Thursday, April 09, 2009

“What’s to stop Ned from killing me in the next ten days?”

"I have no answer."

"I'm Against Guns and Violence, Unfortunately Reality Has Intruded on My Delusional Paradise."

Robert Avrech recounts an experience he had at a gun shop.

A woman is terrorized by an obsessed ex-boyfriend, and finds out how complicated it is to buy a gun.

It is unfortunate that she chose this late date to get serious about self defense.

One can only hope Ned doesn't kill her until her 10 day waiting period is over, and she has an opportunity to take a class and actually train with her new gun at the range, and become effective with her weapon. Sadly, without some direction, I fear she will make a mistake if she is attacked. She has all the makings of the type of gun owner who gets shot with their own gun. I pray she takes this responsibility seriously, and takes his training recommendations to heart.

I am reminded of the anti-gun liberals lining up at the gun shop during the LA riots.
"What do you mean I have to wait 10 days?! I'm in danger NOW!"

Part of me feels sorry for these people who choose not to contemplate the obvious effects of their beliefs before reality forces them to do so with life-threatening danger.
"What are you right wingers complaining about? You get your guns after the cooling down period. It's not violating your rights if you get the gun eventually."

But another more cynical part of me realizes that her death will convince her many liberal friends of the usefulness of firearms more effectively than she ever could alive.

Wait. Scratch that. Ventilating a predator who would otherwise live to prowl again is better than 10 new voting pro-gunners.

...Isn't it?

I hope she gets out of this OK.

And when she does, I hope she votes to keep others from this terrible situation, and shares her revelation.

Waiting periods kill.

I can not cast stones at any other man for his choices, particularly in a tough case like this, and I certainly don't know his situation; but there is a reason why I specifically buy loaner firearms.

California allows the loaning of a firearm to someone not legally prohibited from purchasing one themselves for up to 30 days. (receiving loaned handguns requires an HSC, no other requirements for longguns) To someone you may not care to loan your firearms to, you can sell C&R longguns face to face, cash and carry so long as you confirm the buyer is a resident of California, and the buyer states he/she is not a prohibited person. I'm always on the lookout for C&R shotguns.

The Big One is coming. I'm doing my best to get my friends and family to buy tools for self defense and train with them, as well as store food and water. But I'm also buying firearms for loaning in case of emergency, and extra canned goods for charity.

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Ride Fast said...

A friend actually called me during the rioting over Rodney King. The first thing he said was "You were right, I was wrong and I just found out I can't get a gun for two weeks".

Sometimes I hate being right.