Friday, June 05, 2009

A bad sign for the future of America

I listened to 15 minutes of Hannity on the way in to work today, and actually heard a caller from Orange County (Ca, I think because he said it was heavily conservative) call in to defend the Playboy "Hate Fuck" article, because "they had it coming."


Whether your definition of "Hate Fuck" is having consentual sex with someone you hate, or rape, it was obvious that the definition the caller ascribed to was rape.

The caller was saying it was OK to rape conservative women because "they had it coming."

This crosses a the line from political disagreement to approval of physical attack of political opponents.

Hate is on the rise in America.

Violence is next.

Good fucking luck to all of us. We're going to need it.

The real shame is that liberals don't do their own dirty work, so instead of this caller getting shot when he tried to rape a woman who "had it coming," he will instead sit on a jury, and vote to acquit the rapist who argued that she "had it coming" because of her political beliefs.



Mike said...

"The real shame is that liberals don't do their own dirty work..."

I call them out on it every chance I get, especially on the tax thing. Whenever I hear "but taxing the rich means I can have more stuff", I ask them to go get a gun or a knife, grow some balls and do the robbing themselves.

There's little more cowardly than hiring the local SWAT team to rob someone so that you can have more shit.

They always squirm when I say it, but I've never had one actually face the truth of what they're doing.

Mike said...

By the way, found a cached version of the article:

Ron Russell said...

Liberals, fail to realize that when taxes are raised on the rich and middle classes there is less to pass out to those who refuse to work and are waiting for the handout and not the handup. They leave in a dream-like Utopian world and see things through rose-colored glasses.