Monday, June 01, 2009

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend. A little taxing, but very full.

Went paintballing for the second time in years, and had a great time. I was sure to take lots of pictures, so there should be a meaty paintball post coming up. Yum!

After paintball was a great dinner, then the drive back to hang out with friends, and blessed sleep.

Next day was more COD WaW (oh crap, I haven't posted my WaW post yet), then seeing Terminator (go in expecting nothing, and it's pretty entertaining), and hanging out some more.

Stairs are fun the day after you go paintballing.


Gudis said...

I'm hoping to get some woodsball in up in Wisconsin this coming weekend, it's been too damn long.

Mike said...

"Stairs are fun the day after you go paintballing."

Yeah, if your idea of "fun" is "holy SHIT, I hate gravity!"

Fletch said...

I find it particularly interesting that it takes a step or two before the pain gets to your brain.

The next day my fiancee and I descended the stairs to our apartment, we made it two or three steps, before erupting in surprised moans and grunts of pain simultaneously.

Ack! Erp! Ulk! Erg! Ugh!

davidwhitewolf said...

WaW? Feeling old and clueless here.