Thursday, August 30, 2007

Er... Not quite, guys...

Gunnies all over the net have been happily reposting and commenting on a recent study that finds U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people. But Tam reminds us that it's truly impossible to have any idea how many guns there actually are in America.

That number has got to be waayyyy low. Think about it: How can they make any reasonably accurate estimate? Guns are pretty durable artifacts; they don't just dry up and blow away after X number of years. (I have 120-year-old relics that are still in excellent shape and quite shootable.)

This is why gun confiscation schemes are always so funny. Not only do we not know where they all are, we have no idea how many to look for.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Like water off a duck's back...

WOW. Kevin has an extremely well written post challenging an anti-gunner. It's a verbal smack down of truth and fact, and it actually gets a reply!

Here's some highlights, but please read all that Kevin has taken the time to write (beautifully).

You know what? I can't pick quotes out, because whenever I do, I want to expand it because the rest is so good, and then I just wind up quoting entire paragraphs! Just go and read it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The red dragon breathes fire! Your cloak of displacement smolders! --more--
Your shield burns! Your brown potion boils and explodes! --more--
Your white potion boils and explodes! Your scroll of teleport burns! --more--
Your scroll named rem curse? burns! The blast of fire bounces! --more--
Your shield burns! Your yellow potion boils and explodes! --more--
Your riding gloves smolder! Your cloak of displacement smolders further! --more--
Your spellbook of force bolt burns! --more--
You're so fucked.


Don't be too impressed...


I've been working through a half-assed SDK to make this company's product do some funky shit we need. Only problem is, I think I'm the only one actually developing for this product... After many releases they've either had no complaints or they just haven't repaired glaring problems with their sample code. Their example code for C doesn't compile. Period. Fortunately I found a workaround for the problems in their Perl code...

I couldn't find a function that did all the features we wanted, but there were other functions that did some of the features, so I figured there had to be one the did all the ones we wanted. After digging through their Perl modules I found the one I needed. Only problem was this wasn't exactly a documented function, and their commenting was a bit vague. I tried all kinds of different ways of passing the data, but couldn't get it to accept anything. I had everything working except this portion. After about an hour of trying different types of input, it was time to escalate.

"Hello this is support, how can I help you?"
"Can I escalate?"
"Er, what?"
"Can I escalate?"
"Heh. (insert smugness here) Why don't you just tell me what's going on, and I'll determine whether or not you need to be escalated..."
"If you say so... has an undocumented function that we want to use; nimPostMessage. I has szSubject, iLevel, szSup and udata, only problem is it doesn't say how to provide udata besides that it must be a reference. There's no notes in the Perl module as to how to present the udata except a mention of providing a PDS reference, but when I populate a new PDS message with the "string" and "number" functions, and reference it in nimPostMessage, sends the other elements but the udata is empty.
"Hang on." *muffled talking*
"Are you going to escalate?"
"...Yeah. I'll send you to this guy. He writes probes in Perl."
"*explain everything again*"
"Wow. I'm impressed. Getting that far is not trivial."
"I hope you're not too impressed, you're supposed to be helping me!"

Latest news was that I've been escalated to the developers overseas... Oy... Just comment your damn code. ESPECIALLY when you're providing an SDK or API..

New update! Apparently reading comprehension is not very high wherever my problem got sent because I was told that there was a bug in the module (which I found), and that I should reformat my request to the right way (which is the way it was, had they bothered to look). They also comment that I shouldn't use that particular function, and prefer that I use a function that does not provide all the data points I require, even though I stated all the data points I needed. Double oy. I replied with why his request was wrong, and abstained from challenging his ability to read. I also removed the signoff I wanted to use; "You're a fucktard," and just went with "Thanks,"

Friday, August 24, 2007

The war on drugs claims another victim.

No, not some drug-addled cokehead, a mom-and-pop business selling a product that could save your life in a Katrina-like disaster. Hey, if you want to win the war on drugs, you've got to break a few eggs. And if you're still not winning, you just need to break more eggs. And if you STILL aren't making any difference, well shit, you better hire some more people to keep breaking eggs until something happens.

I hope no one tells the DEA that Dihydrogen Monoxide is often used in the creation of drugs. I use that stuff a lot, and I would hate to be put in some database somewhere just because I need it to live.

I'd pay money for the opportunity to dig around under a DEA agent's sink to see if I can find any dangerous chemicals that could be used in a terrorist attack.

When propane is outlawed...

Only outlaws will have propane.


On the advice of a book I won't mention, (some of you may know it) I've written a bit of poetry. (I've also put on a black beret, and thick, box-framed glasses)


A Slave

"If government gives fish, men eat for a day.
Why not give men fish?" You ask. And I say;
"If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day;
If you teach a man to fish, your power goes away.
When a man begs for fish, and promises to behave,
This man is not free. This man is a slave.

He knows that his government is corrupt with deceit,
But he can't change a thing, while he sucks at its teat.
He'll do as he's told, and be patted on the head;
'Yes, Massa. No, Massa. May I have some bread?'

No heartache compares with a man who can see
A slave who thinks that he is free."

I think I've found my knife...

I had been thinking about picking it up SUDDENLY END OF POST!

IT- ER-- I-- NOO!!!

I was just making fun of people who do it for real!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just like the good old days...

Ever since I read Art of the Rifle Reading Jeff Cooper's thoughts on the role and characteristics of a rifleman made me rethink the way I thought about my rifles. I thought about how much training and familiarity I really had with my rifles, and rethought the things I thought I needed. I was afraid I was on the path to becoming one of those guys who has lots of cool toys, but doesn't really appreciate the skill that goes into operating them. I wanted to get back to basics. To me, this was an old bolt action rifle. As I looked up history on some of these rifles I read about men like Simo Häyhä, who did amazing things with a simple m28 Mosin. He didn't need any holographic sights, forward grips, or space-age polymers; hell, he didn't even need a scope to become the most accomplished sniper in WW2. I scoffed at my plans for adding a 4 rail handguard and an EOTech to my AR. Sure, my AR wouldn't be très chic, but I figured that after I start back at the beginning, if I still want these things, I'll get them. Until then, I'll master my iron sights, proper shooting position, and trigger pull.
It's not about firing; it's about shooting.

I was decided on an old rifle, so I started the weeks and weeks of compulsive research I do whenever trying to develop a base of knowledge about a new topic. As I began to get a better feel for the characteristics, idiosyncrasies, strengths, and weaknesses of these rifles I began to develop an idea of what rifle would be closest to what I'm trying to find. I decided on a Finnish M39, easily one of the best rifles to come out of WW2. My research lead me to many places that sold these rifles, and when I saw one I liked with some minor cosmetic damage and a great bore, I snatched it up. [pictured right, and here] The rifle was captured from invading Soviets by the Finns, and reworked to meet the high standards of the Finnish military. From what I've read, M39s had to make 1.5" groups at 150 meters or they were not used.

The rifle I chose was built on a receiver made prior to 1900, which qualified it for antique status. This meant the rifle was not subject to shipping restrictions or fees associated with the transfer of firearms. It will be shipped through the mail to my door. Just like the good old days...

On sale again.

I've been reluctant to voice my approval of Botac, since they have such a bad rap and a history of shipping wrong orders or failing to ship at all, but I've made three purchases from them, and experienced no problems at all, so I'll cautiously recommend them. Note that most of what I've purchased has been clearance items, which likely means they have the item in stock already.

8" 5.11 strike boots back on sale

I've got a pair, and they've been great so far. But for $20, you almost can't go wrong. They just went on sale, so they still have a lot of sizes available. Get yours quickly if you have an odd size. Note that these boots are NOT steel toed. (they ARE, however, comfortable and breathe well :)

I'm thinking about picking up another pair, now that I know they fit me well, because 2 is 1, and 1 is none.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Israeli Trauma Bandage

I knew these were supposed to be great, but I had no idea they did so much!

Check out this video on the characteristics and application of the bandage. (from here) Pretty cool stuff.

I was always bothered by the idea of having little more than gauss and medical tape to take care of large wounds, and knew that constant pressure would still be required. This bandage seems to solve all those things handily.

I'm going to have to go pick up a few from none other than my favorite retailer of odd wares; CountyComm.

Hat Tip to SurvivalBlog for the awesome movie link. (and for general awesomeness)

I laughed till I cried.

Sorry guys, this is only for the gunnies;

AK vs. AR vs. Mosin Nagant

You might not want to read this at work, unless you usually laugh out loud when looking at TPS reports or whatever the fuck it is you people do. :)

Holy hell that's funny!

I might go so far as to say that he might be the human version of a penis…while able to create beautiful things when applied properly, most of the time it just runs around indiscriminately Fucking people who might just want to be friends.

From SR

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Awesome, awesome, and awesome.

I feel like shit.

My head is pounding.

My throat is sore.

My legs hurt.

My arm and chest hurt from errant punches.

The ringing in my ears has yet to subside.

Goddamnit I love going to these shows.

Saw Thinking Aloud at Alex's Bar last night. It was probably the best show of theirs we've seen. Head over here to hear some of their music, but I warn you that they are about 4 times better in person. They played a more rocking version of Romance that made this (comparitively) slow song fit their set quite well, and they played my favorite song; What's My Number. We've been following Thinking Aloud since we caught them at a IMAROBOT show. Since that first concert we've been seeing one or two a month, and it has certainly infused my usual music diet of talk radio with some much needed awesome. Not that Larry Elder isn't awesome; he's just awesome in a different way.

It hasn't all been perfect. You have to put up with some really bad music every once in a while, shows without age limits are full of fucktard middle schoolers, and who could forget the light moshing; "Hey, I like this music so much that I'm going to run in a circle and punch and kick while spinning around!", but it's still worth it to hear new sounds and new bands. We've just been lucky since Thinking Aloud is based out of Long Beach so it's easy to catch their shows, but getting to catch shows like Maximo Park (last one on tour) has made the whole experience awesome, awesome, and awesome.

Go to your band's myspace page, and find out when they're playing near you and just go. If you can't find anything then just search for local bars or shows and surprise yourself.

It's totally worth it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No, YOU!!!!

First some background; I work in a NOC and we all suffer from lack of Vitamin D due to lack of windows, so we are usually a bit silly. (We're usually insane by Friday) One of the things we do, is play a simple game where we imply that the speaker is the one who did or was the thing the speaker mentioned.

Confused? Me too.

"I caught you a delicious bass."
"YOU'RE a delicious bass!"

"You want a soda?"
"No, YOU want a soda!"

"Damn, my mouse's batteries are dead!"
"No, YOUR batteries are dead!

"I almost got hit by a car!"
"No, YOU almost got hit by a car!... No, wait."
"No, YOU 'no, wait'!"
"No, YOU 'No, YOU'!"


what? there are no windows!

A coworker came in and said "Damn it, [my name]!"
Me: Hello to you too!
Co: Thanks to you, I got in trouble last night!
Me: I try. What exactly did I do?
Co: My girl was looking at a water bottle and said, "This water bottle is shaped funny." And before I could think I said, "YOU'RE shaped funny!"--
Me: *uncontrolled laughter for 2 minutes*
Co: It took me forever to explain that to her!

We have fun.

Overheard on a forum

Occasionally Mr. Darwin offers spontaneous IQ tests. Some people fail.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Who owns the octopus?

I am Jack's ingrown toenail.

Coming this summer...

The Ingrown 2: Second nail in the coffin

Yeah... So my ingrown toenail is back. And this time, it's personal. Apparently there is a 10% chance that the removed portion of a toenail will grow back. The 10% apparently lies with the doctor's ability to successfully remove ALL the section. The doctor that did the first was fail.

So, in a bit of pain, I went to the clinic because I knew it would just grow back if I fixed it myself, and that it risked infection if I waited. The memory of the shots burned in my mind, but what's a little temporary pain, right? I was seen rather quickly (under an hour), and my usually successful attempt to make the first nurse laugh fell on deaf ears.

"Do you have any allergies?"
"Ah, I don't like cheese... Is that-? Does that mean something?"
"Oh... Actually, I don't mind cheddar jack. It's kind of mild, you know? Does that-? Do you need to...?" Gesturing at the computer
"No." (not even a smirk)
"Oh. Ok. Does black licorice count? Because I can't stand that stuff."
"Please follow me."

Hmmm... Oh well. Can't win them all. By the way, if none of that seemed funny, I should note that it's really all in the delivery.

I explained to the doctor that I had the same procedure 4 months prior and that the previous doctor said that the removed section would not grow back. She commented that the doctor probably failed to catch a sliver of the beginning of the nail. I told her that I knew it was going to hurt and told her to do it fast and hard to be done quickly, and to be very sure that it would not come back. She then got some backup, and cautiously began the shots.

"You probably remember, the shots are pretty painful."
"Kindly, I don't want to hear about them, I just want them as quickly as you can give them without undue pain."

Apparently the doctor doing the procedure was somewhat new and asked the opinion of the doctor backing her up. This caused her to describe what she was doing and the other doctor to comment on how she should cut and how deep to push whatever it is they shove under your nail.

"Is this needle long enough? I'm already hitting the bone..."
"Push it in deeper, we need to get all the way to the back."
"Just try to peel it back."
"Make sure there's no blood at the site, it counteracts the [medical term]."
"Yeah, get deep in there."


"Hey, guys?"
"Yes? Are you feeling any pain?"
"No I'm fine, but can I have the trash can?"
"Oh yes, hang on, I'll get a tub. If you're in pain you need to let us know."
"Nope, don't mind me. Just finish up and be sure it won't come back..."

It was done much more quickly and was much more bearable this time. They said there didn't seem to be any additional infection so I shouldn't need antibiotics or anything. They didn't give me any pain-killers this time which is fine because I wouldn't have taken them any way.

It's only been a few hours and I don't know how long the local anesthetic lasts, but so far it hasn't hurt much.

On a side note I brought a book Josh suggested I read, but when I attempted to retrieve it from the accumulation of clutter that is my back seat, I noticed Atlas Shrugged was lying on top of it. I wondered aloud how I managed to forget about this book and after a moment of contemplation grabbed both. In the waiting room I looked at the two books and laughed inwardly at how the small size of God's Debris made the thick paperback look cartoonishly large. I should really just read God's Debris I'm almost done with it. I probably won't even remember what happened where I left off in Atlas Shrugged... I'll just take a peek. Instantly I'm standing next to Hank Rearden trying to put on his starched shirt, his forehead pressed against the cool mirror in front of him as he tries to overcome the anxiety building within him about the coming dinner party he must endure, and the scorn he will suffer for being too focused on this business. Wow. How did I ever stop reading this? Don't worry Josh, I'll finish your book this lunch hour.

An angel gets its wings!

There's a law firm above us and our day was interrupted by a loud *WUMP* from upstairs.

Coworker:Sounds like a lawyer just dropped dead!
Me: *snerk* And an angel gets its wings!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


No, really...

"BUSH: I'm for letting the market work..."

Hahaha! No, really, how much more of my money are you going to spend to bail people out of mortgages they decided to accept though they couldn't handle them.

Let the market work? Why start now?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Good way to put it.

Laws exempt criminals.

Simple, to the point; I like it.

From The War on Guns

One-time pad.

Why encrypt messages? I dunno. A better question might be; why not? It's a cool thing to try out, and you might actually use it one day.

One-time pads, when used properly are (theoretically) impossible to crack. They use a simple XOR type function with a random key. The unbreakable security is dependent on two things; the truly random nature of the key, and the privacy of the key.

The one-time pad has logistical issues; keys must be used ONLY once, and keys cannot repeat, so they must be the length of the message, requiring you to ensure the security of a lot of letters, and possibly requiring frequent key exchanges. Note that while pads must hold a lot of info, they don't necessarily have to be big. Here's a picture of a captured Russian one-time pad. (which, incidentally, was likely made of flash paper which burns quickly and leaves no ashes)

So why am I telling you about old cryptography technology in this age of computers and blink-of-an-eye cryptanalysis? Well, I'm telling you because we live in an age of computers and blink-on-an-eye cryptanalysis. Most current encryption technologies rely on algorithms run against long, near-random keys to either generate messages or other keys (like public and private keys). For all intents and purposes; this data is secure... Today. People are cracking and finding shortcuts through algorithms all the time, and what was secure 10 years ago is not secure today. Except one-time pads. The US government still has encrypted transmissions from WWII that have not been decrypted, and likely, will never be decrypted.

A one-time pad can be encrypted and decrypted by hand with a piece of paper, writing implement, and a bit of time. The process does not have to use computers, which is important, should you not trust your computer to keep your secrets. Keep It Simple Stupid.

There's a word that starts with a "p" that describes people who think everyone is out to get them... Perceptive.

Will one-time pads ever be cracked? I guess it's possible, but there's no high math involved, so there's no chance of math trickery or shortcuts. The encryption methodology is the strength. Any message encrypted this way, tested for every key will return every possibility of text with that character count. Your encrypted message with your key translates to your message. But if you use a different key on that same encrypted message, you could come up with something entirely different. FEEDSIRWIGGLESWORTH encrypted, could be translated into DONTPUNCHBABIESHARD or KEEPUPBEATREDHORSES or YOUCANTDIVIDEBYZERO. The weak link is the key, keep your key as random as possible, and you'll be fine.

Volumes have been written on how to obtain truly random numbers. Don't use random number generators, and don't use speech or words. Anything with a pattern (how ever seemingly random) will be cracked. All random number generators rely on an algorithm and a seed, and once that seed is known, your random number becomes very unrandom.

Best simple way to get random keys? Scrabble. Toss one tiles of each letter in a container, give it a few shakes, pull out a tile, record it, put the tile back, and shake again. Shake the container in a different motion, and with different force. Put on a glove so you can't feel the texture on the tiles; pick your tile from different places within the container; invite other people to shake it or pick tiles; shake them up, dump them on the ground, and squish the tiles into a line; open your mouth, look up, and chuck the tiles into the air; ANYTHING. Just don't try to "make" a random key using existing data.

Alright, enough talk.

Here's the message you want to encrypt;
Oh my god. Pineapples.

First reformat it, remove spaces, make it upper case, use X for period (.) and spell out other punctuation, and use QX for end of message.
The QX is to note the end of the message so you can add random letters afterwards if you so please.

Here's your sample key;

Translate letters into numbers;
1=A 2=B ... 26=Z

Your message becomes;
15 08 13 25 07 15 04 24 16 09 14 05 01 16 16 12 05 19 17 24

Your key becomes;
17 15 07 02 03 09 18 24 12 16 01 13 20 26 19 09 07 23 05 13[stop]

You now add the numbers of your message to your key, and start back at 1 when you pass 26 (or subtract 26 when you go over 26).
Your encrypted message is;

This message is safe to be visible by others and can be transported insecurely or posted publicly.

When your recipient gets the message, they can simply reverse the process, subtracting the key from the encrypted message, adding 26 when the outcome will be negative.

  F  W  T  A  J  X  V  V  B  Y  O  R  U  P  I  U  L  P  V  K
06 23 20 01 10 24 22 22 02 25 15 18 21 16 09 21 12 16 22 11 (encrypted)
-17 15 07 02 03 09 18 24 12 16 01 13 20 26 19 09 07 23 05 13 (key)
15 08 13 25 07 15 04 24 16 09 14 05 01 16 16 12 05 19 17 24 (unencrypted)

Your sample key now looks like this;
The remainder of the key will be used on the next message.

Just keep your key safe and random, and you've got an method to communicate securely that cannot be broken by even the most powerful supercomputers.


Step 1: No.
Step 2: Go to step 1

Monday, August 06, 2007

Not with a bang...

From The Liberty Sphere, The Bush Betrayal of Gun Owners

Since 2002, a whopping 85% of firearms manufacturers in America have been forced to close their doors for good.

85% is a HUGE number. In fact, it's almost an unreal number. When was the last time the government shut down 85% of ANY market? I like to think I'm up on these kinds of things, and I knew the ATF was incredibly overzealous, but 85% is just beyond anything I could have even guessed.

Note that the alarming rate of shut-downs of gun manufacturers by the ATF coincides with the election of George W. Bush.

However, the Clinton Administration is every bit as culpable. From 1994-2005, 80% of gun dealers were forced out of business. Eight of those years were under the Clinton Administration.

I'm not going to go so far as to suggest Bush doesn't want us to have guns, (I know Clinton didn't) but in the face of numbers like these and the public revelations of unprofessional, questionable, and criminal conduct by the ATF, his silence speaks volumes. But I guess he shouldn't concern himself with something Democrats aren't currently screaming at the top of their lungs about.

The statistic that nails the Bush Administration is that from 2001 until 2006, the number of gun dealers who have had their licenses revoked by the ATF has risen by 6 times the number of revocations in the previous six years.

This is the endgame. These are the final moves to end private gun ownership in America.

The ATF will continue charging gun shops with minor paperwork errors or improper record storage (after they change their record storage rules), and make it impossible to run a gun shop in America. Not shops that sell "Assault Weapons" or "Saturday Night Specials", EVERY GUN SHOP. Big guns, little guns, fat guns, skinny guns.

There won't be a call to arms, or a challenge of confiscation.

They'll make it impossible to profitably sell guns, then they'll impose restrictions similar to those on registered assault weapons in California, and deny the ability to transfer your firearms to anyone else (family included).

Private gun ownership in America will end, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Never to return until the inevitable second civil war. There WILL be a second civil war, because any government who must intrude into our liberties to protect us from ourselves has only one final form. It's not a utopia of love and peace. It's tyranny, and its only a matter of time. There's only one way to fight tyranny, and it doesn't involve love and peace either.

Good fucking luck to all of us. We're going to need it.

Hat tip to JR.

I love to wonder "what if...?"

From xkcd

A sad state of affairs indeed.

How far will this have to go on before we actually do something about it?

Friday, August 03, 2007


Though not entirely unexpected.

Chaos Follows Controversial House Vote
Republicans Walk Out In Protest, Accuse Dems Of Breaking Rules

"Open for votes... Ok... Ok... hey... whoa... wait a minute... crap... crap!... OK NO MORE VOTING! Clearly this was going nowhere. Lets postpone this until later..."


Brilliantly done!

Shamelessly stolen from Tam.

Police arrive just in time

Whew! It's a close one!

From The War On Guns.

Unpopular people have no rights.

I said before that we should judge our justice system by how it treats our most hated individuals, and I stand by that comment.

Judge issues order against self-proclaimed pedophile

Why is he a "self-proclaimed pedophile" and not just a pedophile? Because he has done nothing wrong. He has expressed that he exhibits deviant behavior, but no law has been broken. Opponents are quick to add "THAT WE KNOW OF!" to the end of that last statement, and I'd like to note that those same opponents have not kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and chopped up any hookers THAT WE KNOW OF!

So what orders were issued against this guy for being unpopular and professing to enjoy deviant behavior?

  • McClellan is not allowed within 10 yards of a minor child under the order.
  • He may not harass, threaten, follow or loiter around any minor child.
  • He also may not photograph, videotape or post on the Internet images of a minor child without parental consent.
Do you even know when you're within 30 feet of a minor? I wonder where he lives and whether or not people may pass by his place of residence with their children? Even within 30 feet of where he sleeps? How do you suppose he'll drive next to other cars possibly full of minors? How will he eat in a restaurant? Will he be "following" a minor if he's walking down the street while a minor 200 yards away walks in the same direction? I can almost hear supporters of this order saying; "It's not my problem how he eats or drives to work or where he lives!" That's probably why some of these insane requirements for "the most evil of the evil" have convicted sex offenders ordered to live under bridges. But hey; it's not their problem. I wonder if some of these supporters have some quality that can be vilified... Probably not. They probably are exactly like everyone else, and do nothing that could possibly offend anyone. At least, not those in the majority... currently... History teaches us nothing. (though not for lack of trying) Let me remind you; these requirements are to be imposed on someone who has committed no crime. How long until we start imposing these "safety" restrictions on people who are suspected of being pedophiles? I've posted about the slippery slope before;
You can be forced to live your life as a second class citizen. You can be rejected from living in certain neighborhoods. You can be refused free, private services. You can be tagged like an animal and have your location tracked for life. You can be investigated and raided based on things you put on the internet. You can be investigated and raided based on a picture of you in the newspaper. You can be labeled a terrorist by defending the US constitution. You can be put on a watch list that will allow your 4th amendment rights to be suspended. You can be put on a terrorist watch list on accident. You can be wiretapped without a warrant. You can be jailed out-of-country where rights may be suspended. You can be jailed without due process or ability to defend yourself, do not pass go, do not collect $200. This is not tin-foil hat time. This is now.
I guess now, I can add; You can be forced to live under a bridge. You can be effectively kicked out of a state without being convicted of anything. For this recurring topic I've decided to add a new tag to help people navigate quickly to stories like these. The tag describes this topic at it's very core and is not something people often realize can be attributed to a story of the popular oppression of the unpopular. The tag is hate.

Good fucking luck to all of us. We're going to need it.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What TSA really stands for.

Joe Huffman lays a little bit of reality out. There's a lot of stuff I'm refraining from saying about what these terrorists are doing and how they could accomplish what they want while being at very little risk of being caught, but he covers some of it. There are also a number of questions I have about WHY these terrorists are choosing to fight this war with America differently than it fights its other enemies. But before you start arguing...

It's full disclosure. It works.

Hat tip to Uncle.

What has Bush done?

Listening to NPR blame Bush for the collapsed highway makes me think about something...

What has Bush done so far according to democrats?

He started an illegal war against an innocent country that no one approved.
He summoned a hurricane with global warming to destroy New Orleans because black people live there.
He laughed maniacally and did nothing as New Orleans begged for help.
He has doomed the entire planet by not forcing congress to approve the Kyoto treaty.
He murdered 3000 American citizens and destroyed the WTC towers so he could pass the patriot act.
He passed the patriot act and is secretly imprisoning everyone who speaks against him.
He made up Osama Bin Laden so he could topple Saddam.
He bends his little finger and raises or lowers the price of a barrel of oil.
He used his evil powers (eye laz0rs?) to destroy a bridge in Minnesota.

Honestly, if this shit were true, Bush would need a cape or something, because shit like destroying the world, murdering thousands of people, and controlling uncontrollable and unpredictable markets is pretty much on supervillan level. He'd need a cooler name though.

Did I mention he has done all this while being dumber than a bag of rocks?

And still the Democrats refuse to try to bring impeachment proceedings. Clearly Bush must be using his mind powers to prevent Dems from starting the proceedings, because it would be a sure thing right? All you folks gotta know that your representatives are not supporting impeachment, right? Call your legislators! Don't let the dastardly Bush get off so easy! Break his hypnotic spell on the Democratically controlled congress and unseat this king from his throne! ... Go on... I dare you.

While I've got your attention; I also heard that they're secretly genetically creating a bushchenydubaihalibsaddambinladen manchurian candidate who will sweep the elections though a mind control ray fired from a satelite owned by diebold who can only be killed by a stake wrapped in the original constitution run straight through his investment portfolio!
So, lets get ready for that. Then.