Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quote of the most advanced alarm system known to man

In the comments of the post about the problems with most alarm systems, DirtCrashr reminds us of the most advanced alarm system known to man.
I've often heard that a mobile alarm system that has teeth, fur, and a particular emotional bond with the alarmee has yet to be improved.

Too true.

Satellites, thermal imaging, motion detection, cellular backups, battery power, redundancies for redundancies, and almost any dog picked up from the local pound can be trained to be more effective.

Funny how that works, huh?

There's something very dangerous about an animal. Something primal in humans that flips your brain switch from "Most advanced being on the planet" to "Practically defenseless against most predators." Most robbers are just robbers. Most don't even carry a weapon more than a screwdriver or crowbar so they can avoid weapons charges. They're not looking to kill or maim, they just want to break in, and steal some stuff to sell. They're usually not particularly violent unless cornered. If given the opportunity to avoid a house with a big dog, they probably will. Emphasis on probably. Layers of security, folks. Oh yeah, make sure you train your dogs not to accept food from strangers.


Kelly Byrd said...

Here's something I've always wondered about night time break-ins. Is it common for someone to break into a house at night while I'm asleep? If so, do they expect to get in, take stuff, and get out without a confrontation? I can only assume someone who broke into my house while I'm there is expecting and prepared to deal with me, I don't quite get the idea that someone who is "only a robber" would break into a house they thought was occupied even if the occupants appeared to be sleeping.

Fletch said...

You're talking about "hot burglaries," which are basically home invasions that take place while the criminal knows someone is home. Britain has a high incidence of "hot" crimes, because they know the people inside aren't armed. America has significantly lower incidence of these types of crimes. You can probably check stats for your area to determine how many "hot" crimes are committed in your area, but it varies.

For the most part, robbers don't want to get into a confrontation. Get in, get stuff, get out, sell it. Unfortunately, criminals are also dumb. They may think that they can break a window without waking anyone, or that because the lights are out, or there is no car in the driveway, no one is home.

This obviously doesn't apply to burglars who intend on going beyond simple low-risk theft.