Thursday, June 04, 2009

That can't be good...

A while ago there was a stabbing in Ventura. It was particularly baffling because there appeared to be no motive. It was either completely random, or very targeted.

To police, (and to me) it seemed WAY too targeted to be random. Even though they had no proof of it, they operated under the assumption that this couple was targeted for some unknown reason.

Bad news.
Police today were still looking for a knife or weapon used in the fatal stabbing of a 61-year-old woman found in her bedroom Wednesday in the Ventura Keys area.

No confirmed connection, but it was almost 8 miles away from the first stabbing, and the police did not release information about the murder until 20 hours later. The police offered no explanation, but said they wouldn't do it again.

I'm not going to say this is a serial killer, but I am going to say...

That can't be good.

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