Thursday, June 18, 2009

At least it wasn't diet...

After being sick for two days, I knew I had to bring the thunder today.

It's already been brought'en.

The penis soda motivational poster;

Extenze is one of those penis pills "THAT REALLY WORKS*" that is advertised at 3am on crappy cable channels with hilariously bad informercials. My better half and I laughed about the fact that they had canned drinks with their "special blend" in it, and laughed even harder when they offered the same drink in diet.

I wondered what on earth would possess someone to buy this dubious product, but I wondered just how possessed this same person would have to be to walk around carrying a can of the product.

I dunno. I guess there's nothing wrong with expressing support of a product you use or... enjoy... But still, a little modesty regarding such an issue would be nice.

I'm all for sharing, but there's just some stuff that everyone within visual range does not need to know.

1 comment:

NotClauswitz said...

Maybe you're supposed to punch a hole in the bottom and wear it? :-)