not to move. Failing to keep this loop tight could result in the ends of the pouches slipping through, and everything falling to the ground.

To take up some of the extra slack, wrap the bowline hitch around once, and run it through itself. This will shorten the distance between your shoulder strap and the top of your three rifle bag.

Tightness at the bottom is less important since it need only make a second contact point.

I've just run one bowline hitch through the other.

Using the loops you've created, attach your favorite shoulder strap, and sling that sucker over your shoulder. It'll probably hang low. It's not very comfortable, but it works great for the short trip to the car.

Also, it bundles up quite nicely.


Ava lounging around with her dear friend Henry J Beachballington in the background.

And now, for no particular reason...

Gun pr0n!

Like you needed a reason...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Awesome Ukulele Action

Jebus, this is awesome!

From James

But then...

...he did let him in.

From Vanilanila

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The SKS slimline clip carrier

After purchasing my new sewing machine Fully-Automatic Tactical Thread Delivery Device, I wasted no time assembling something I'd been thinking about for a while.

A few hours later, I had a prototype.

I keep my SKS ready as a trunk gun, and had difficulty thinking of a way to keep some stripper clips easily available for carry should I ever to grab it. Kind of a grab and go clip carrier.

I'm thinking about adding something like a belt clip. The tight fit is alright for holding the stripper clips in place with light jostling, but anything more and the clips fly free. I'm trying to think of a simple retention device for them that doesn't get in the way or add too much bulk.

Next project is the three level messenger bag. A messenger bag designed for carrying a pistol at three different levels of concealment/readiness. At high readiness, the pistol would be exposed and ready for draw, and an outer pocket would expand into rifle mag pockets and a dump pouch. Also, it would clean your room and walk your dog. I will entertain suggestions on this project.

Trust in Americans

I was over at The Armed Canadian's blog reading a post he has up. I started writing this in the comment section, but it got too big. So here it is.

First and foremost;
Trust that things always get worse before they get better.
Americans can be faulted for being complacent. In fact; Americans could actually be called dense. We'll sit back in our comfy chairs, and see the nastiness taking place in our government, and say; "Oh yeah? Well, just wait until you guys do something really bad." I guess you could say we're slow to anger. :) But when someone comes into our home and says, "Hey. Get up. It's time to report to your mandatory community service." Trust in Americans to go from zero to enraged in no time flat. It may take quite a bit to piss us off, but when the pinch makes its way down to the everyday folks, there's going to be hell to pay. Just because it's been so long since we've felt that pinch doesn't mean we'll react any differently.

Trust in Americans to be cynical about government.
Approval ratings for the government as a whole are abysmally low. No, they're not low; they're in the gutter. Americans have not been happy with how the country has been run. Is it any wonder why a political nobody was able to win the presidency with little more than a promise of unqualified change, and vague hope? Approval ratings remain low, but expectations are incredibly high-- extremely high-- impossibly high. The honeymoon will end, maybe sooner, maybe later, but it will end. When it does; people are going to be pissed. When someone says they can put a camel through the eye of a needle a lot of people may clap and applaud, but one of those people is going to go find a camel and a needle, hand them over, and stare expectantly. Americans have given Obama his camel and his needle, and much of the audience is still optimistic, but we know what the outcome must be.

Trust in Americans to get angry.
When Americans get angry, they vote no. We see it in California. People look at the ballot, read the words "spend" or "borrow" and vote no. Frankly, almost to a fault. But the point remains; Americans will get angry. Expect the "flush congress" movement to gain momentum, and trust Americans to start voting out incumbents simply because they're incumbents. Expect republicans and democrats to come together as citizens, and march against politicians. The madder Americans get; the louder Americans get. Expect things to get loud. Expect the fairweather socialists to turn very quickly and harshly. It's hard to say "Trust in Obama" when your government rent check is a month late, or your food stamps are up for review.

Trust in Americans to be fickle when they are promised more than can possibly be delivered.
Even in liberal liberal California, everyone got pissed off enough to recall Gray Davis for his stupidity. We may have lost that anger after we won that fight, but the anger was there. It hung in the air for months prior to the election. We just have to make sure people get pissed off at the right time, and come down like a ton of bricks on something that matters. We may be in danger of building the momentum, and wasting it on something inconsequential. If you want to rile up Americans screw with their lives. Trust the federal government to reach into the lives of Americans with promises of free health care and cheap loans. Trust the federal government to fail to deliver those services. Trust Americans to feel cheated, and strike back with their votes. Trust Americans to become very politically active when they realize federal politics do, indeed, affect them.

Trust in American politicians to see the light when they feel the heat.
I think there are very few politicians who don't worry about being reelected. I also think there is little politicians won't do if they really feel their reelection hangs in the balance. Most politicians today are husks. They have no morals, no principals, and no deeply held beliefs. They have inclinations, and they have self preservation. If there is no fear, they will vote with their inclination, but if there is fear from the party or from the people, they will vote to save their own skins. They're simple like that. I think the only way a new federal AWB will pass is if they get enough supporters to do a voice vote so they won't be held specifically accountable. But even if that happens, Americans aren't going to just let it go; they're going to return with a chainsaw, and cut down every tree they see. Good, bad, and indifferent. Americans are like that.

Trust in Americans not to be Europeans.
This is not a socialist country yet. We haven't brought up our kids to tolerate failure from our leaders. When things don't go our way, we don't simply shrug and mumble into our beer. WE FIGHT! One of the things other nations hate about Americans is our can-do spirit. We don't like to lose, and we certainly aren't going to lose because elitist assholes in a big building thousands of miles away are too busy blowing hot air to do something about it!The states are not 100% dependent upon the fedgov yet, if things get really bad, trust state governments to start ignoring the those windbags. We have the infrastructure for autonomy. Besides; what incentive will the states have to hang around when the free money runs out? Uncle Sugar isn't very bright, and isn't very nice, but he buys a lot of friends with his printing presses. Don't expect them to hang around when he runs out of ink.

Trust in Americans to buy more guns.
Americans buy guns. It's just what we do. Americans from all walks of life go to gun shops, and buy and sell guns. Don't worry about it; celebrate it. Celebrate that when California passed their state Assault Weapons Ban, the registration rate was estimated at 1%. Trust that 99% of every gun that is bought will have to be taken by force. Diane Feinstein can pontificate, "If I could have said Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have", but it's the implementation where the government never fails to fall flat on its face. How many police officers will an agency have to lose to confiscation sweeps before they refuse to continue? I assure you; the number is VERY low. Trust that in some dark room in a bunker deep under Washington DC, the secret leaders of the Democrat party are laughing their asses off at someone who just suggested confiscating guns. Every time a law abiding American buys a gun, we win just a little bit more.

Quote of the government

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
~Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OC Register: Supervisors criticize sheriff over weapons permits

Supervisors criticize sheriff over weapons permits
More than 100 protesters show up at county board meeting to show anger over reversal of Carona gun policy.

Some highlights;
Hutchens replied, "I do not view my policy to be restrictive," which triggered massive laughter from the audience.

Later that month, county supervisors questioned her and she made a misstep by saying none had yet to be revoked. She forgot to add that hundreds of residents were receiving letters advising them that their licenses would be revoked in 30 days without further good cause information.

Most of the speakers at the podium before supervisors told stories of being affected by crime, or having professions such as pilots that made them vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Video of the BOS CCW meeting

Click here, then scroll down to board meeting date 11/18/2008. The end of the morning session was the beginning of the discussion, and the afternoon session was almost all public speakers.

I recommend you watch a bit when you get a chance, but understand that just the second half is 5 hours long.

Some points of interest in the afternoon session are at 42:30 and 1:29:30.

Hopefully this is the start of change in OC and in California.

Did the public school system fail me?

I didn't used to think so.

For the longest time, I took comments about the failure of the public school system with a grain of salt. "You get out of it what you put into it" I always thought. Aside from problems later in high school, I managed to learn just fine. Of course, I'm smart.

Recently I was talking to my sister, and she mentioned something I didn't know about my childhood. K through 3rd grade I was at a private school, and I never knew why we switched to a public school. Apparently it was because I was not doing my homework, and the teachers didn't care because I aced all the tests, and clearly knew the subject matter.

At first I was annoyed that they cared about homework when I would obviously know the subject matter, but then I wondered if they wanted me to do the homework to prepare me for the doldrums of working life. Later in my school career, homework became a problem for me. Not because I couldn't do it; but because I could do it.

Homework (at least in my school career) was busy work. Always. We'd learn a new topic, go over it in class, then be assigned homework to practice it until we understood it. I always understood it. The homework would be dumb repetition for the first section, then the last few problems would usually add a wrinkle to it. So I would just do the last section, understand the loops that I might be thrown, and then ace the test.

My teachers didn't care for this because it seemed to undermine their teaching style. How could I possibly learn without doing the homework? I must be cheating. They'd sit me in the corner for tests, and comment on how "lucky" I was "this time" when I got an A.

My minor annoyance with homework became a total wash when it got to showing my work. I remember arguing with teacher after teacher that I didn't have to show my work because I could do it in my head. At first they would argue that I couldn't do it in my head, and after a few demonstrations, they'd argue that I could have just copied the answers from someone else. Of course, my offer to do the homework again in front of them was always turned down.

"You have to show your work, otherwise I'm going to give you zeros for cheating."
"Because you can't do these in your head."
"Give me another assignment right now, and I'll do it in front of you."
"That's not the point."
"You just said that it is the point. You said you think I'm cheating because I'm not showing work. I'm saying I can prove to you that I'm not cheating. What's the problem?"
"You just have to show your work."
"To show you understand the material."
"How could I not understand the material if I'm offering to do it right now?!"
"If you raise your voice to me again, you'll be going to the vice principal's office!"
"Alright, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand why you even want me to do this busy work."
"To prove you know the material."
"But I always ace the tests! I know the material. You know I know the material. The vice principal knows I know the material. Why are you making me waste my time?"
"Homework is not a waste of time."
"But, WHY???"
"Because I say so."

There you have it. The end of my homework career.

From then on, all homework was either completed as one would pull teeth, partially completed (beginning problems to learn the topic, then last problems to learn the tricks), or ignored. Tests were still aced, and I'd happily contribute in class, but even when homework would only account for 20% of a grade, teachers would invariably resent my refusal to do homework and start marking down my tests for no homework. It all felt pointless after that.

As I thought back on all this, and remembered more each time, it occurred to me that it wasn't my fault that my homework was easy. I was part of every "gifted" program they had, but they never challenged me. (of course, now I know that the "gifted" program was adopted as an excuse for more free money that they obviously spent elsewhere, because all we did was take a test once a year) It wasn't my job to challenge myself. It was the school's job to challenge me. Instead they wanted me to conform to the lowest common denominator (which I could also do in my head), and punished me for failure to do so.

Was it really my job to challenge myself?
Should I have just conformed and done the mind-numbing busy work?
Was the busy work supposed to "prepare" me for adult life?

Meh. I'm a "no regrets" kind of guy. I did what I thought made sense. Frankly, thinking about it now, it seems to make more sense to me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


and hours...


How Obama Got Elected... Interviews with Obama Voters

Keep watching, the questions get better midway through.

live blogging oc bos meeting - its packed

lots of sheriffs and police presence, main hall full. overflow almost full. ccw agenda item is last.

happened to sit down next to another ccw supporter who comes to these meetings regularly, he said he'd never seen it this packed.

80 public speakers on the ccw issue. potentially 4 hours of discussion. WIN

they've recommended those with other business check back at 1pm. leaving only those here for ccw. main meeting room still full, overflow about 1/3. hutchens talking now

they're bringing up approving ccws but adding strictions. good

doesn't look like she's enjoying the hot seat

her numbers don't add up. hmmm.

she says her hands are tied as to what the law is for good cause, except she has SOLE discression. bos is putting it to her.

the peanut gallery is issuing light laughter at hutchens' statements. loud enough to be heard on teevee.

bos has legal advisor speaking with impartial legal specialist, but legal specialist usually works for bos chairman. some supervisors didn't care for that, audience approved of the disapproval.

revocation showing up on your record has been brought up. very good.

the nra speaks!
I need to sign up

running long, and approaching lunch, bos called for a standing vote of more lenient ccw policy, and 90% stood

on lunch, just heard an unofficial count at 280. also spotted local gun shop proprietor. j&j armory will definitely get my continued business

little bit of gun talk going on in the hall during lunch. surely everyone is in fear for their lives...

an emotional moment when a handicapped public speaker talked about his inabi ity to defend himself. a standing ovation and thunderous applause.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Le Cafe - Oldelaf et Monsieur D

Big hat tip to Theo! (still NSFW)

Sitting down with first time shooters

A friend of mine had been working up the nerve (and the nerve of his wife) to buy their first gun. I, of course, offered my services, and offered to introduce them to firearms, and most of what firearm ownership involves.

This weekend was set for an introduction to handguns, and a trip to the range.

I showed up with my XD-9 (the firearm I had planned on recommending to them), and my GP100. We were going to go over the function of both, but we didn't make it to the revolver.

I began by covering the four rules of firearm safety, and we discussed why they were what they were. They already had a good idea of the rules from previous times when we'd spoken about this, so we moved on to function.

I took to heart the input of my first students, and resolved to remove Springfield XD-9's totemic handgun status, by explaining exactly how it works, and reducing it to the collection of springs, hunk of polymer, and machined steel that made up this misleadingly simple machine.

We covered basic function, and then I field stripped it, and explained how everything worked. I identified all the important parts, and explained how they work, and what they do. They were very interested in how it worked, and weren't shy about asking questions. I explained and demonstrated the safety features, and why they were in place. They both were surprised that it was so simple, yet did so much.

I explained what it would be like to shoot it, and reassured them that the human body does not want to shoot. Your nervous system wants to react when there are small explosions nearby, and you have to get your body used to shooting before you can expect to be able to use a handgun in self-defense.

I had them practice using the controls to ensure they were able to operate them. This was important specifically because one of the new shooters had limited use in one hand. I showed them how to use the sights, and they dry-fired a few times.

Because they were planning on purchasing their first firearm for defense, I talked to them about the legalities of self-defense shootings, and what they should consider and say. (especially, "I though he was going to kill me. I feared for my life. I want to speak to my lawyer) We talked about why it is inadvisable to issue a non-urgent statement to the police. If the assailant escaped, it is important the police get a description as soon as possible, but any other statements can be issued through a lawyer. Unintentional self-incrimination is very dangerous.

All in all, I'd say it was a success. People fear what they don't understand, and by reducing a handgun to a simple collection of springs and metal, I took away the fear.

We had to cut it short because of other obligations, but keep mentioning that we need to complete our discussion.

183 miles of respect for your elders

My dad was a little cautious when he asked me if I'd be able to do two LAX airport pickups, but I was happy to oblige, because I would certainly do it for a friend, so for family I'd happily go out of my way.

There was another wrinkle, though. I would have to get to LAX on Sunday morning, pick up my grandma without getting pulled over for no front license place (my dad got pulled over three times for it on his last trip to LAX), make my way to the train station, and help her get a ticket on the right train. I don't know the LA area, LAX is confusing and problematic for me to drive in, and the train station is awkwardly located at the end of a private street that doesn't appear on any maps.

I got on Google maps, and followed the route my dad gave me to where I needed to be. He recommended I wait at a nearby bus/metro station, and have grandma get on the free shuttle to the station (something he had had her do before). I found and figured out how to get to the station. I Google wandered around where the train station should be, and then switched to satellite view, and the private road popped into view, plain as day. I fucking love Google maps.

The next morning I was waiting at the bus station when grandma called.

Grandma: Ok, I'm ready to be picked up. I think I'm at terminal 2.

Good thing I bothered to check that information, because she's actually at terminal B

Me: I was going to have you get on the free shuttle to the station, and take you from here.
GM: What do you mean?
Me: The shuttle to the green line. Dad lead me to believe you've done this before.
GM: Well... I have... But I... Your father had some books that he had to put in my bag, and I'm not comfortable getting it up the steps to the bus.

She's 80 years old, and she's my grandma. She wants me to pick her up, so I gotta pick her up. Ah, what the hell? She's forgotten more than I know right now, so she's earned whatever I can do for her. Who am I to deny her?

Me: Sure, I'll be there in a bit.
GM: Ok, thank you.

Bugger. Oh well. I'll handle the front license place ticket somehow.

As I approached LAX, I use my secret technique to avoid police attention; be dumb. I've always been a very attentive driver, and have always worried that I was going to be pulled over, despite the fact that the only thing I do is speed. For years I would get pulled over constantly, questioned, and released with a ticket. A while back, my dad (LA Sheriff) told me about a woman who always got pulled over, and opined that she always got pulled over because she always expected to get pulled over. He figured that people who expect to have encounters with the police put out a "vibe" of some kind, and it's that vibe that gives police the gut feeling they attribute to finding law breakers. I realized that for every one person the police pull over, hundreds pass by without a care in the world. These are the same people who are busy listening to music, talking on their phone, or futzing with their hair. They are not aware of their surroundings. They are dumb. So I decided to try this theory out, and whenever I saw a cop, I regarded them as I would any other car, and then return to adjusting the radio, or pretending to sing along to the song on the radio. I haven't been pulled over since.

I only mention this, because this was the ultimate test. There have been three times I've driven my dad to LAX in his front-license-plate-free car, and every time we were stopped between two and FIVE times each trip. It got to the point that we'd see the motorcycle cop perk up, then just hold up the ticket, and he'd realize we'd already been ticketed, and let us by. It was almost a joke. I was certain I'd get a ticket, but forced myself to put it out of my mind, and focused on being just another lost person, somehow confused by LAXs big easy-to-read signs. I went through a vehicle stop point, and I did three laps before I spotted her and left. No ticket.

Me: Good to see you! How was your flight?
GM: Too long. 11 hours.
Me: Yeesh...
GM: Hey, could I bribe you to take me all the way to Carlsbad?

I was eager to take some new shooters to the range, and had planned on taking them right after. I was also going to give someone a ride. Carlsbad would put me out of the way to the tune of a little under two hours. Two hours of solid driving, and talking to my grandma. I don't frequently talk to her, and really didn't expect us to have much to talk about. I expected the ride would be uncomfortable. And yet I answered before I could think.

Me: My pleasure.

I expected her to ask me to lunch, and already had an excuse prepared, but I just kept thinking about the conclusion I came to when she asked me to pick her up instead. "She's earned whatever I can do for her." I wasn't ready to decline, even if I could have easily gotten away with it. It's not like what I was going to do was incredibly important, or couldn't wait.

So we drove down to Carlsbad, and talked the entire way. About her trip, about my professional life, about squeaky wheels, and about the family. There were a few lulls, but nothing uncomfortable. I realized I'd never really sat down and talked with my grandma.

The time flew by, and I came away with a better relationship with my grandma. I'm glad I did it.

The drive home was fine (I like driving), and the new shooters were ready to get started right as I pulled in to my parking spot.

Total mileage on trip; 183 miles.

Dear Mom,

When my sister and I were old enough to get beyond our sibling annoyance and avoidance, we actually became very good friends. We would go places and do things, and actually hang out like friends. This is why it was especially hard for me to accept that she was getting married to someone she hadn't known for very long, and someone that I barely knew. A stranger. It took some time, about three years, but I've accepted him as family. We actually just went bowling, followed by some 2am Denny's, and had a great time. He's a good man, and my sister couldn't have chosen someone better.

He taught me that strangers can become family.

You taught me that family can become strangers.

I learned when I was very young that people only have power over you when you give it to them, and you should only give it where it is deserved. A child's parents automatically have that power. A child trusts his parents to make him feel good when he has done something good, and bad when he has done something bad. Sometimes we give this power to other people; respected people whom we trust to have accurate judgement, and look to for guidance. If those people abuse this power, by making you feel bad unduly, or only; it should be revoked.

I made the mistake of thinking that your power was irrevocable. It is not. It was not.

You don't get to make me feel bad anymore.

This simple statement freed me from weights I never even knew I was carrying. Looking back now, I wonder how I even functioned under their weight.

I used to blame your treatment of myself and my sister on the manic depression from which you, now so clearly, suffered and still suffer. However, after repeated attempts to make you understand what damage you do to us and your relationships, and repeated promises of change followed by repeated failures to even attempt to change, your physiology can no longer be blamed for your actions. Even if it could be, it's clear things will never change.

It is said that things get worse before they get better. They did, and they are.

It was very hard for me to come to the realization that you were actually trying to make me feel bad just because you felt bad. At least the realization made my decision clear.

My mom, who's job it was to protect, love, and help me, was intentionally hurting me.

Mothers aren't supposed to do that.

I would not suffer it from anyone else, and realized I shouldn't have to suffer it from you.

So I've decided that you don't get to be my mother anymore.

I hereby revoke your parental privileges, and remand you to stranger status.

Future attempts at contact will be treated in a manner befitting your status.
Further harassment will be met with a restraining order.

Know that who you are now will be forgotten, but understand that who you were when times were good will always live in my heart.

Goodbye. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

With kind regards,
Your Former Son

More Bjork insanity

Speaking of Bjork, From commenter Aaron comes these gems;

Bjork explains how CRT TVs work

P Diddy calls Bjork

Friday, November 14, 2008

Artificial Mood Elevators

Live feed of a box full of puppies.

Ok, the embed sucks...
Click here

Instant happy :)

Doesn't it suck to have class?

Because having class means you can't do things like this:

"Democrats prepare to move forward with investigations of Bush administration" ... Drudge Report

To prevent this from happening, I offer the following scenario......

On January 15, 2009, George Bush resigns. Dick Cheney becomes president and appoints Sarah Palin as VP. On January 16, Cheney resigns and Palin becomes America's first female president and immediately pardons all former,current, and future, Bush administration personnel. On January 17, Palin appoints Michael Steele, the first black Lt. Governor of Maryland, as VP. On January 18, Palin resigns and Steele becomes America's first black president. On January 19, Steele issues a pardon to Palin. On January 20, Barack Obama, becomes America's second black president.

The End.

What a huge "fuck you." At least we'd get all that nonsense out of the way.
"Oh you're president, and you have a vagina?! NO SHIT?! AMAZING!!@!11"
"Oh you're president, and you have dark pigment in your skin?! NO SHIT?! AMAZING!!1@!221"

"content of their character" indeed.

From Rustmeister

"Did you just say Bjork?"

Me: Damn you, Bjork, and your catchy songs...

Cue my Boss' super villain slow chair swivel to face me.

Boss: Did you just say Bjork?
Me: Yeah. I love her stuff but I don't know why.
Boss: Dude. My brother got to spend some time with her back in Iceland.
Me: Oh yeah?
Boss: Yeah. She is insane. Like insane insane. Like, Icelandic insane.
Me: Like, seriously batshit nuts?
Boss: Yeah.
Me: That's... awesome.
Boss: ...
Me: That must be why I like her stuff.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You can have my kids when you pry them from my cold dead hands.

You know, when most people talk about the time to start shooting, it usually goes to confiscation. Certainly, it is a good breaking point because it would not permit any future resistance.

But wouldn't it be so like them to just skip the confiscation and go straight to abducting people from their homes who fail to attend the compulsory Hitler Obama Youth civil force? Not even the decency to give us a confiscation reacharound...

None of us would even think they'd be so audacious as to go straight to "disappearing" people who do not conform! But it certainly fits...

You think I'll fight when you come to take my guns? You try to take my kids and I'll make that fight look like a motherfucking bake sale. I'll fight 100 times harder, nastier, and more ruthlessly when you come to take my children, and I'll feel good about it.

You think you'll have a hard time prying guns from our cold dead hands?

Try prying our kids.

An interesting idea

Win the gun debate with a t-shirt

Help de-condition those around you from fearing anything gun-related. Of course, you'll have to be on your best behavior while wearing it, since you will be representing all gunnies.

"Out" yourself as a gun owner, and show everyone that we're not lepers or crazies.
DISCLAIMER: If you are a leper or a crazy, please remain closeted! :)

Southern California has great conservative undertones, but most people, I find, are still on the fence about guns. Maybe my natural politeness can help change hearts and minds.

Imagine being stuck on the side of the road and having someone wearing a pro-gun t-shirt ask you if you need any help?

I've been thinking about getting some gun-related apparel that was more discreet, like something only another gunny would recognize, but now I think I need something more obvious.

The graphic they offer for use is so perfect though.

You've got a simple outline of a gun, and a green circle around it, the visual opposite of a red circle with a line through it. The idea that someone could see this simple outline, become anxious, and then realize how silly it is to be afraid of a simple silhouette. And all that takes place before you even get a chance to be polite to them.

Wear a pro-gun shirt, and become an ambassador to our sport.

Bjork - Army of Me

Alright song, but what the shit is going on in this video?!

Ok, forget that; what the FUCK is going on here?!

And yet I'm entertained...

... I think...

The System is down! The System is down!

Welcome to ObamaNation...

Check your dissent at the door.

Tolerance fails T-shirt test
A Middle School girl in Chicago decides to put the new tolerant, accepting post-Obama America to the test by wearing a pro McCain t-shirt to school one day, then a pro-Obama t-shirt the next.
His campaign kept preaching "inclusion," and she decided to see how included she could be.
"I was just really curious how they'd react to something that different [a "McCain Girl" t-shirt], because a lot of people at my school wore Obama shirts and they are big Obama supporters," Catherine told us. "I just really wanted to see what their reaction would be."

In the brave new Obama World, everyone is tolerant, and accepting.... Unless you disagree.

The first day with the McCain t-shirt;
"People were upset. But they started saying things, calling me very stupid, telling me my shirt was stupid and I shouldn't be wearing it," Catherine said.
"One person told me to go die. It was a lot of dying. A lot of comments about how I should be killed," Catherine said, of the tolerance in Oak Park.
"In one class, I had one teacher say she will not judge me for my choice, but that she was surprised that I supported McCain," Catherine said.
"He said, 'You should be crucifixed.' It was kind of funny because, I was like, don't you mean 'crucified?' " Catherine said.
Some said that because she supported McCain, by extension she supported a plan by deranged skinheads to kill Obama before the election.

Why, what ever happened to tolerance? Certainly this must be a fluke. Wait, we've seen this before. But not from children, from adults.

The next day she wore an Obama shirt. I don't think I have to tell you what happened. Or rather; what DIDN'T happen.

...and she turned her journal into a report for her history teacher, earning Catherine extra credit. We asked the teacher, Norma Cassin-Pountney, whether it was ironic that Catherine would be subject to such intolerance from pro-Obama supporters in a community that prides itself on its liberal outlook.

"That's what we discussed," Cassin-Pountney said about the debate in the classroom when the experiment was revealed. "I said, here you are, promoting this person [Obama] that believes we are all equal and included, and look what you've done? The students were kind of like, 'Oh, yeah.' I think they got it."

...and the children will lead them.


Obama doesn't care about your guns

But if you want to work for me, please fill out this questionnaire completely.

There's a whole lot of fail here, so lets go through piece by piece...

"Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun?"
I could understand "you," because if he's going to be anti gun, he wouldn't want it to come out that he employed a gun owner, but "immediate family?" We're back to getting people to rat on other people. It's like doctors asking children if their parents have guns in the house, and how much they drink. Obama's not even president yet, and he's already working on a list of gun owners.

"If so, provide complete ownership and registration information."
First of all, not all places require registration for firearms. Your immediate family could live in another state. Secondly, I don't know if you're supposed to disclose registration information. Seems like something you'd want to keep to yourself.

"Has the registration ever lapsed?"
Well that was straight to the point. "Little Timmy? Have your parents ever done anything against the law? Do they have card games with their friends where they use money? Do they ever smoke funny looking cigarettes? Do they grow plants inside the house? Do they ever drink grown-up drinks and drive? Are you ever home alone?" Would you like to volunteer any of your friends or family for wrongdoing? A good subject always reports wrongdoers! They threaten our way of life!

"Please also describe how and by whom it is used..."
"How and by whom?" Just leaving that open to interpretation aren't you? Give someone uninformed enough rope to hang someone else with?

"...and whether it has been the cause of any personal injuries or property damage."
Why could the Obama campaign possibly need this information? Really. No, really. What could they do with this information?

I'm reminded of those unobtrusive questions phone pollsters ask. Open questions that just get you talking. The correct answer to all these questions is "Fuck you."

But don't worry; Obama isn't after anyone's guns. Can you hear him in the back?

Birdy Nam Nam - Absesses



Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My recent trip to the range showed some improvement.

10 shots at 50 feet

The way I figure it, ammo's too cheap for me to NOT be good with it.

I was actually interrupted by a gentleman shooting a .44 like a GOD, who wanted to compliment me on my shooting.

I was having difficulty returning to my natural point of aim, so I started experimenting with my grip. When I had my arms fully extended with a high grip on my shooting hand, and turned the inside of my support elbow up as much as possible, everything clicked. Recoil was straight back, and seemed to push into my high shoulders instead of rolling the top of the gun back. After firing, my sights were much closer to on target than they were before. Keeping my elbows and grip locked made my shooting much more consistent.

With the success of locking my body in place I wondered if I was ready for a moving target. I picked up two hanging tennis balls, and set the first up. I realized that without a white background, my black sights on the black backstop were very difficult to see. After a bit of practice, and keeping everything locked, I was able to move my aim with my eye, and shoot where I was looking. I only really had one magazine that felt the kind of perfect where you will the gun to shoot where you want, and it does exactly that. But one was good enough for starting on moving targets. It was a good feeling. I look forward to having it many more times.

Total cost of range trip; $5.

When I got home I decided to give it a good cleaning (not that I'd experienced any malfunctions), and found the slide area around the cocking lug to be caked (CAKED) with carbon. Seriously, I wasn't wiping it up, I was scooping it out.

In other news, the G22 is teh dead. After the last range trip, and a prolonged shooting session (1k rounds?), the trigger no longer released the sear. I checked all I could without disassembling the main action, but couldn't find any indication of buggered disconnects or slipping parts. Just trigger pulling into nothing. I'll probably send it in, and sell it. The 10/22 has outperformed it in every field except novelty.

In which ET throws a tantrum

[dancing about and shaking hands]
I wanna go home!

Java is mean!

I'm hungry!

I want spaghetti!

I wanna code in Perl!

[/dancing about and shaking hands]


"Some kind of special moustache???"

See! It was all true!
Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

Surprise Cock Fag!

Fucking win.

Just need one printed upside-down for my lefty.

Who's that there?

Saw this on the way to lunch.

He certainly gets around...

Want to do something about CCW in California?

Show up, and show your support for CCW issuance.
Help strike the match of CCW change in Southern California, and the entire state.

Since Sandra Hutchens' appointment to the position of Orange County Sheriff, gun owners in OC have been eager to find out her position on Concealed Carry Permits.

The previous sheriff, Mike Carona, issued badges (not permits, actual badges) to his political supporters and doners, and is in the process of a trip to club fed. Carona was crooked, but he did support Concealed Carry Permit issuance.

When Carona resigned his post to defend himself, Sandra Hutchens (retired LAPD) was appointed into the position, and promised to clean up after Carona. To me, the question of CCW support came to whether or not she wanted to keep the job, or if she came out of retirement to do as she (or someone) pleased, and then not run when she termed out.

My sooper seekrit sources indicated that she wanted to make a career out of the position, and was unlikely to rock the boat.

She rocked.

She revoked all CCWs without an immediate, credible threat.

Permit holders were angry, and so were other OC residents who supported CCW. They called, they wrote letters, they complained.

We rocked.

Hutchens said she was surprised by the reaction. "There's so much important stuff going on with the department, I didn't expect there to be so much feedback on this," she said.

Makes sense. She wanted to keep the job, but she was playing LAPD in OCSD. She had no idea this was important. That's our fault.

On November 18, 2008, Sheriff Hutchens will be addressing the Orange County Board of Supervisors regarding the recent implementation of her new CCW policy.

Calguns is organizing a showing of CCW supporters that will include previous permit holders who will testify having never met nor funded Carona. There are 300 seats available at the meeting. We would like them filled with CCW supporters. Show up to speak or show up to fill a chair.

Come dressed in business wear. The message we're sending is that we're regular people, just like them. Destroy their bias by letting them see the people who want CCW are not crazy gun nuts. Dress nicely. We need to shock Hutchens again. Let her know this issue will kill her when she runs for reelection.

Let her know this issue is very important to us.

Take the day off work.

Show up.

Bring your family, friends, and neighbors.

Get the word out.

Let them know we want Concealed Carry in Orange County and California.
Let them know this is an issue that can get them a lot of votes, or lose them a lot of votes.
Let them know that if we care enough to show up for this, we will definitely show up to the polls.

If you have a blog, and get readers in the southern California area, please repost this. Californians haven't really stood up for this issue, so we only have ourselves to blame for Sheriffs who are unaware this is an important issue to us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quote of political interest

Oleg reminds us of a certain book by John Ross, and adds his commentary.

"The end result, which we want to avoid, is the concentration camp. The gulag. The gas chamber. The Spanish Inquisition. All of those things. If you are in a death camp, no one would fault you for resisting. But when you're being herded towards the gas chamber, naked and seventy pounds below your healthy weight, it's too late. You have no chance. On the other hand, no one would support you if you started an armed rebellion because the government posts speed limits on open roads and arrests people for speeding. So when was it not too late, but also not too early?"

Unintended Consequences (John Ross)

The empirical answer given in the book was "when the new imposition makes future resistance impossible". We submit all too often by going unarmed to locations where legal carry is restricted. Some locations also prohibit cell phones, making communication impossible. However, as a people we are still reasonably well armed and disappearance of a few people would put the rest on high alert. The threat to the American people from its government is a lot lower than the threat from Nazi, Soviet or plain psycho regimes out's our job to keep it that way.

It's odd to be an American who has suffered little or no personal loss at the hands of history's despots who ensured their safety by disarming their people first. We look at the growing mountain of evidence and say, "Oh yeah? Well just wait until they do something really bad..." Meanwhile those who lost family members to history's monsters are loading stripper clips.

We live in interesting times.

Lefty AK?

From Uncle comes this;

I thought the AK controls were lefty.

They sure work great lefty...


McCain supporter seems to be arrested simply for wearing a McCain shirt to an Obama rally.

Usually videos like this are taken out of context, and cut jerkily to someone with their hands up getting pushed down and handcuffed. This video captures the sentiment moments before the arrest. The man did not appear to be belligerent, goading, or inciting, but was handled aggressively, and arrested.

Certainly this man was arrested and removed for his safety, but that doesn't mean I have to like watching political dissent arrested and forcibly removed to chants of "OH-BAH-MAH!" Where's the ACLU again? Oh yeah, I forgot they only support SOME civil rights.

Uncle's neglegent discharge

Responsible gun owners all over hold a healthy fear of an unintentional discharge. Or, what honest gun owners call a negligent discharge.

This is why the four rules are so important. They were crafted in such a way to allow for the fallibility of humans. Humans make mistakes, but the four rules of firearms safety are made in such a way that you need to violate more than one for tragedy to occur.

There are instances where we violate SOME of the rules intentionally. Such as rule 1 for dry firing, or rule 2 to disassemble some firearms. What is important is that when you DO break the rules, it should hurt your brain to do so.

Recently, I visited my sister and noticed she had been playing with one of my old airsoft guns. I chuckled at it, and picked it up to try it out. I removed the magazine and racked the slide to check the chamber... except the chamber didn't open, because it's not a real gun. "Stupid me" I thought, and aimed at a corner of the room. As soon as I started squeezing the trigger I felt wrong. VERY Wrong. Like, about to shoot your friend in the face wrong. My pulse quickened, my anxiety went up, and I couldn't pull the fake trigger on the fake gun. I stopped, and checked the magazine well, and checked the chamber again... except the chamber didn't open... because it's STILL a fake gun. I just put it down. Why break the training for a toy?

A voice from the grave's edge

When I was young, Canadians were born almost free; now we are born in manacles of silk and gold.

Read it.

Share it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Say it with me...

[russian officer]"Ees gun! Ees not safe!"[/russian officer]

The Soviets were having a hell of a time with Hitler when they realized their 91/30s were too long for the close range fighting they were doing, and started chopping them down into m38s, then m44s. My Browning Buckmark came with ELEVEN pieces of paper or booklets detailing everything from what finger to use to pull the trigger to how not to shoot other people in the face. The Soviets did not have that luxury. As soon as their communist slave labor spat one of these rough-and-tumble rifles off the assembly line, it was tossed into a bin which, when full, would be lifted into a railroad car, and sped off to the Western front. Safety manuals were not something for which they had the time or need.

"Manual? Why need manual? You put boolets in one end, pull trigger, and they come out other end! When we charge, you extend bayonet. Is simple as dying for glorious motherland."

Military surplus firearms are also time capsules of sorts. Finding out how a firearm was developed, and what was important at the time gives you a glimpse into the frame of mind that constructed them. What was their primary concern? What was their goal? What was important to them? What was UNimportant to them?

Friday, November 07, 2008

So! Funny! Can't! Breathe!

HEUG Hat tip to Theo, who's blog is the most entertaining one I've been to, but is NSFW! (scantily clad wimmens)

Duuuuuude! He did it!

Pdb Fixes Our Political System In 3 Easy Steps!

Amazing! He did it!

Gun Sales up ten billion percent

Not exactly, but pretty much.

From Larry Correia (of Monster Hunter International fame) comes tales of his gun shop.

RSR, largest wholesaler of firearms in America has nothing in stock. Nothing. No semi auto 5.56, 7.62×39, or .308 guns. No Kel-Tecs, no Colts, no Bushmasters, no Sigs, no FNs, zip, bupkis. We’re backordering product like crazy and taking orders.

I've been waiting on a local evil black rifle store to get in the upper I wanted, and some parts, and the answer I've gotten every time is; "We ordered it. We have absolutely no idea what's going to come when." I guess now it makes sense.

Our custom gun wall has become the Barack Obama Memorial Layaway wall as we’re trying to find a place to stash all the guns that have been people put money down on until they get paid again. The only part of the economy that is booming is gun sales, or at least, until Comrade Chairman Obama shuts us all down and we become the FBMG Teddy Bear Hospital and Scented Candle Emporium.

Get while the gettin's good.

I might actually buy a few more lowers just to sell later at inflated prices.

Dear Presnident Obama,

Oh yeah, and you're NOT SURE if your kids are going to go to a public school or a private school? STFU.

Also I gave up counting his "um"s and "ahh"s and "youknow"s. He stumbled all over himself until he was able to latch on to the empty platitudes he used on the campaign trail.

"I- ah- I want to- um- be sure that-- that-- youknow- you explore-- ah- the- um-- we're going to follow the change that brought us here and make sure that in the spirit of bipartisanship, we're respectful in pursuing the change the American people want right now... -youknow."

And was that shot at Nancy Reagan in the spirit of bipartisanship?
You stay classy Obama...


Here's the costume I made for Halloween.

Guess what I was.

I know I already posted pictures of myself, but I just love that smiley so much...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh god.

This picture set ruined my life for like a week.

Lets start slow; the first picture.

Lets take a closer look.

There it is.

Remember that.

But wait; it gets worse.

That's right. the evil fucking stork plucked this hapless rabbit from the grass, and is drowning the damn thing.


Perfectly deadpan.

Stone cold.

He's done it before.

He'll do it again.

Uh oh.

He's spotted us!


It's not the end of the world

Steven makes some interesting predictions about the next four years... and he does mean FOUR years.

Worth your time and consideration.

President Elect Obama

I happen to think the "neat" factor is what did us in the most.

Of course; nominating a senator WHO ALMOST SWITCHED PARTIES probably didn't help. Honestly? I can't say the republicans deserved to win. Actually, I'll go so far as to say they deserved to lose. Spend spend spend, borrow borrow borrow. At least the sudden galvanization of the party at the Palin pick gave the Republican decision-makers a clue as to why McCain was a dead man walking before the pick. Gee... a non-politician, pro-gun, conservative, corruption-killing, regular person with real values and principals? Who'd-a thunk it? Oh yeah; THE ENTIRE BASE OF THE PARTY. Get your heads out of whomever's asses they're stuck in, and give us a good pick next time. Think Reagan, because the Dems are thinking Carter. And kindly; DON'T FUCK IT UP. That'd be great.

At least the media has exposed themselves in such a way as to make their complete bias undeniable. Hell, they're even publishing stories about how they are biased. Whoops, I mean were biased. Because they've turned over a new leaf, right? Yeahhh... Riiight... I can't wait until they flip their switch and turn on Obama. That'll be fun to watch. "Hey, look! We're attacking Barack now! That means we're fair and objective!" Yeahhh... Riiight... If I had any money backing any of these major news outlets, I'd be cleaning house or cashing out now. Those are the only two options.

Gun control seemed to be off-limits on the campaign trail, which means they know we mean business. That still won't stop them from trying to sneak it by us. I do, however, have faith in our dear congresscritters' fear of being voted out for supporting it. The president can recommend laws, and sign or veto what passes his desk, but a new awb would have to fight its way through both houses before he could even have an effect. Obama had expressed dismay at Bush's refusal to renew the AWB, but Obama expresses a lot of things. Then he usually votes "present."

So the big question is; what will he do? I wish I had some clue. Sure voting records are usually the best indication, but his barely registers. Will he be "fresh blood" and ram through all that hope change he wanted while his party support is high? Will he "surround himself with people smarter than him" (so he's dumb/inexperienced?) (none of that, now) and be too indecisive to get anything done? Will the Dems in the House and Senate resent his presidency after putting in years of their lives, and oppose him overtly or subversively? Only time will tell.

I do hope he actually gets to implement some of this socialist agenda within 4 years so people can see government in action. Or, rather; government inaction. If it takes him too long to get his amazing new direction for America (tm) he'll ask for another term, and it's unclear whether or not the novelty will have worn off by then. Not to mention the quality of his four years, though expect a lot of excuses of, "Well, I'm in charge now, and we have total control over congress, but it's taking longer than expected to clean up the mess left by the Republicans." I'd be very careful not to use up that line too early, President Obama. You'll need it when social security... well... you'll see. Also, I wouldn't recommend turning your back on any of those media outlets that supported you during the election (read: all but fox). You even give a hint of trying that shit you tried with the NRA on them, and they will dog pile on you before you can say, "I hope we can change the hope of our change." If you want a clue as to what that'll be like, just look at Bush. Thriving economy, across the board tax cuts, low unemployment, record revenue, low low deficit when compared to the GDP, flawless private life, and generally respectable man. They destroyed him for 8 years. He had his flaws, but the absolute frothing hate? I'd be very careful around them.

So do I hate you, President Obama? Of course not! Hate is such a strong word. You're my president now. Within this country, we can argue, and yell, and scream at each other. But outside this country, we are united, and I back you 100%. I will not allow the leader of another nation to claim he smelled sulfur behind you because you are the Devil. I'd boycott citgo just as I did when Dictator-in-training Chavez said it about Bush. Of course, "hate" wasn't strong enough for legions of Bush haters. You have to deal with them now. When you breed attack dogs for 8 years, you don't pen them up in a preschool for four years. Give them the first hint of Bush (refuse to leave iraq, cut taxes for those who pay the most taxes, outspend him, attack Pakistan/Darfur/Russia, reduce spending on a pet project; you know, all the decisions a REAL president has to make when he doesn't have the luxury of just attacking) and they'll jump on you. Learn from Hillary. You get in bed with a bunch of fanatics who won't change their mind and won't change the subject, like, then when it gets time to make big boy decisions where you can't placate everyone every time, they'll turn on you. It won't be pretty. Talking about all this, I sure am glad Republicans try to stick to principals, and refrain from childish name-calling. Don't try to argue with an idiot. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

But I digress. At least we can shut up about racism now. So how long until we kill all the affirmative action and race-based preferences like the insults to minorities that they really are? "You're not white, so you're too stupid to get a job yourself. We'll just lower our standards because you're not white." "Judge me not by the color of my skin," indeed. But I guess we can wave good bye to all that now, right? Of course not. The lazy will continue to blame phantoms for all their problems. The motivated will just have an impressive card to counter with before the lazy just return to their government-subsidized big screen teevee anyways. People who claim getting a minority into the most powerful seat in the world will drive success in previously unsuccessful minorities don't understand why the unsuccessful are unsuccessful. Irrespective of their color. They'll just latch to a new excuse, and continue contributing nothing to the system that pays big money for contributing nothing to the system. Somehow I can't imagine Obama will be cutting welfare.

So we lost. We conservatives knew we were going to lose no matter who got in office, so why are we complaining now? We knew we'd have to fight the new president to make sure he didn't do anything stupid either way, we're just going to have to fight a little bit harder. Think of it as practice. Remember; politicians see the light when they feel the heat.

So... Yeah.
Join us, won't you?

At least we've got about 20 years before we start running into douchebags named Barak.

A Simple Apology

I think this webcomic is almost as insane as I am.

That shit is noteworthy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Overheard at work

CEO: ...Good work with that. Well. I gotta get going. For the first time I've gotta go vote for a Democrat.
Me: Confused look
CEO: ...Yeah, I just can't bring myself to vote for Obama.
Me: Hahaha!

Excited? Well, to be brutally honest...

Yesterday she asked if I was excited about "the big day tomorrow". I told her I was rather depressed about it actually--it is the choice between the lesser of two evils. I then asked if she was excited about it. "I. Am. SO. Excited. About it." she said. I wanted to tell her how many people were murdered last century by attempts to make socialism work. Was she excited to be a part of the next attempt? Was she looking forward to adding her body and the bodies of millions of others to the pile?

Those who do not learn from history...

Hell-- Those who do not TEACH history to their children...

But seriously...

I Voted.

It was hard because I was up until 4 playing fallout 3 again. Well... Mostly watching. I stumbled upon a canyon and...

[highlight for spoilers]
It was full of raiders. So I got some target practice shooting them in the head from a distance for super critical hits and instant kills. Later I saw they had a Super Mutant Behemoth in captivity, and shot the generator powering the cage. Aforementioned super mutant then ran amok, smashing surprised raiders like the hulk. I kept reloading at doing it again because the outcome would vary. Sometimes the super mutant would win, other times the raiders won. I just got a kick out of watching it gib all the raiders. Seriously, a regular human goes up to the KNEE of the super mutant behemoth.
[/highlight for spoilers]

It was a good time. Anyways, I've got a few things on my todo list, and I'm looking forward to todoing them. Probably another late night tonight.

Awesome. :)

Erection day


Monday, November 03, 2008

Why Jules is voting for Obama

He's personally going to invade Pakistan, or not, depending. And he’s got some stern words for a lot of dictators he intends to deliver face-to-face, mano a mano. Nuke-happy mullahs, watch out: There's a new community resource officer in town, and you’re about to be read your Miranda rights.

Fallout 3 Gameplay video

Pretty good video of the gameplay mechanics.

20 awesome things that are awesome in the awesome game Fallout 3

Killing your first minigun-wielding super mutant.

Skulking through a dimly-lit buildings dispatching raiders with sneak attack critical hits to the head with your silenced 10mm pistol.


Using bottlecap mines on super mutants.

Using bottlecap mines on anything.

Killing a Deathclaw.

Standing on top of a hill and surveying the next valley you have to traverse with your sniper rifle.

Finding the drive-in filled with raiders and packed with explosive cars, and tossing a grenade.

Shooting a super mutant in the head from very far away with your sniper rifle for a sneak attack super critical hit, and one-shot-kill on a super mutant.

Letting melee weapon raiders get within a few yards, and shooting them in the face with your hunting rifle.

Taking a chance and killing an important character who is a dick, and has information you need, and find another way to get the info without him.


The Bloody Mess perk.

Tossing a grenade into a trailer of 5 sleeping raiders.

Building a flaming sword.

Finally finding that one part you need to complete that kick-ass new weapon.

Shooting raiders in a casual wear or womens' clothing.

Discovering an oddity while on the way somewhere, and investigating.

Trying a risky line of speech you only have a 20% chance of pulling off, and pulling it off.


And I'm probably not even half way through the game!

News headlines from two days in the future!

Everything is Awesome!
Gas is cheap! Money is Free! Energy comes from magic!


Everything is Horrible!
Death, Terror, and Pestilence Reign! End Times are Nigh!

Nautilus no-no's

I've been struggling with sporatic slowness on my work linux box. I had attributed it to Firefox, and most of the time it was; but the slowness was becoming more persistent. Kswapd0 kept ramping up, and taking all the cpu cycles. Eventually I was frustrated with my icons not updating, and killed and restarted nautilus.

When nautilus started back up, it felt like the computer it was months ago.

I'm just going to restart nautilus occasionally now.

What I did this weekend.

1. Played Fallout 3


I picked it up at the crack of noon on Saturday, and played it until 7am (after DST). Then I slept until 1pm. Then I woke up, and played until 7pm. Had to break for food (OH GOD I'M SO HUNGRY) and Dexter. Then back to playing until 3am.

I like it.

I like it a lot.

LA Times is getting desperate

I was filling up on gas when some guy (early 20s?) came up to me with a clipboard.

Guy: Would you like to sign up for a subscription to the LA Times?
Me: Ha!

The laugh was involuntary, and I did it because I was just listening to how the LA Times was doing poorly, and thought it had to be pretty bad if they had people cornering people at the gas station. It was a little rude of me. I was just going to give a polite "No, thank you" but I felt compelled to explain myself.

Me: No thanks. Not until they release that tape.
Guy: What tape?
Me: There's a tape of Obama they're refusing to release. I don't know what's on it, but I know they won't release it. It's their job to report, and let us decide. They're not doing that.
Guy: ...I can respect that. Thanks.

So how long until the financial backers of the LA times cleans house?
Or would they prefer to eat the huge loss rather than remove the liberalism from the paper?

How to be a hero then an asshole then a hero!

You do what you did here, then surprise us with a box of hotwings that you bought just for us.

Hotwings + ANYTHING OR NOTHING = Happy ET.

Quick reminder

Find the percentage of taxes you pay (or just the amount that comes out of your paycheck), and apply it to 12.

You've just found the amount of months out of the year that you work for the government.

For four months out of the year, I work for the government. They take all my pay. I get nothing for my work.

Say it out loud. Say;

"For _____ months out of the year, I work for the government."

Say it.

If that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, I don't know what will.