Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I lol'd

Alternate Names for the "Repealing The Job Killing Health Care Law Act"

5) The “We’re Not Going to Grind Gramma Into An Edible but Nutritious Slurry Act”.
4) The “Sarah Was Right; There Really Are Death Panels Act”.
3) The “Dear God in Heaven, What Were We Thinking Act”.
2) The “We’re In Charge, So How Do You Like Us Now Act”.
1) The “Happy Cuddle Puppies Nuzzle Wuzzle Act”.


The new job is looking good

The commute is considerably shorter than I had expected, which is much appreciated.

I still haven't gotten the hang of the "regular people" schedule of 8-5, so I'm tired when I should be awake, and awake when I should be tired.

The company won a few "best place to work" awards, and it's not hard to see why. This place rocks.

The work is demanding, which beats the hell out of the alternative. So far, I've just been training, so I've spent most of my time straining to understand the complexities of a large business production software. The program is frickin' huge, and twice as complex in troubleshooting. I love a challenge.

The mental drain is worse than the physical drain, and it leaves me useless for blogging afterwards, so it might be a while before I return to a normal blogging schedule. I know you're all waiting on bated breath. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

A few things stand out

The congresswoman's survival is nothing short of a miracle. I wonder if that disgusting piece of trash lost his smirk after her found out she survived.

The shooting took 30 seconds and it took 10 minutes for first responders to arrive. Do the math.

Two heroes were forced to tackle this menace while he was trying to reload. It would have been safer for them and everyone else there if they had guns.

The loss of the 9 year old girl is almost beyond grief, but I have to know, do you think the father carries a gun everywhere now?

I pray that there are people out there right now taking a second look at those family members that they've been making excuses for.

And liberals, just as always, struggle to find logic in the illogical.

The nurture part of them is what keeps them from admitting there is evil in this world. Same here. It must be the music. There must be SOME explanation for why this crazy person was crazy.

You know, I can't help but wonder if libs fantasize about murdering those who disagree with them, which is why they're so violent and oppose guns (projection) and when someone goes off like this, they need an explanation for why they haven't gone off the deep end yet. Insecure. Uncertain. Scared.

and if this had happened at a rally of republicans I can't help but think the body count would have been lower


Natalie Portman's uncensored rap (Very NSFW Audio)

1. This is awesome.
2. She looks fucking hot with that short hair.
3. Black Swan is awesome.
4. Darren Aronofsky is awesome.
5. lol snl made a funny, how quaint
6. The end.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ban concealable magazines!

With (foolish) people talking about a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, I must ask WHY?! These low capacity magazines are much more concealable than 30 round magazines, and therefore much more likely to be used in crimes.

We must ban 10 round magazines, and require everyone buy magazines that hold no fewer than 30 rounds.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Light, full power rifles making a comeback

Looks like I'm not the only one who likes light, full power rifles, and it looks like we just got some support from Ruger.

1. It looks awesome, and I hope it'll be available in lefty.
2. It looks awesome, and why on earth wouldn't it have M1A mags?
3. It looks awesome, and why in god's name is the MSRP 1k?!

Can't wait to find out more.

Why it pays to know a bit about guns Part 2

That's not a gun.

Part 1 here.

From Uncle

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy new year!

I'll be starting my new job tomorrow. It's going to be nice returning to the routine.

As I said this to my wife, I stopped just before the word "routine" because it seemed odd to crave routine, but she completed the sentence for me correctly. It seems odd to me, but I guess there isn't really a problem with it.

Since I worked evenings before, and am a bit of a night owl, I'm still trying to adjust to the morning schedule. Getting to work 20 miles away at 8am in rush hour means waking up at 5:45, and I haven't been a morning person for quite some time. But if it turns out the commute and hours are the toughest thing about the job, that'll be just fine with me.

The new job will mean less free time (than unemployment?), but I want to keep the list of things I wanted to do with my free time while unemployed. I'm trying to break them up into smaller tasks to make it easier to make progress, and eventually do them.

Speaking of free time, since I knew I actually had a job, I've actually been able to enjoy my free time. With some unexpected cash, we've been living pretty normally this last week. Seeing movies, playing games, hanging out, drinking with friends, etc.

I had planned trip to the desert after my birthday, at first it looked like it was going to be a big group, then one by one, they were picked off by other engagements, and when we were down to the reliable two who always go, they were pulled away literally at the last hour. So we're pushing it off to some later date. But gathering everything together and trying to decide what to bring and what to leave home made me realize I needed to focus on some of my guns more. So instead of dividing my attention on range trips, I think I'll only pick one gun per trip, and use it exclusively. Top contenders for the next trip are M39 and the SKS. The problem is, I have a to do list for the range, zeroing, testing bullet drop, testing mags or ammo, and technically those things should be a higher priority than getting really good with specific guns. Right? I dunno. Maybe I'm thinking too much about all this.

Oh yeah, ordered that one thing. Can't wait to try it out. But I really just want to get some dirt under my feet, and some trees at my sides

Ever ask someone in a movie theater to be quiet?

Try it today, and you take your life into your hands.

Wow, it's a good thing a cop with a gun showed up to break up the fight before one of the victims was beaten to death.

Oh wait, it was a citizen with a gun that saved their lives?

Then he must have been a fat white redneck small penis racist cowboy. Why would anyone have a gun in their car if they weren't going to threaten gays and shoot people who cut them off? The cops should have arrested that person instead.

Unrelated: We saw Black Swan last night and the cold weather meant I got to dress in thick layers.

Fuck you Arnold. This is a whole new low. You disgust me.

I followed this case pretty closely, and was unsatisfied with what I thought was the end result of the case.

Turns out the murderer's daddy is best buds with the Governator, so the political girly man's last act was to commute the sentence of the murderer* (*plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter). Which, as far as I'm concerned, makes him an accomplice the same way harboring a criminal on the lam would.

Because Esteban Nuñez didn't technically kill anyone (those he personally wounded survived) his family argued that he should only get 7 to 11 years for his part in the murder, despite the fact that the wounds he inflicted on two victims could have easily resulted in death. The judge turned down this request. The Santos family agreed to a plea bargain at 16 years, and said publicly that they were tempted to turn it down and let the case progress normally to what would very likely be a life sentence, but didn't want to have to deal with all the mandatory appeals California has for harsh sentences. So the Santos family took the plea deal to get some justice now rather than live in limbo for for a decade.

Then the Chicken-shit-inator commutes this short sentence to 7 years! Damn, You-disgust-me-inator, why not just commute it entirely! You know he's not going to serve 7 whole years. I suppose you felt like you had to leave a tiny veil of coverage on this naked show of political favoritism. Frankly, I find the veil more offensive than if you had just commuted it entirely. At least then you could say you don't think he deserved it, and should get off with time served. THAT would at least be a position. You only went to seven years because you thought people would be OK with it if he served some time for a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter. This is a truly disgusting display.

But it gets worse, because our legal system allows the Santos family absolutely no recourse in the matter.

What an outrageous slap in the face to the criminal justice system, and a shameless show of political might over moral right.

Go to hell, Arnold.