Wednesday, June 30, 2010

California foodstamp cards used at strip club ATMs

You just can't make this shit up.

Sony doing something right?

Marco seems to be experiencing a distinct lack of suck with his Sony eReader.

Sure, he needs special Sony software to convert whatever format he has the book in into the Sony format, but from what I have read, it is very accepting of original formats, which is as uncharacteristically Sony as making a product that is fully functional. When I read that it acted like a regular flash drive when you plugged it in, my skeptic-o-meter pegged.

So what's the catch here Sony?

Is it set to lock you out until you plug it into a computer and let it do a Sony "update" every month? Will a future update remove some useful functionality? Or will you dust off the old standby, software update makes computer unusable necessitating uninstallation of the software, and reinstallation of the original version from the CD, followed my months of clicking "don't update" until the software updates itself anyway, causing you to repeat the process?

What am I thinking? This is Sony we're talking about!

Tell us about the secret transmitter reporting what books are loaded so you can sic your lawyers if you find one you don't think the user bought? Where in the proprietary eReader file format is the reader storing the amount of time the reader spends per page, what books they finish quickly, and what books they reread so that data can be uploaded the next time it's connected? Where is the flesh eating beetle compartment set to open if the user doesn't buy the extended warranty?

C'mon Sony. No one can take a great new idea, create great hardware, install great firmware, and fuck it all up with cumbersome, feature limiting, locked down software like you can! No way this is the exception that proves the rule. I'll just wait a year or two for the nasty to come out...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rushed school project nets pure Magic

MGMT "Kids" Fan Video by Jon Salmon (30 million youtube hits)

[direct link]

The story behind the video.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A truly epic fail by Apple

People are standing in line for hours for the privilege of paying $500 for a phone that doesn't work when you hold it in your hand.

Let that sink in for a minute...

APPLE has built a CELL PHONE that doesn't work if you HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND!

This is unbelievable.

I mean, seriously, unbelievable. Can you imagine if you issued a press release before the iPhone 4's drop date that Apple's new flagship product was a cell phone that stops working when you hold it in your hand? You'd be laughed off the planet!

How does a flaw like this slip by product testing? Was there even any product testing? I mean, being able to hold your phone in your hand is a pretty fucking basic requirement for a phone! Did everyone wear latex gloves while testing it or something?

I know this phrase is tremendously overused, but this is a truly epic fail.

UPDATE: Apparently apple has been saying that its customers are obviously not holding their phone correctly. Except, they're just holding it as advertised. Whoops. This just makes the whole issue even more confounding. How'd they even film the commercials? Or were they all props with simulated screens?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello

[direct link]

DISCLAIMER: ET is not responsible for the mental repetition of this song negatively impacting your ability to use use brain your function at with.

This is Apple Perfection™???

Hey, so, you know how Apple is supposed to just work and all that? Say good bye to viruses and crashes, and now available with both great taste AND less filling?

Yeah. No.

I'm going to start keeping track of the amount of crashes I have on the iPad. I figured the first few just had to be flukes, because you don't hear people complain about Apple OSs crashing, because Apples Just Work™. But there I was, working or playing, and boom. Crashes.

The third party app crashes I can give a partial pass to, because Apple didn't write them, but one would expect them to test them for stability. Because a crashing third party app to a common Apple user (hurrr) is probably indistinguishable from an OS crash. I've been amazed by the amount of crashing I've experienced with third party apps, and have started saving my work as I go (which is not always easy depending on the app, because there is no save function, because APPLE PRODUCTS DON'T CRASH WHY WOULD YOU IMPLY SUCH A THING?! HERETIC! BURN HIM! BURN HIM!) So I've gotten into the habit of opening up a new application, doing something, quitting, and coming back to see if it saved. Then saving or quitting or whatever I need to do to protect my updates from a crash every few minutes or few changes I make.

Isn't this what Apple users were trying to get away from? Constantly saving just in case you get a blue screen of death and lose all your work? Now I'm just doing the same damn thing, and without all the extra functionality of a complete OS!

Where was I? Oh yeah, I can half-forgive the third party app crashes, but the Apple apps like iTunes, Safari, and the app store crashing? WTFM8?! This is THEIR application running on THEIR software running on THEIR OS running on THEIR hardware, and I'm still getting crashes? And must the app store reset the breadcrumbs of where I was whenever I install an app? It's hard enough to get a complete listing of a specific type of app in the store without clicking to install one item, being kicked out of the app store just so I can stare at a progress bar, only to return and find I'm back in the top-level category listings! Then to sit there trying to remember what category you were in, or what search you did to get to the listing you found the related app on to get to the one where the similar app listing included the other app you wanted to download. Heaven forbid you want to install two items from the bottom of the listings for a category, and have to click "Show more" wait five seconds, scroll down, click "Show more" again, and repeat 10 times only to install the first app, get kicked out to stare at a progress bar like a simpleton staring at a toaster, then go back to the app store, and do the same thing again for the second app. But hey, I guess it was built around simple, so why not build for simpletons?

I also enjoy watching iTunes or the iPod function shit itself when it has to do more than one thing at a time. Like if you are trying to download, browse, watch, or listen when a TOS update comes up, or you have to reenter your password. This morning there was a good 30 seconds of hesitant half-function before the app store choked to death on its own vomit and collapsed as the home screen popped up just in time to prevent me from seeing the app store deathrattle and release its bowels. At this point, I (of course) immediately clicked on the app store again and chuckled while the OS spent 20 or 30 seconds cleaning up the shit and vomit before reanimating the corpse and lurching it up on the screen.

All that said, blah-bitty-bloo, still not worth your money just yet, still a fun toy, etc.

Basic OS functionality? There's an app for that.

I was playing around with the sketchbook app, and made a bunny.

[pause for chorus of applause]

Technically I made two bunnies after the first one disappeared when the iPad crashed, but-- Ok. She wanted me to send her the file, so instead of setting up one of my e-mail accounts on the iPad, I just logged into gmail from Safari. I composed an e-mail and clicked to add the attachment... Except I couldn't browse the file system... Weird. Well I guess they want me to use their e-mail tool instead of doing it my way. Figures. Instead, I browsed to imageshack to do the upload so I could just send her the link... Except I couldn't browse the filesystem... Huh. Could it be that safari truly doesn't have an internet browser based file system browser? I think a moment, and remember Flickr. Flickr! Flickr is all Web Two-point-oh-y so it has to have functionality on the super hip Apple OS. I browse to Flickr, and I can't do any uploads. This was after I browsed the Flickr pool of other people's sketches they did on their iPads. How were those people uploading? Oh! There's got to be an app for it. Then I realized why there had to be an app for it.

The reason there are so many apps for doing tiny, menial tasks such as uploading files, using social networking sites, and almost any site with ajax involved, was because the OS couldn't do any of those things.

But why would they make an OS that had that basic functionality built in, when they could remove it, and sell an app for $0.99 that adds the functionality they clearly went out of their way to disable?

Amazing. I am both disgusted and impressed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doing the jobs Americans won't do.

The Minuteman Project: Doing jobs Americans won't do. American politicians, that is. Motivational poster demotivator

Think Obama hates it when states take their border security seriously?

Just wait until the citizens start forming up armed posses to protect their neighborhoods from cartel violence and threats.

If this goes unanswered by the Feds, they're practically handing the AZ police force over to the cartels on a silver platter. Once the AZ police realize that they are on their own, how long do you think they're going to hang around to get shot at by superior firepower and numbers?

Once those posses start forming up (if they haven't already), the justice and security they provide will be... imprecise. Lets be honest, a bunch of guys with guns aren't exactly a legal system, which is why we formed a legal system in the first place. We send money and support to remote areas so the law can be enforced evenly all over the country, and civilization can take hold. But we need to maintain the power of law to maintain our civilization. Without enforcement from the highest office in the country, can you blame the beleagured citizens for taking the law into their own hands?

If Obama hates it when states take their border security into their own hands, he'll be livid to hear mere citizens are picking up guns and doing the job the feds won't do themselves.

Monday, June 21, 2010

"Hello, David? This is your doctor. Hang up the phone, and call 911 right now."

David at RNS had a collection of minor maladies compound into a serious situation.

He's ok now that they figured out what was going on, but that must have been pretty scary.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seattle cop punches poor defenseless girl while attempting to exact hate crime on underprivileged minority

Not really, but I'm sure that's how it will be framed.

If the cop has his hands on you, you've already lost. Don't fight.

In related news, WTF is up with Seattle PD's takedown training, or lack thereof? Where are their Tasers? Where is their backup? Does this cop even know how to do that arm lock he was attempting for several minutes?

I understand he was playing it soft, and I understand that it was probably because so many people were around him, but that crowd could have just as easily turned ugly. (Also, no one offers to help the officer? I guess I don't know the etiquette in that situation.)

This two minute flail-fest is exactly why cops are rough in takedowns. Once he had her against the hood of the car, the head should have hit the hood to control the rest of the body. Instead, her upper body is free to move and twist. I dunno. This whole video just made me feel real uneasy about the officer's safety.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quote of the Silent Hill 2

It's a fascinating voyage of pain and dispair that leaves you emotionally drained and satisfied, like fucking a burning dolphin.


Because the business my partner and I started targets companies that don't know about the type of service we are offering, and haven't been actively (or correctly) marketed to, we ran into difficulty explaining the specifics of what we can do for them. Our elevator speech needed to be adjusted depending on the business of the person we were talking to, and even then, it wasn't always clear to the potential customer exactly what we were talking about.

We thought about the problem for a bit, and decided that this might be the only legitimate use for the iPad. We can get a 3G model, VPN into our network, and show them some interactive sample data without having to ask for internet access or commandeer their workstation.

For that reason and one other, my business partner and I bought two iPads. Both 32 gigs, one wifi+3G, one wifi only. We have yet to try out the 3G service, but for how shitty AT&T's voice network is, their data network has been fast and solid for both of us.

My derisive complaints remain; no card reader, no standard media storage, no flash player, proprietary everything, limited (and often buggy) applications, and a simplified, locked-down, lowest common denominator OS. I laughed at the early adopters because I knew that Apple was going to wait 6-12 months, and release a new iPad with one of those features added. Then 6-12 months later? One more feature. I never would have bought one personally, considering the above issues and the excessive cost.

But now that I have one...

The Good
The interface is flawless, as is par for Apple. You could give it to a chimp, and an hour later, he'd be setting up an RSS reader for his favorite blogs, and playing Words with Friends with another chimp in Florida. The ad says "You already know how to use it." and they aren't lying.

The display is brilliant. The color reproduction and contrast are fucking beautiful. The brightness effectively blends every fingerprint smudge away. No color weirding when viewing at any angle. Perfection.

The battery life is very good. Use it for hours, and watch it drop to 99%. It's not measured in days like a lower-tech e-reader, and it might be worse for movies on Netflix or something, but for casual use for a variety of purposes, I think they've found a great balance. No complaints here.

The reading of websites and blogs is quite optimized. The text rendering is sharp and clean, and the horizontal lock feature is very useful. I think they wanted to be very sure to get this right.

The Bad
I hate to sound like nutnfancy, but it's just barely too heavy. This is a tiny problem, but it's noticeable when you hold it in certain positions for more than a minute. It also affects unsupported one handed holding. Again, not a big issue.

Playing videos is hobbled due to Apple's "No video format exists except Quicktime" mentality. I have yet to find a working WMV player, and the one system that is supposed to play MPEGs and other formats requires they be streamed through a separate local server. Youtube plays, and is technically integrated with the browser, but there seems to be some intangible clunkiness there. I guess they've got to keep you buying movies from iTunes.

No multitasking. I know this was done intentionally to keep things simple, but I think we're ready to listen to Pandora while we browse the internet. Our heads won't explode, Steve. We've been multitasking since Windows 3.1, so this refusal is starting to wear thin. I suspect we'll have to wait two more iPad revisions before they provide the software to add this functionality, and it almost certainly will not work on previously released hardware.

The keyboard is debatably bad, but I've heard reports of people with enough practice using it easily. It's too easy to drop the blade of your hand or an errant finger onto the keyboard, and inadvertently add a few letters to your word. So try it out for yourself to see if you can work with it. But the fact that the F and J keys are rendered with the touch tab on them should tell you everything you need to know :]

File transferring is cumbersome without using iTunes (tough if you run linux). Fortunately DropBox is free and effective at getting files from your computer to your iPad, but that doesn't change the fact that Apple wants you to use iTunes instead of your tool of choice to transfer files... Or maybe they just want to be able to add the card reader in the next version. Either way, it's a dick move.

So it's too physically heavy, too software complicated, and too expensive to be a good e-reader; and it's too software incompatible, too unfamiliar in form, and too simple to be a netbook laptop. But I guess that's what Apple was going for. It's not either of those things, it's just an iPad. Nothing more or less. But the question is, was there a market for an in-between device? Apple has created new markets before, but fucking over loyal early adopters can overshadow popularity and cult following.

I don't think I'd buy one with my own money. I might wait for the inevitable 3rd or 4th generation, when it has more of the features we would expect to get standard from any other company, and is at a price we would merely scoff at from any other company.

All that said, good on Apple for recognizing how to squeeze money out of its followers, and exploiting it for the largest profits it can get from the market. Also, Apple's management of their market demand is nothing short of brilliant. From a technical standpoint, I think their offerings are sub-par, but from a business standpoint? Their ability to create markets where there were none, and drain every available cent out of them is stupefying.

So far, I've been enjoying Dominion in the time my wife isn't glued to the awesome that is Words With Friends. Dropbox is an easy way to do file transferring, and is free. Private Media Folders is also free $3.99 and worth it, and provides a password protected area in which to store your files.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You're talkin' 'bout my generation???

Wanna get down on those kids these days? Read this first.

Everything he said lines up with my upbringing.

Being told in elementary school to test for the gifted classes because it would look great on my college resume. Spending weekends and summer doing community service, because "Everyone's going to have great grades, you've got to be well rounded to stand out on your college application!" Looking through the club catalog endlessly, trying to find something that interested me in the slightest because that "shows that I have a passion for my education, and will add to my college application." We considered hyphenating my last name to make it more obviously reflect my latino heritage because white males have a much harder time getting into college than minorities. I can't count the amount of times I was told that the student loans for college wouldn't matter, because I'd be making 200k a year in my profession, whatever it was going to be. Every "B" was a death sentence, because every student who could took every AP course they could, and worked between 3 and 8 hours on homework every night so they could get the coveted 5.0 GPA, and "guaranteed" acceptance to the college of your choice. The years of preparation and months of endless studying sessions cramming for the SATs, because if you messed up on them, you could kiss college good bye. I knew those kids because I was smart too, and seeing what they did to maintain their impossible grades made me feel sorry for them. Especially when one of them got an A- through no fault of their own. The anguish these kids felt over their college aspirations crumbling to dust didn't make much sense to me at the time.

Now it just makes me feel mad at their parents.

Parents who told their children that perfection was not only achievable, but required. They parroted the dogma of the education experts as if it were their own, and fought for the ideal as if it were the only thing one could be expected to do.

We didn't need the perfection you never attained.
What we needed was the rebellious spirit your generation held in such high regard.
We needed that spirit so we could use it against you, and stop you from turning us into little academic machines.
We needed to be allowed to grow up to be well adjusted adults, with some basic idea of who we are.

Now those of us that have achieved academic perfection by eschewing personal growth have stepped out into the world, turned back to our parents who gave us what they presented as The Secret Formula for a Happy Life, and ask, "Now what?"

To which you reply, "I dunno, but times are tough, and you gotta pay rent if you're going to stay here. The Subway down the street is hiring."

Then you complain that my generation is full of socially maladjusted adolescents and slackers???

Fuck you.



They say every generation is like their grandparents' because kids rebel against their parents. I hope that my generation figures out that it is owed one childhood of mirth and discovery, and makes sure the next generation has one.

I began to wonder how the Boomers managed to break the cycle of rebellion, but the answer is all over that first paragraph. Fear. If you didn't go to college you were going to be a failure. The Boomers' fear of failure made their kids failures.

I guess that leads us to an interesting conclusion about the Boomers; they felt like failures themselves. They must not have felt feel that what they did with their youth was valuable. I'd tell you to keep your self-loathing to yourself, but it's obviously too late for that.

I don't like that it now sounds like I'm blaming all this on the Boomers, but like the guy says, the only alternative is to blame children for doing what they were told.

Gardyn - Pogo

[direct link]


Monday, June 14, 2010

Adventure Time is Awesome


Here's my favorite moment so far, at 1:10 at the headbutt.

DVR it and catch an episode or two to see if you like it too.

Coming soon to a doorstep near you!

Weerd wants you to sleep tight.

This is even more disturbing to me now because after we moved, a cop came to our door looking for someone who must have been the previous occupant.

Glad the previous occupant didn't do something that would cause the police to pick up automatic weapons, put on heavy bulletproof vests and black masks, throw flashbangs through our window, break down our door, and shoot us unarmed, stunned, deaf, and blinded in bed for having guns within arms reach while failing to comply with instructions we couldn't hear.

You know, something heinous like have an ounce of pot?

But I don't even have to worry about that when most of these raids can't be bothered check the goddamn address of the house before they go all SS on the occupants.

I wonder if they'd shoot Ava, our house rabbit. Actually, I'm sure they would, why wouldn't they if they're shooting dogs that are IN CAGES?

A moment of silence for those innocents lost in the monumental failure we call the War on Drugs.

Red Dawn remake going to not suck?!

The Red Dawn Remake: The Return of the Red Scare?
I know what you’re thinking – because it’s what I’ve been thinking since I first heard details about all this several days ago. This is all some sort of gag, right? Hollywood doesn’t do this sort of thing. This isn’t the 1980’s anymore. Wake up! This is the era of Avatar, of Fahrenheit 9/11, of Sean Penn hanging with the mullahs in Iran. The communist Chinese aren’t our enemy – they’re our friends! They make our TVs and T-shirts and disposable ink cartridges. Our real enemies are American corporations, environmental polluters, and all those blonde chicks on Fox News. Get your head in the game, Apuzzo. You’re daydreaming again!

Apparently not. Difficult as this is to believe, MGM is indeed now in post-production on what appears to be an extravagantly hardcore remake of John Milius’ 1984 film, Red Dawn.
...these posters reveal is that the Red Dawn remake may actually go where the original film did not go (largely due to the fact that the original was made during the Reagan Administration), which is in equating certain tendencies in contemporary American liberalism with Chinese-style communism (!). That would be an extraordinary thing for a Hollywood studio to do nowadays.
I have a million questions, all of which boil down to: how did this movie get greenlit? How did this one slip by?

Due out November 24th.

UPDATE: Hey look! More evidence that it won't suck! An LA Times intellectual is scoffing at it!

Did anyone feel that? It felt like the winds changing.

Federal Spending by the Numbers

[direct link]

If you like your health care coverage, you'll be able to keep it*

* unless we think your health care plan sucks.

HOPE you wanted to CHANGE your health care coverage.

From RNS

Something our mother gave us

I had a late-night bitch session with my sister at the local 24 hour diner over many many cups of tea. She just needed to vent about the people in her life, and their confounding personalities. People who do things without even knowing it, people who hurt other people to make themselves feel powerful, people who use people that feel obligated to put up with it.

We just kept coming back to "Why don't these people see what they're doing?" and "Why don't these people just say 'fuck off' and not let it happen to them?"

It is kind of strange to realize that a couple of 20 somethings are more self-aware and mature than middle-aged fathers and family members.

I guess that's one thing our mother gave us; the lesson that your natural reaction is not always the right one.

When we realized that we were subconsciously giving her a pass just because we felt like we were supposed to, we learned to rethink our feelings, and react according to the breadth of our consideration and logic. We saw right through her manipulative words, tone, demeanor, emotion, tears, peas, and right at the truth: she wanted to make us feel bad because she felt bad. She ran us through her 18 year course on manipulative people, and we've learned every trick in the book. Now, I measure the time I spend with my defenses down instead of the time I spend with them up, and my sister considers herself cold and impassive. But it's really just refusing to let anyone else control you by forcing your reaction.

Manipulative people say and do things intentionally to make you think or act a certain way. Even if it's an insignificant result, they do it because it makes them feel powerful. "I made him scared." "I made her feel bad." "I made him do what I wanted him to do." "I have control over how this person feels, and they don't even realize it!"

So don't react.

Because when manipulative people fail to manipulate you, they either try harder, or get frustrated. Either way, they become easy to identify, put into your list of people not to trust, and mentally prepare for in the future.

An unintentional comment made by a non-manipulative person will just be dropped (because they didn't mean for it to cause a reaction), or followed up quickly by an apology (because they didn't think before they spoke).

We also marveled at the thoughtless people who simply acted or reacted automatically, without considering what they were saying, who it would impact, or WHY their immediate reaction was what it was.

Self unaware people who damage their relationships because they don't think logically about their reaction. "Why am I angry about this?" "Is this really the person I should be mad at?" "Why am I about to say this, and how will it affect my loved ones?"

Unfortunately, my sister and I have little tolerance for broken people; people who act or react because they have some subconscious hang-up. It's not technically their fault, because most people don't know they're broken, and at the time, I'm sure the action feels natural and correct. But to lack the consideration to review your action in hindsight? That's not something we put up with for long.

So we surround ourselves with people we can trust, or at least understand. Not reacting, or reacting mechanically has made it easier to process the speech, tone, body language, and general feel of the speaker, and be a better judge of their character and personality. Once we find those people we can trust, we can lower the drawbridge and relax with them without worry. Or short of trust, we can enjoy their company in one capacity, but not others.

We're glad our mother gave us the ability to identify our demons and exorcise them, but it hasn't done a thing for our misanthropy :) Part of being a good judge of motives and character means not being able to ignore the machinations (intentional or not) of the people you are required to deal with. This makes some people intolerable. Even (and usually especially) the ones who manipulate others to be well liked.

Come as you are, and speak your mind freely as often as you can. Life is too short to spend with controlling people, and your happiness is too important to strain it dealing with the thoughtless ones.

Bulldog tidbits

The Ishapore Enfield Bulldog is being finicky, which is to be expected, but part that's part of the fun of these old rifles. I floated the barrel on my 91/59 to increase accuracy, and used some plastic straws to make the trigger pull a little better. I love machines, and I love figuring out creative ways to fix or tweak them.

I spent a few hours trying to figure out what the problem with the extraction was, but only managed to determine what it was not. I checked the adjustment of the rear left mag lip, which was not functioning as the ejector, nor (interestingly enough) was the ejector screw. There is an edge cut into the left side of the receiver that was ejecting. The screw only seemed to make ejection a sixteenth of an inch earlier. Contrary to most guns, working the bolt quickly caused problems, while working it slowly caused no issues. The extractor claw seems to just let go half way through the draw back, and leave the shell loose above the mag, but only when worked quickly.

This is extra strange because the extractor claw is damn strong. I almost feel like it's pushing so hard it's shooting the case off the bolt face once it's out of the chamber. I brought the extractor claw position closer to the center of the bolt face by raising the opposite side of the extractor arm by the tiny amount I could while keeping the opening in line with the screw (which was broken, but somewhat functional).

I got it feeding more reliably from both sides after I was done, but couldn't eliminate the shell dropping problem. I'm going to order a new extractor, spring, and screw just so I can replace them or have spares while troubleshooting. Of course it could just be a problem extracting an unfired round (which I believe I read somewhere), so I'll probably shoot it before I make any changes (other than repairing that extractor screw).

The sear meet up is short, but extremely positive, making for a short heavy pull with lots of overtravel. I'll refrain from tweaking it until I shoot it, because the Enfield No.4's trigger is technically bad, but I shoot it just fine. (though that trigger is much lighter...)

Can't wait to shoot it, and play around with it.

I just stare at it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


UPDATE: Fixed "click for large size" images

After a discussion about someone's Perfect Gun, I started to think about what my Perfect Gun would be.

I love full power cartridges, iron sights, and wood stocks. This meant I liked WW2 rifles. I had some issue with bolt action rifles only because I shoot rifles lefty (cross dominant), but actually found some functions fit lefties better. The Enfield safety is perfect for lefties, the Mosin straight-handled bolt (and any other mauser straight-handled bolt) actually gave more opening leverage left-handed, and the Enfield's bolt handle hanging rear of the receiver was very accessible to lefties.

I started picking bits and pieces of rifles that I would combine into my perfect rifle, and actually came rather close to a rifle currently in existence. The Ishapore SMLE Bulldog.

PRO: It has the weight and balance of an Enfield. It's shortened to make it easier to point and maneuver. It's chambered in 7.62 NATO / .308 Win, which meant no rimlock, and that there would be plenty of surplus available, and that the popular cartridge would remain in production for some time! It would easily take a trigger job to turn it into a snappy two stage. And the mags hold 12 rounds without getting in the way of prone firing.

CON: It has the Enfield stock, which meant a jaw-weld instead of a cheek-weld (difficult to fix without disturbing the lines of the rifle). It has open sights (mojo makes aperture sights for them, but I'd rather see how much a gunsmith will charge to figure out how to install a No.4 ladder sight, or one of these for the sight radius).

All in all, it was a great fit for what I was looking for.

Lucky for me, I found one.
Double lucky for me, it was one of the 3rd party importer rebuilds instead of a bubba'd one.
Triple lucky it was a $150.

Sorry for the cell phone pics, (I'm actually surprised how well they came out) I'll put better ones up when we unpack the camera.

Clicky for full size!

Looooove that profile!

I was not expecting the wood to be this good. It's all matched, and very nice.

They removed the front sling mount point (no real reason for it now!), but left the bayonet lug intact! This shorty needs one of those patented Enfield No.1 sword bayonets! There is a split in the wood on the forward top handguard. It has been repaired with some glue by the previous owner, but I think I might be able to do a bit better.

It came with the sling, which is kind of thin for the proper shooting sling that it is, but I'll have more to say about it once I've tried it out.

The finish is definitely not the usual Brit finish (shitty, cracking oven paint), instead it's much more hearty. It shows some wear on the corners, but just enough for character.

We all want to be that guy.

Sal has a pic wherein he found something more than what most people see.

I've been that guy once or twice. :)

How to Hack a Computer in an Action Movie

I hate this shit even more because it's what I do for a living.

With the exception of The Matrix: Reloaded


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Unbought oil barriers are the new unused Katrina school buses

Maine factory owner begs feds: Why aren't you buying the oil barriers I'm churning out?

Normally the government is good at spending money. Obviously they're only good at wasting it.

I forget who took ownership of this problem recently. Said something like, "the buck stops here?"

Friday, June 04, 2010


Helen Thomas proves she's just as ugly on the inside

[direct link]

Who's in charge of this wretch, and why haven't they saved her from herself by convincing her to bow out gracefully? (or as gracefully as she can at this point)

The worst part? When this retarded elephant in the room that everyone has been doing their best to ignore and tip-toe around dies, the same people who put up with her for years will have to stand in front of cameras and talk about what a great person she was.

Call a spade a spade.

Helen Thomas is a festering boil on our political system who only retains her position because someone would actually have to look at her to ask her to leave.

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For this...

...Penny Arcade wins 10,000 internets.

I lol'd. Heartily.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I may disagree with your douchebaggery, but I'll defend to the death your right to be a douchebag.

Sometimes being a douchebag is a duty.

I must say that I probably would have done the same thing.

Now they want to form a HOA after the fact? Good luck getting him to sign up, douchebags. After that, good luck trying to get him to obey your strongly worded letters.

I think I'd paint it something obnoxious for a few weeks and paint it to something more pleasing to my own eyes. Unless they kept insisting. Then I might do something I don't like just because they don't like it even more. Petty? Nah. I don't think of it as being petty when I'm teaching a lesson.

You remember when you were a kid, and there was that one kid who always got picked on because he always had a big reaction to it? Yeahhh... Guess some of these neighbors either didn't know that kid, or WERE that kid...

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Sometimes you gotta be smart to be so stupid

We got a great deal on a new apartment, and our move-out date was over Memorial Day weekend. Genius! Instead of one day of crazy moving, we'll be able to spread it out to three easier days of moving! And since we saved money on the new place, lets not rent a u-haul, and just use my brother-in-law's truck! I'm so goddamn smart.


Instead of one day of suck, it was stretched out to THREE days of suck! And since we had three days, we were more inclined to take three days! Smaller truck, more trips, etc.

We finished moving in on Monday, and today's the first day since that I've felt human. I just started getting back into a regular sleep/awake/dead/alive pattern.

I don't care how much we saved. Next time I'm hiring fucking movers.


Finished Monster Hunter Vendetta last night, two days after I downloaded it.

The only reason it took that long was because I had just moved for three days, and needed sleep to continue forming correct sentences.

Can't wait for more!

If you listen carefully, you can hear them clank as he walks.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010



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Shame on the residents of Irvine California!

Support your local cops.

I was at Subway ordering when a cop came in. I rarely get these opportunities, so I waited for him to finish his order, and then asked if I could pay for his lunch. He said it was alright, but I insisted, and he gave in. He said he appreciated it and that this was the first time anyone had bought him lunch!

C'mon people! Your local cops are out there every day, dealing with all kinds of bullshit so you don't have to. They don't know what's going to happen when they pull over a car for a broken tail light. It's a hard job with long hours that isn't paid nearly enough for the job they have to do.

Show them some love.

The Onion: White House calls James Cameron, underwater director to stop the oil leak.

Oh fuck. This is real.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so infuriating.

"Mr. President, the Gulf oil leak is getting worse! We need to get on top of this!"
"Let me be clear... It's time for us to get serious on this oil leak. *pound fist on table* GET ME JAMES CAMERON!"

C'mon. Seriously. This is a joke, right?

The 99ers can make my Subway sandwich or move.

In yet another story about how California is going to collapse under the weight of its own stupidity, and reduce to "emerging nation" status, I noticed this;
The latest bill also does nothing for the more than 111,000 Californians who have exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits. has launched a grass roots campaign for the so-called "99ers" to get additional benefits for those who have now fallen off the unemployment rolls after exhausting their 99 weeks.

First of all, WTF 99 WEEKS OF FREE MONEY?!

Second of all, anyone who can't find work is not looking hard enough, or is not looking in the right place.

The goddamn Subway that I go to for lunch has had a "Help Wanted" sign posted for EIGHT UNEMPLOYMENT MILKING MONTHS! My wife lost her retail job last year, and found another one in about ONE MONTH.

I was writing up a little HOWTO on what to do to get from nothing to something, and then I realized it was a goddamn HOWTO for life. Live somewhere, take shitty job, live rough for a while, scrape and scrounge, save up, get a vehicle. Use vehicle to expand job opportunities, or skip vehicle and greyhound it to metropolitan area with lots of public transportation. Get better job. If no better job available, get better scholastic education or trade education, then get better job. Increase standard of living, continue looking for better job.
Repeat until life happens.

These people fail at life.

PS: When one unemployed person exhausts their 99 weeks of unemployment, the state of california ASSumes they must have found a job, and reduces the unemployment* number by one.

* Unemployment number does not reflect discouraged workers, workers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits, workers who are underemployed, workers who do not actively seek employment, or workers who did not seek unemployment.