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Ca non-violent prisoner early release program releasing violent prisoners

AP: Calif. freeing some violent inmates

Gee, who could have thought they'd screw this up? Hmmmm...

Good job to the AP for pulling this info, and running the numbers. I'm sure it wasn't easy to assemble.

The basic premise of this legislation was flawed from the beginning. District attournies plea violent crimes down to lesser ones to get an easy conviction, the legislation only takes into account the most recent violation instead of the history of the prisoner, and it apparently includes a specific list of offenses that are considered "violent" instead of using actual discretion.

According to their data, my county released 278 inmates, 8 percent of which were in jail for crimes including assault, battery, corporal injury to a spouse, inflicting injury on a child, and resisting arrest.

I'm sure these 22 recently incarcerated fellows are out finding jobs, and giving back to the community at this very moment. Let me just put my gun over here... Because I'm going to clean it later... Much later...

The death of the metrosexual and the rise of the retrosexual

ET gives this two thumbs up.

From The Packing Rat

Letterman's shocking interview with tea partier!

Shocking because she's actually representative of the majority of the tea party movement, and not the one slack-jawed mullet-head carrying a sign that says "Nigger Nazi" or something equally horrific. You know, the type the media make a bee-line for as soon as they show up.

Definitely worth your time.

I don't watch Letterman, but found the interview to be largely unbiased. There was a sprinkling of fun-poking, but he's a comedian. So was this a truly square interview, or did someone forget to make sure this tea partier was pants-on-head retarded?

Kudos to Letterman for how he handled the interview.

Some things are all about


The state of California gun shows

Visited the fun show last weekend, and realized that we've come so far in a few short years.

Things you can buy at the gun show;
All parts to make a complete AR, or complete rifles in California configuration. Complete AK clones, and all parts and accessories. Ditto for FALs, AUGs Galils, and any other EBR you can imagine. You will pay the California tax (+10% for no reason), and it will be sold to you in a legal configuration (mag locked or no "evil" features) but you are the one who makes sure it stays in a legal configuration, not the sellers.

You can buy all parts of regular capacity (>10 round) magazines for almost any firearm you can find at the show, and more. You WILL pay a premium, and these parts are not to be assembled into a new working magazine (they're only for replacing worn out magazines you legally own). Because there is no registration or tracking of legally owned regular capacity magazines, there is no way for anyone to know that you've created a new magazine with these parts, so... just... don't. I guess...

Longguns older than 50 years old may be sold by one private party to another cash and carry. This means that if you find a guy with a Garand slung on his back with a sign that says "For Sale," prove your California residency, tell him you're not a prohibited person, and put $800 in his hand, he'll hand you the rifle free and clear. Also, black powder rifles and handguns (that cannot be easily converted centerfire) are not considered firearms, and you can buy them as easily as you would a sandwich. By the way, pp to pp transfers have nothing to do with gun shows, or any kind of loophole within them. They can take place in a Ralphs parking lot. There is no magic at the gun show.

You can buy ballistic vests so long as you indicate you are not a felon, and you can buy as much ammo as your plastic will let you. You can buy AK flats and jigs, but good luck finding any parts kits (those dried up a while ago).

Any transfer of firearms between dealer and private party, or between private parties of a longgun under 50 years old or a handgun must go through an FFL, and undergo a 10 day waiting period. There are many FFLs from many different local areas around the show, doing transfers. 10 day waiting periods are individual to the gun, so if you buy two rifles and one handgun, you can have them all in 10 days. Only one handgun per 30 days may be purchased, but you can stack them. Buying three handguns means you can take home your first in 10 days, then 30 days from the first was DROS'ed the dealer runs DROS on the second, and 10 days later you can pick it up, etc. I know folks who have handguns purchased out to three years.

We still are stuck with the "safe" list, so any handgun sold by a dealer must be on the California safe list, but handguns NOT on the safe list and owned by private parties may be bought and transfered to you. These are usually grandfathered in before the "safe" list, or brought into the state by people moving here. Cops are exempt from the safe list, and can make good money buying off-list guns, and reselling them for a healthy profit. Not sure how the ATF feels about this, but hey.

Most of this progress is due SOLELY to the efforts of the CalGuns Foundation, which started out as little more than a forum of gunnies who got together and brainstormed. The gaps in California's laws were identified, confirmed, and exploited. Even now, CGF has a brilliant lineup of cases waiting to be triggered to effectively nullify "may issue" CCW permitting, prove the "safe" list unconstitutional, and more.

Gunnies all over America frequently express their desire for Kommiefornia to break off, and sink into the ocean. While they complained, California continued to produce stupid gun laws that metastasize to the rest of the country. After Heller, gun owners went on the legal offensive, and California was no different. So if you want to stop bad laws from making it to capitol hill and YourTown USA, why not help fight it before it gains steam? Support CGF in its fight to defeat the laws that so many other states (and districts!) based THEIR laws off of. An ounce of prevention, and all that.

What has YOUR state done for gun rights lately?

If any other Kommiefornians want to add to this post, please feel free to comment!

The way things were, the way things are, and the way they will soon be

Vin Suprynowicz writes about the societal change that has occurred in this country, and how it plays into the passage of the Healthcare "Reform" bill.

I wish I could quote one part that covers most of what you can expect in the article, but it's all so good.

You would do well to read, To Catch A Thief

Hat Tip to DavidWhiteWolf

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quote of the Liberty

Liberty is measured by your ability to say "No." to others.

(individuals, entities, government, groups, parties, and gods)

Just Cause 2 - Just Fun.

[direct link]

The terrorists have won

Welcome to New York

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Guestimation" is hard sometimes.

Especially when your sight is colored by your politics.

Ponzi scheme, Madoff scheme...

Social Security Scheme

I used to think that I wouldn't see a single cent of my social security, and regarded the withholdings from my paycheck as one would money stolen at gunpoint.

But now I've realized that this is likely not the case.

I believe I WILL receive every cent of social security owed to me, but I also believe that by that time, I'll need my entire SS check to buy 5 cans of my favorite cat food.

Danger! High Voltage! - Electric Six


[direct link]

If you couldn't already tell, these are the same guys who brought you Gay Bar.

Unexpected revival

Somehow, this makes sense...


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Command line humor, it's like laughing at a copier manual.

xxxxxx@Aemaeth:~/Desktop/hamachi-$ hamachi-init
Initializing Hamachi configuration (/home/xxxxxx/.hamachi). Please wait ..

generating 2048-bit RSA keypair .. ok
making /home/xxxxxx/.hamachi directory .. ok
saving /home/xxxxxx/.hamachi/ .. ok
saving /home/xxxxxx/.hamachi/client.pri .. ok
saving /home/xxxxxx/.hamachi/state .. ok

Authentication information has been created. Hamachi can now be started with
'hamachi start' command and then brought online with 'hamachi login'.

Cool. Lets get started.
xxxxxx@Aemaeth:~/Desktop/hamachi-$ hamashi start
bash: hamashi: command not found

xxxxxx@Aemaeth:~/Desktop/hamachi-$ hamashi start
bash: hamashi: command not found

Oh, I think I need to be root
xxxxxx@Aemaeth:~/Desktop/hamachi-$ sudo hamashi start
sudo: hamashi: command not found

wtf? OH! It's hamaCHI not hamaSHI.
xxxxxx@Aemaeth:~/Desktop/hamachi-$ hamachi
Hamachi does not seem to be running. Have you run 'hamachi start' ?

There we go. Me and my fast fingers...
xxxxxx@Aemaeth:~/Desktop/hamachi-$ hamachi shart
Hamachi does not seem to be running. Have you run 'hamachi start' ?

wtf?! I just-- LOL


Friday, March 26, 2010

Lisa needs smokes

Maybe it's just Friday, but I laughed for a long time at this one.

Feeling handy

Got my hands dirty a bit ago.

When I got my second car, the first sat outside for months after the battery died. I had ignored it too long, and actually began looking up the things that could go wrong with it. Bad idea. I picked a time to give it some attention, and ascertain its status.

I turned the key to just before starting, and checked the fuel level... Full. Damnit. I had hoped I could add half a tank of gas to mix up the possibly settled old gas, but no dice. I wanted to try a start without draining the tank, so I rocked the car as much as I could in the hopes of getting some mixing action in the gas tank. The tires were very low, but still had a seal, so they would work to make it down the street to the gas station and air compressor. I checked the hoses again for any weathering damage, and tried for a start... VROOOM! Just as strong as when I left it. Go Dodge.

After letting it run for a bit, I slowly drove it to the gas station, and saw a hastily made sign taped to the air compressor, "Broken." A little bit further was the Sears I was going to buy the battery from, It was only half a mile, and one light, so I made a go at it. (like I had any other choice)

As I waited to make a left turn at the light, I noticed the dashboard lights flickering as they got uneven energy without the help of the battery, and realized that given my position, and my intended destination, the car dying at this moment would mean me pushing the car across a large busy intersection, ~500 yards down the street, and up a notable slope into the parking lot. I pushed the thought from my mind as I idled the car a little high until the light changed.

I parked the car on an incline, and bought the new battery. I popped the hood, pulled the connections, and pulled on the battery. It didn't budge. I checked around the battery, and it looked clear, but it wouldn't move. Could it be glued by the factory or something? That wouldn't make sense. I noticed a screw that held a small piece of metal at the base of the battery, but it was at such an angle that it didn't look like it was holding the battery at all. So I thought for a bit, and decided that bolt had to go, mostly because it was my best guess. But all I had were some vicegrips, and the engine jungle of wires and hoses made it impossible to get at it without a ratchet and an extender. Well, I've needed a ratchet set for a while.

I walked from the sears auto center to the main store, and bought a ratchet set and extender set, and was able to replace the battery with no problem. The screw held down a piece of metal that put pressure on a flair at the bottom of the battery body I hadn't noticed before. Pretty solid hold for such a simple system. They were kind enough to let me fill up my tires there, so I was off to the oil change spot where they changed the oil, topped off fluids, and cleaned a layer of crud off the windows, and cobwebs out of the interior. It almost looked normal again.

I am a dangerous man.

Feeling handy for the rest of the day, I lightened the trigger on my 91/59 by placing two short pieces of a plastic straw under the sear/spring/thingy on either side of the screw that holds it there. This makes the trigger just ok, but it'll need some more work before it gets to the level of the M39. While I was at it, I floated the barrel by applying layers of painting tape to the stock where the base of the barrel rests. The barrel now sits loosely within the stock and barrel bands. I have yet to shoot it though, so I'll have no real gauge for improvement. Whatever... HANDY!!!

I then thought for a bit how to repair my paintball pants, which had a hole worn through the kneepad clear to the lining. It's very painful when you slide into a bunker into a position on your knees and stop your knee right on a rock without the benefit of padding. I wandered the house searching for something I could use, and actually found something! The old leather couch had been destroyed and disposed of, but we kept some of the cushions for Ava to chew on and play with. I cut a section out of the leather, and cut a cube out of the first layer of foam. With a bit of fitting, the cube matched the hole in the existing knee padding perfectly, and I somehow managed to get the whole thing under the sewing machine to attach the leather patch and foam cube to the pants securely. I didn't want to cut a hole in the liner for fear of catching it when putting the pants on and tearing it, so I just sewed through the liner too. The results were quite good. The stitching was a little uneven, but secure. I used some "anything" glue to touch up the edges so the patch wouldn't catch and tear off, but the glue was so good I wished I had skipped the sewing and used the glue only, which would have left the liner loose. Oh well, it still works great.

It's not like I built a house or anything, but baby steps for now.

I would totally build a house.

First appeal to their humanity, then appeal to their survival instinct

Flash back to when SNL was still funny

I've already completed and turned in my census, but this way is also acceptable.

I won, but I still feel like a loser it felt fucking good.

Last night I did something I said I'd never do...

I argued in the comment section on youtube.

Over the course of two hours, I issued challenges, retorted, and may have done the unthinkable...

I may have changed some minds.

After a few knowledgeable counters, most of the idiots shut up, and I was left with the CNN watchers, the supposedly informed ones.

One argued in circles until I tripped her on her own logic. She was happy for the mandate because her own grandma was in the "to rich for assistance, too poor to pay for it" section, which is silly because the bill is full of three-sizes-fit-all solutions, and there are plenty of cracks to fall through.

I goaded one with a Nazi/socialist reminder, and was challenged by another with a surprisingly civil, and well toned argument that specifics of the nazi-style socialism was actually less socialist, and more conservative. I argued back that there are many nuanced types of -isms, and that my parallel was rooted in the big government belief of the Nazi's style of socialism, which is the opposite of the small government belief of modern American conservatism. The labels may change, but it's still a powerful, intrusive, big government with the power to do terrible things. He agreed I had a point (!) and thanked me for my civil tone.

I replied to a comment that the Republicans had nothing to add to the debate, and talked about tort reform, selling across state lines, and giving the tax breaks businesses get for insurance to individuals. All these ideas were presented for months leading up to the bill, while Obama called for ideas and bipartisanship. None made it into the bill. He commented that I had him reading the bill now (!), and agreed that those were good ideas, but thought it might be too confusing for people to grasp. I told him that we had to agree to disagree at this point, because I trust people to make the right decisions for themselves and to learn from their mistakes when they screw up, while other people believe that people are stupid and need someone who says they're really smart to make three-sizes-fit-all solutions that apply to everyone. He agreed that most middle class people knew how to shop around, and spend their money, but agreed that we disagreed. We chatted informally about the credit market after that.

Short argument about how this bill doesn't change how healthcare is delivered, only that it promises it to everyone. That was a short argument. He shut up quickly.

One responded to another argument I had made that the bill couldn't tell insurance companies how to run, and after a bit of arguing, he replied that he was looking for my claims in the bill, and would tell me why they were wrong. I told him I'd be waiting. No reply since yesterday.

One self-righteous commenter said there was no minimumm level of care requirement, and people with simple catastrophic coverage could keep it. He smugly asked me to provide proof of my claim. I was frustrated at the time, and asked him simply, "Are you, or are you not aware there is a minimum level of coverage imposed on everyone?" He told me I was answering questions with questions, and was deflecting. To which I replied,
Oh jesus. You told me I have to back up my statements with facts, I asked you if you were aware that there was minimum requirement for health coverage in the bill. You might as well have asked me to prove the sky was blue. If you were even remotely educated about the facts of this debate, you'd know that Obama fought for a minimum requirement specifically. You don't know jack, and asking me to look it up for you proves it.

He continued haranguing me as I half-ignored half-researched. I couldn't find the page that referenced the minimum level of care because it wasn't called "minimum level of care." Just when I was about to give up, I found a good site that referenced the specific pages and sections of the bill. I returned to the comments, which had gained some steam as they ganged up on me for apparently retreating from the challenge, and I posted the page number, section number, section title, and letter of the requirements, and listed a few with the obvious implications.

Then it was quiet.

I had been at it, off and on, for two hours, and during that time the arguments and bickering kept a pretty healthy pace. But now... Nothing.

I waited a few minutes, and since it was still quiet, I posted my last comment for the night.
Gee, it got awful fucking quiet in here. Kind of hard to argue with the bill itself, eh?

Fucking read it you useful idiots. It has all kinds of nasty shit that you'd freak out about if Bush did it. News flash, power switches back and forth in America, and eventually a Republican will be able to tell you what to buy, and how to buy it, or they'll throw you in jail.

See you guys in November.

To quote Larry Elder, "A fact to a toe-tag liberal is like Kryptonite to Superman."

For two hours, I shat all over the high-fiving Obamaphiles with logic and facts. I unhinged faulty logic, pointed and laughed when arguments were countered with namecalling, and smashed every doe-eyed fantasy these twits had about the healthcare bill.

I don't care if it was in the comment section of youtube.

It felt fucking good.

Hey, it DID feel good. I'm changing the title of this post.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quote of importance

But I haven't any intention of losing the Democratic majority, it's too important to the country; it's too important to the lives of the American people. We are there for them.
~Nancy Pelosi

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What good is a law if no one will enforce it?

And how will you send people to jail if juries won't convict?

Jury nullification is the last recourse of citizens against an unjust law.

Open jury nullification in California (and likely in other states) will raise the ire of the judge, who has the power to find you in contempt of court. So whatever you do, don't vote 'not guilty' because you think it shouldn't be a law. However, if you vote 'not guilty' because you truly believe, despite the evidence to the contrary, he didn't do it, well then you can only be faulted for being a fool.

Being pushy

I'd been looking for a knife to fill a specific niche; the nasty backup.

The nasty backup is something you might carry in a questionable area (or all the time if you please) that will stay on your body, be easy to use in compromising positions, and give you enough time to escape.

Enter the Cold Steel Urban Pal, commonly available for under $20!

Small enough to be hidden easily in a boot, waistband, or on a chain around the neck. The grip is a bit thick, but that is not really negotiable for a knife such as this. It's still small enough to pass a cursory pat down. The sheath has a very good friction hold on the blade, and the holes around the edges mean you can tie, clip, or pin this wherever you want.

Ready to be pulled out in a hairy situation to turn the tables on attackers for long enough to get away.

Here are some swipes at a leather couch.

Very unlikely to be lethal, but one of these across a chest, or down an arm will probably make an attacker think twice before continuing the assault. A strike at the forehead would have no chance of incapacitating an attacker, but the tremendous amount of blood that pours from a head wound would easily blind. The beauty of the push dagger is that it doesn't require any special training to use effectively. Training can always improve, but it's pretty hard to fuck up with one. You have been using your hands all your life, and it's easy to put your fist wherever you want without having to worry about weapon retention or injuring yourself.

An edged/puncture weapon is a force multiplier in any hand-to-hand fight. Punches to non-vital areas would normally have little effect, but with the urban pal you're bringing the surprise of pain where there should have been none, and the sight of blood to an attacker who is not used to seeing his own spilled. Take advantage of the surprise, confusion, and maybe even fear, to make your escape.

The Cold Steel Urban Pal is technically a fixed blade, and some states have laws regarding push daggers specifically, so be sure to check your local laws to make sure preparedness doesn't get you tossed in jail.

Clearly wrong when applied to cars, but applied to people it's somehow TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND UNCONSCIONABLE!

clicky for full comic

A beautiful morning


Saw this hilarious ad this morning...

DAY-UM! You see that shizznit?! You be rollin' up in that PO-PO LAMBO! Dey got dey hats on all backwerdz 'n shit! Fingerless gloves is badass! You gonna shoot dem vietnam-era m16s all up they bidness! Dey don't put dey logo all straight 'n shit! That mudda-fukka has a 10 degree tilt like yo Glock!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Those three boxes

Zercool cheats on his way to the last box.

I for one welcome our new Democrat overlords.

First of all, let me say that this "health care" bill was pure genius.

You already knew there were several pitfalls in tax-payer funded abortion, and the single-payer system so you took care of the first with back room deals, and the second by building a situation in which there MUST be a government-backed single payer system! The bit about requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions turns the whole idea of insurance on its head! Who on Earth would think they could crash their car, sign up for insurance, and make them pay for it? But in the context of health insurance, it sounds horrible to suggest otherwise! Inspirational!

The bill was perfectly crafted to destroy insurance company profitability to the point that they would have to cast off droves of people, and those who could stay on their coverage would suffer necessarily increased premiums, and severely degraded coverage. You've created conditions that will prove your originally incorrect point to be true! Staggering!

Of course, all this takes place while acting under the guise of making the insurance companies better. The 80% of people who actually like their insurance coverage right now will flip to 80% who hate their coverage! They'll ask-- no, they'll DEMAND the government be the single payer for health care! The brilliance astounds a humble blogger such as myself!

Because the funding was an issue, you intentionally fed the CBO specific requests so the results would be favorable. Then, you silenced detractors by claiming it will be paid for entirely by the rich! Of course, you already know that the rich are rich for a reason, and that they will find a way to avoid these tax increases, but that was your intention all along! Because the big money is in the middle class! So you promise the rich will fund it, then by the time they figure ways around the taxes, people will have no choice but to accept middle class tax increases!

Only these wise Democrats could have had the foresight to include provisions to add 15,000 new IRS agents to deal with the tax impositions on businesses. It will be your own private army of fund collectors! There's no way businesses can comprehend this expansive bill, but they will surely understand the penalties and costs after your agents get through with them! The added expense will force them to cut wages, and lay off employees, making even MORE uninsured people to prove your point!

When the history books are written, they will be about how the Obama administration fought valiantly against the evil insurance companies to bring health care to the masses! They will write about how the insurance companies fought against the change by viciously dropping coverage for the sick and poor while raising rates dramatically in a desperate bid to twist the arm of the defenseless public to fight on their behalf. But the books will also show your eventual victory over the dastardly insurance companies, and that you were so kind as to create a government option for health care that had such amazing service, all private insurers simply shut their doors. Your benevolent reign will be permanently secure in history.

But it can not end there! Once you control the health and well-being of the people, you can use denial of care to destroy your opponents! Who can rise against you if they are too weak or sickly to fight? Dissidents will be denied coverage, and fruitlessly appeal through a bureaucratic maze of paperwork and judgment committees! All who oppose you will fall in line, or die.

It is because of this that I know that you will be our last elected president. How could minds so bright as to develop this flawless strategy leave such a silly thing as an election to chance?

So now, for the first time, I hail you as you will soon be remembered;

All hail Emperor Obama!

Quote of the health care "reform"

Walk tall.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I learn nothing.

I started up a new Nethack character because I hadn't played in a while.

Heidi the Valkyrie started on a new moon, which is bad luck, but I was willing to try my chances.

I lucked out with a first level altar. Though it wasn't of my alignment, I could still use it to identify cursed/blessed status. I found a cloak that Tim, my dog, thought was safe to try on. It was a freakin' cloak of displacement! I was VERY lucky! I pressed on, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Even more good luck when the second level had a fully stocked potion shop. I quickly priced everything, and put the stuff I wanted Tim to steal near the door. I distracted the shopkeep while Tim managed to sneak a few potions out. They helped a little, but I didn't get the djinni I was hoping for.

I returned to the altar to do some more identifying, and figured I'd try my luck at a conversion. The first attempt failed, and I didn't want to be on Tyr's bad side, so I stuck around until I got another chance, which succeeded! Woot! Co-aligned altar on the first level with a nearby chest for storage!

On the next level, I find a small dog. I check my inventory for tripe, but have none, so I see if he'll eat a food ration. He does, and I name him Jim. On the next level down, Jim wanders into a level teleport trap, and disappears to parts unknown. Damnit Jim! I soon find a ring of warning, and things are looking a bit better.

Further down I find a sink, a good place to look for a ring. I decide to take my chances with disturbing it, and kick it repeatedly. An incubus is summoned, but merely teleports away. Further kicking resulted in a black pudding oozing up from the drain. The black pudding is pretty tough for my level, but it's slow. I lead it next to Tim to see if he wants to step in, but he wisely stays out of it. I dance around, staying just out of its corrosive reach, while trying to kick the ring out of the sink. After a bit of this ballet, a ring appears! Except it the same freakin' ring I already have! What are the chances! Now I have a black pudding on the loose, and nothing to show for it. I retreat back to the altar.

I pick up a few items on the way which I identify at the altar, and manage to find some cursed boots that I bless so I can wear. The boots were -1, so they didn't affect my armor class at all since I wasn't wearing anything on my feet before them, but covering your body matters in Nethack.

I luck out with some good monsters to sacrifice, and Tyr gives me Mjollnir way freakin' earlier than I ever expected to get it! I'm pretty sure it's also corrosion resistant, so I should be able to show the black pudding who's boss! I fight my way back down to the sink level, keeping Tim far away from the level teleport trap as we pass it. I had hoped to see Jim by now, but I guess he's on a level under the black pudding.

I corner the black pudding and start beating it with Mjollnir. It has the bonus of not being an edged weapon, because edged weapons increase the chance of the pudding dividing. I hoped to end it quickly, but the pudding divided an amazing FIVE times before I realized I wasn't doing enough damage to kill it. I just quintupled my problems. Genius. But Tim came to the rescue! Apparently he had been doing more fighting than I had noticed, because he was ready to take them on now! He made short work of them, and we explored the rest of the level.

A few levels down we found a freakin' co-aligned altar! For starting on a new moon, I've been awfully lucky! The next level down was a bones level, which is both lucky, and unlucky. A bones level is the save of a level on which a character died previously. The lucky thing is that there is usually good gear on the corpses, the unlucky thing is that whatever took the character out last time is still around. I searched cautiously, and was surprised to find it was a double-bones level! I had died on it once before, found it as a new character only to die on it again, then found it this time. One of my previous characters had turned to stone, and I lacked a pick to free the items within the statue, but the other had plenty of goodies. With luck, some of which weren't cursed.

I check out a nearly empty shop on the same level, and pick up some new potions for testing. I get Tim nearby in case I get incapacitated, and quaff one of the potions. It's alcohol, and I remember that my stats take a hit for a while, but forget that I become confused. I take a step in the wrong direction, and accidentally attack Tim! With the power of Mjollnir, he died on the first blow. Goddamnit. I check all my wands on him to see if one is undead turning, but no luck. Poor Tim.

I'm more cautious now, without Tim's backup, I need to make sure I don't get myself in to a hairy situation. I find a kitten, which gladly joins me after some tripe. I name him Tim II, but he dies in the next room to a dwarf lord. Maybe I should just stop playing...

I return to the altar to reconcile with Tyr. He's probably pretty pissed about me murdering poor Timmy. After a few sacrifices, a counter-aligned unicorn shows up! After a bit of chasing, I take him down, and sacrifice him to Tyr for extra bonus reconciliation points! He gives me Werebane, which is really only great when fighting werewolves, which aren't much of a worry for me with Mjollnir. I put Werebane in my storage box in the altar room, and forget about it. I review the cursed inventory of my fallen character, and realize that I wouldn't have worn an amulet that was bad... In fact, I think there's a pretty good chance the amulet is a good one... I put it on while standing on the altar, just in case it's the cursed amulet of choking. It's the amulet of ESP! It's still cursed from being taken from a dead character, but it's not like I'll want to take it off any time soon! I decide to try for an uncursing, and take my chances by putting on a few cursed rings and pray to Tyr. He uncurses my ESP amulet. You know, the one I didn't want to take off anyways? Sigh. I suddenly teleport to another area. And one of the cursed rings I'm wearing is teleport. Fantastic.

Further down I am reunited with Jim! He doesn't remember me, of course, but he sure remembers the food I give him! He joins me happily, and I hope I can keep him alive until he grows into a large dog. Another level down I run into a werewolf that the Random Nethack God seems to have a soft spot for. I can't hit him at all. He gets a bite in before I can dispatch him, and I know I'm infected. I could pray to cure it, but I'm not sure when I last prayed, and I don't want to piss Tyr off, so I hope I can make it back to the altar to sacrifice a few more so Tyr will be more willing to help me out. I don't make it.

I turn into a wolf, bursting through my armor, and destroying my awesome cloak of displacement! I'm overburdened, and can't wield any weapons! I rest a bit from the transformation, and summon some wolves to my aid. At least I'll have some protection in my vulnerable state. I slowly make it back to the altar, stopping to summon more wolves (and one timber wolf!) whenever I can, but it's slow going with what became an enormous pack of wolves, and the teleportation that plagued me (wolves can still wear rings, apparently). I get an idea to get Werebane to see if it will purify me, but it only blasts me with energy, which I guess makes sense, since I'm a werewolf... I teleport again, away from the safety of the pack, and barely make it back. I have to pray. I'll take my chances.

Luckily, it wasn't too soon for Tyr, and he cured me of my lycantropy. Now I have an army of wolves following me around. I gotta find a polymorph trap or wand somewhere... I adjust my pack for exploration travel, and decide to bring Werebane with me this time.

I find a small general store full of food, which I quickly buy regardless of price. The rings I can't remove and useful amulet make me burn calories faster, so I need it more than I need the gold. Teleportation is wearing on my nerves. I get desperate and try to use a fountain to remove the rings. All the sacrificing gave me enough luck to avoid all the nasty possibilities of fountain use, but I still couldn't get the rings off. I wander back up, looking for a fountain (I should have kept better notes), and happen upon a sleeping nymph! I quickly separate myself from my pets, and take off everything I can, down to the two cursed rings. I slap the nymph awake, who dutifully steals something from me, and teleports away. She takes one of the cursed rings from me, and I get dressed and wait to find out if it was the teleport ring... I soon teleport into a nasty room, and fight my way out. As my wolves come to reunite with me, my ESP amulet shows me their encounter with the nymph, who falls quickly to my pets. Damnit.

My pack of wolves is becoming a chore to manage. They're alway wandering off, keeping away from me when I want to go down stairs, and staying too close to me when I go back up stairs to bring more down. I start to get very hungry before I can safely pray to Tyr to fill my belly. The pack of wolves is eating up everything in sight, and not leaving a thing for me. I scavenge for food and run into a freakin' mumak! It charges me immediately, and I take several very serious hits. It gets me from 103 hit points to 6 far to quickly. Without my displacement, I'm stuck dancing around, dodging through the pack. The pack is also aware that I've made a mistake, and aside from the occasional passing swipe or bite at the mumak, fails to dog-pile (as it were) when I need it most. The mumak ignores the lightly attacking wolves for many turns, trying only to finish me off, but I barely make it away long enough for it to turn on the wolves. Then the massacre began.

Every wolf strong enough to pick a fight with the mumak was obliterated in a few short turns, but I knew the mumak had to be weakening. Down to only a few wolves and Jim, the mumak turned back to me. I checked my inventory for something to bring down a mumak, and found a wand of magic missile I had forgotten about. I didn't have a good angle on the mumak, and didn't want to kill myself on a ricochet, or injure any of my wolves or poor Jim. I danced around the small room, trying to get a shot while trying to avoid the mumak's tusks. I hit the mumak three times before my wand sputtered empty. The mumak bearing down on me, I stubbornly believed it had to be near death. I put on the ring of plus damage I had taken off when I started to get hungry, and took one last swing at the mumak.

It fell right there. I was alive, still starving, but alive. One of my wolves jumped on the corpse and ate it before I could do anything. So there I was, surrounded by my dead wolves, starving to death. I did the only thing I could. I ate my pets' corpses. Tyr wasn't going to like it, but he'd soften up after a few sacrifices. But still... Goddamnit.

I returned to the altar to identify the status of some new equipment, then headed to the general store to see how much the shopkeep would give me for some of my unidentified scrolls. One of them was very expensive, even though it was cursed, so I held on to it, and returned to the altar for some safe reading. I got rid of everything that could burn in case of a scroll of fire, and read the expensive cursed scroll. It was a scroll of genocide! Good thing I found out it was cursed first, that could have been bad. I think a bit about what monster I want sent in, and get a great idea! I ask it to genocide all tengu because I know the cursed genocide scrolls teleport those creatures in instead of killing them all, and I can use the tengu for some thing useful.

Several tengu appear, and I annoy Tyr yet again by attacking a peaceful creature, and quickly scarfing down the corpse. I get lucky on the first try and get teleport control! Tengu teleport at will, and eating their corpses gives you a chance to get teleport control, or teleportitis. I just got lucky. FINALLY I can stop dealing with this teleport bullshit!

I spot a nymph nearby but the wolves get to her before I can get her to steal my cursed ring of teleportation. I start altar camping, and sacrificing anything that comes close enough for me to drag to the altar to get back in Tyr's good graces. I after a bit of a dry spell, a gaggle of chickatrices appear, and I get greedy. I quickly chase them down, but they refuse to leave corpses! I kill the last one, and it leave a corpse, and the wolves don't immediately eat it! Score!

I bend down to pick it up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I turn to stone.

Making yet another pretty statue of one of my characters.

I need to make gloves a priority. There were some cursed gloves on my dead character, but I didn't put them on. Obviously the negative hit of the cursed gloves would have been preferable to turning to stone.

I lean nothing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to stop parents from buying mature games for their underage kids

Wish I could have thought of this back when I was working at the game store.

FerFAL needs your help

All he needs is an e-mail.

Here's my e-mail;
I recommend coast to coast interviews Fernando Aguirre. He lived
through the economic crisis in Argentina, and has actual experience
with surviving in a country in turmoil. I have read many survival
blogs and books, and have found Fernando's site to be very different
in a way I can only attribute to actual experience. I think an
interview with him would make people realize that an economic collapse
might be very different from how the usual survival pundits describe

His book can be found at:
His website is:

Fernando Aguirre’s email: [his e-mail]

Keep up the good work,

Why dream up monsters when we have these in reality?

If you see the following monster crossing the street...

Do not brake. ACCELERATE.

Daily Mail: Lucky to be alive: The bunny torched in his hutch by drunk woman during family argument
WARNING: Story includes a photo of the burned rabbit.

I have a rabbit, and were I in that situation, I can only say it would have ended differently.

Cure to the runaway prius problem

Don't be a retard.

From Derek

Also, lol!

The only secure borders democrats are in favor of


From RedPlanetCartoons

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Double standards in gun laws

No matter your stance on any given political issue, any honest person must agree that double standards are bullshit.

If you can take a situation as it applies to something you do not like, apply it to something you DO like and become upset with the result, then congratulations; you're full of shit.

Joe talks about why gun owners are angry, and includes maddeningly accurate examples of double standards.
What if their name were "The Brady Campaign to Prevent Slander" and they demanded free expression and speech be restricted to your own home, registration of anyone that wanted to exercise free speech--in their own homes, and you must submit to frequent police inspections of your home?

Seriously guys?

I work in an office, so every once in a while there are donuts in the break room.

I guess I can understand cutting a donut in half, and only eating half, but lately, I've seen donuts that have a quarter cut out of them!

Today there are bagels, and one has an EIGHTH cut out of it!

Who are you fooling?



From Sal via IRC

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Whole movie on Google Video.

Ain't the internet awesome?

Obamacare reconciliation: "This has never happened before!"

Ryan continues to explain why the GOP is saying what it has been saying in an easy and understandable manner. I gotta send this guy money.

From HotAir

Rigid Rainbows

Got a new pair of Rainbows, after being reminded of the lack of support in my favorite Quicksilver sandals.

I knew they were supposed to be tough to break in, but I had absolutely no idea it would be this tough. I wore them for 1.5 days, and was in a poor mood the entire time because my feet fucking hurt.

I read a few sites about breaking them in, so I wore them in the shower this morning, and around the house as I got ready. I plan to do this until the weekend, and see how they are after that.

Keepin' my toes crossed.


Vintage earworm.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

RedLetterMedia Avatar Review

I love this guy's reviews.
For all the time and money spent to make this movie in 3D, the story and characters were still stuck in one dimension.

[direct link]

Part 2

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fuck you, Billy Mitchell

AND your hot sauce.

UPI: New York man sets 'Donkey Kong' record

We're from the Government-- *CHA-CHINK* We're here to educate you!

Why does the Department of Education need shotguns?

More specifically... Why does it need 27 shotguns?

27 sounds like either too many (like, 27 too many), or too few (like, several hundred too few).

So, wtfm8?

Hat tip to Alan, via IRC

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

To Catch a Thief - Lovage

[direct link]

Legislators looking to charge internet-using jurors with a crime

Fox News: Courts Cracking Down on Texting Jurors
"Such use," the judge noted, "has resulted in mistrials, exclusion of jurors, and imposition of fines."
A California legislator last month introduced a bill that would charge wayward jurors with a crime.

Soon jury duty will start with an abduction, and isolation for the duration of the trial. Can't have them talking right? We have to stop them! We have to hold them against their will until they've done their civic duty!

Strangers on a Train - Nathaniel Merriweather

[direct link]

pardon me sir
is this seat taken
i overheard you say
not stirred but shaken
and i could really throw one back

such a thirst doesn't always permit
forward tact
so, if you would sir
pardon me
a stiff one is my specialty

strangers on a train
strangers on a train

oh, you're very charming Sir
now here's to you
i don't want to know your name
or what you do
i know, here's to strangers on a train
strangers on a train

oh, i think we're going faster
from the mount to the pasture
just look at that scenery
it's lovely
it's lovely

i really like to ride the train
especially when i forget where i'm going
i really like the way it feels
the motion of the wheels

as the raging sparks are flying
from the wounded rails still crying
battling the scenery
it's lovely, it's lovely
it's lovely, it's lovely

i really like to ride the train
especially when i forget where i'm going
i really like the way it feels
the motion of the wheels

mountain, meadow
oh, i.. i'd better go
this is my station, you know
i've had a lovely time
oh the pleasure's mine
all mine

Monday, March 08, 2010

Forget the Golden Horde...

SurvivalBlog: Confronting Kleptocracy--Identifying The Looter Mentality
The greatest threat we someday face might not be unprepared masses from the inner cities. No, it might be overweight armchair commandos from the suburbs, who's only preparations were buying a set of camo fatigues and an AR-15. That is a nightmare just waiting to happen.

While the Christian overtones do not exactly apply to all, suggesting a flat denial is a bit narrow. What if these same heavily prepared Christians were heavily hit by a flood/tornado/looting/fire, and lost all preps except for a loaded revolver? To say that you would let your children starve to death before you took a metaphorical pie from a window sill is a denial of every natural instinct we have, and foolish.

Certainly the pie from the window sill is a bit different than icing a 45 year old father of two, but now is the time to start thinking about your limits. People lose it when they have to deal with something unforeseeable too quickly, so start trying to foresee things while you can. Backups for your backups are not a bad idea either. Maybe you help your nearby friend or family member with their preps with an understanding that you will help each other out if something terrible happens.

But that complaint is just a small part of a very solid post, which definitely raises some interesting points, and is worth your time.

Quote of the spending liberals

This is why you don't let liberals spend money. They're no good at it.

Found it at the beginning of a series of posts, all three are short and worth your time.

Forming organizations to help people; it's what elitists do instead of actually helping.

It's racist to ask your ethnicity, unless you're the government

What's your race?


Everyday, no days off

I recently found the Everyday, no days off gun blog, and enjoyed it so much, I wound up going through the archives all the way to the beginning.

It has been added to the non-blogroll blogroll, and I strongly recommend you check it out.

Also, this, this, this, this, this, and this.

Top 10 worst things about Battlefield Bad Company 2 online

10. Failure to exhibit intelligence involving kits. (swap kits back and forth to drop med/ammo packs or revive teammates after a battle)
9. Assault players/medics who don't throw ammo packs/med packs.
8. Shitty tank drivers on your team, skilled ones on the other.
7. Shitty helicopter pilots on your team, skilled ones on the other. (the latter of which can end a game in minutes. Way to go, DICE.)
6. Lack of communication between squad members.
5. No team balance. Ever. (2 vs 10? Don't be a pussy.)
4. Griefers. (Seriously? You have nothing better to do?)
3. Team-killing over UAVs. (this is why we can't have nice things)
2. Fixed spawning (IE: insta-death)

And the number one worst thing about playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online is...

1. Your squad, and quite possibly team, consists entirely of snipers. ALWAYS.

That's right, neither rain, nor sleet, nor attacking, nor defending, nor game play, nor situation, nor map, nor lack of visibility in game, nor complete and utter failure on your team's part will prevent the L33t snyp3rz from being snipers. So don't even try. It wouldn't be so bad if they actually played recon; moving forward, spotting targets, planting tracer darts on vehicles, planting C4 on popular roadways to destroy enemy vehicles, calling in mortar strikes on high value targets. You know, useful things? Instead they sit in one spot, even if the field has moved forward TWICE, and do nothing but shoot at, and get killed by, the other team's snipers. Sucking up respawns, and contributing little. I think the reason you can only talk to your squad, and you can't talk to your entire team (even in the lobby) is to prevent the people who are actually playing the game as intended from verbally berating their entire team for the idiocy displayed in gameplay.

There was 45 minutes-- FOURTY FIVE MINUTES-- where I played the game like it was supposed to be played. My squad wasn't full of snipers, and I made a comment, and my squadmates responded! We worked together, reporting enemy positions, spawning on eachother with support classes that were needed, and planning movements! We played the game as it was intended, and we won both times, and got the best squad award both times. It was awesome. I get the feeling BFBC2 will get better once all the Modern Warfare deathmatchers get tired of the game.

Also, this

Ca state worker furlough days costing more money that they save

Because employees are apparently allowed to take as much overtime as they can.

LA Times: Overtime pay may be putting a dent in state's furlough savings

State prison nurse makes $270,000.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Top 10 things to do while EA's servers are down

10. Read War an Peace.
9. Learn Japanese.
8. Vent on twitter.
7. Play the game you played BEFORE you owned the EA piece of trash. (Hopefully the last game wasn't an EA game too)
6. Septuple-check your internet connection.
5. Press "Retry" until the batteries in your controller run out.
4. Try to find EA's headquarters address, only to discover it is a tightly kept secret for some reason.
3. Make sign that says, "The end of EA is nigh" and stand outside your local game shop.
2. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, repeat.

And the number one thing to do while EA's servers are down is...


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Every civilization is three meals away from anarchy

Yours too.
"First they looted food stores, then supermarkets looking for anything, and now they started with the houses. Today, life isn’t worth anything here. What the earthquake hasn't destroyed, this has".

How's that disaster kit looking?

Remember, you can't eat gold, nor can you drink ammunition and guns.

The only use of eminent domain I support

Rock on, Utah.

'Time to make a decision'? What debate have you been watching?

Fox News: Obama: 'Time to Make a Decision' on Health Care Reform

Who exactly do you think you're talking to?

Acting as though the American people haven't made their decision threateningly obvious will not confuse them into supporting you.

Are you trying to confuse the Dems who are already afraid for their seats?

I think the only person you're kidding is yourself.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

4.5 SWAT raids per day in ONE COUNTY in MD

Maryland's SWAT transparency bill produces its first disturbing results
ONE COUNTY in Maryland discovers the excessive use of SWAT on non-violent and consentual offenses.
That means more than 100 times last year Prince George's County brought state-sanctioned violence to confront people suspected of nonviolent crimes. And that's just one county in Maryland.

Hey, you gotta justify those big budgets for all that sweet kit, and top-of-the-line training right?

A related post by Marko;
Playing SEALs and robbers

Monday, March 01, 2010

Ahh, the simple enjoyment...

... of dusting off the ipod, setting it on shuffle, and just listening until the battery runs out.