Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pictures from Paintball

Lakeside Giant Paintball in Barona, San Diego California.

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The Castle

Western Town

Concrete Thingy Place (I forgot the name)

Of course the field looks very different when you're in cover.

Lots of places for opponents to pop out of.

I spent the last few games photographing the action.

Movement between cover must be fast.

Marker or hand in the air indicates you've been shot out.

The views from playing positions on the field are very different than those looking in from the sidelines.

The ref oversees the game as a player leaves the field.

Spot the danger in the window before he paints you.

Positioning your body so you can snap into a firing position, shoot, and snap back behind cover is important.

Your sides and thighs will quickly get sore if you're doing it right.

Player moves to the next structure, enters, and watches for a target.

Paintball is all about angles. Rather than try to outshoot an opponent behind cover, you should try to flank so your opponent can't use the cover.

"Slicing the pie" and staying back from barriers makes it easier to use cover.

A player closes in on another on the other side of the container, shooting through the window.

He misses, and moves around to bunker the player. Except she moved forward to close on him from behind.

He stops at the corner, looking for her, as she rounds the corner and bunkers him.

Paintball rewards the aggressive.

One player takes advantage of a small opening at the door hinge by shooting through it. Kind of a dick move, but hey.

Look at those trigger fingers.

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