Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why TV is gonna die

I was watching teevee last night while cleaning and figuring out a way to improve the trigger on my Enfield, and there was a Roseanne marathon on TV Land, which was required watching for me.

As I rode the same ups and downs of the family I grew to love as a kid, I was slightly annoyed that they were airing the marathon out of order. No matter, I didn't really expect much from teevee, so an out of order airing (even on a marathon), was not beyond the realm of possibility. Actually, it was par for the course.

The real problem came after I had watched for more than three hours, when they started repeating episodes.


This is what I can expect from a TV Land, a channel that specifically targets the nostalgic, and hardcore fans? And to do this during a marathon, when those hardcore fans would be even MORE likely to tune in?

I know it's just teevee, but goddamnit, who the fuck is the guy in the meeting that had this conversation--
Executive: Ok, so we're decided. We're going to do a marathon of Roseanne.
Fucktard: But how should we air it?
Executive: What do you mean?
Fucktard: Should we air it in order over the marathon so people can enjoy the overall plot progression through the series, or just pick a random order from a short list of episodes?
Executive: What? Why on Earth would we NOT air it in order?
Fucktard: Because...
-Fucktard takes on a sly look-
Fucktard: That's just what they'd be expecting...
-Executive leans back from the table slowly, deep in thought-
Executive: Of course!

Meh. They'll be gone soon.

Title stolen from Ride Fast, who had a post I though of when I realized how they were airing the series.

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Ride Fast said...

Well, that was fun. I didn't know you linked to me. HooRah!

A lot of stations seem to be doing that now. Play out of order, repeat a few shows all day.

Some just run the same movie over and over all day.