Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't mess with Texas. Trunk guns are required by law.

A Houston man was driving his truck down the freeway, likely to a hippie throwing contest, when some incredibly intelligent gentlemen decided it would be fun to shoot at him. They fired off a few rounds at the truck, probably with one of those tiny guns idiots who shoot at cars prefer, then finish their daring mission by fleeing down the next offramp. The Houston man was unscathed, but decided to pull over to see if he needed to repair his truck using only his saliva, elbow grease, and awesomeness. He grabbed a rifle he had in the car for self defense, and was probably getting ready to wrestle a bear or something, when he noticed the car that shot at him was visible from the edge of the freeway overpass. As he was looking at the car the driver-side window rolled down, and he decided that if they wanted some air, he would be happy to give them some air holes. He opened fire on the car, killing one, and unfortunately, merely wounding two others, who would likely live on to tell their friends why they don't randomly shoot at cars anymore. Then the police showed up and posed for pictures with him, and got his autograph, before recommending he sue the survivors for replacement ammo.

At least, that's how I read the story.


NotClauswitz said...

*snif* That's beautiful man!

JP said...

Love livin' in Texas these days.

I wonder if the Boyscouts involved were originally from the N.O. area and Katrina relocates.
Not that Houston, Dallas, and whatnot don't have a fair share of local born morons.