Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple's new motto

There's a running joke with the Mac users in the NOC; whenever they have any problems with their computers, the mantra is; "Stop lying! It 'Just Works!'"

When we need to get tapes or other media from the COLO, the media has to go into the secure office, and the head engineer needs to give you his wallet, so you can use the prox card in the wallet to open the office door.

Today I returned from the COLO with tapes to find the head engineer taking apart his Mac.
Me: What's up?
He: There's a dog hair under the screen, and I'm trying to get to it.
Me: Stop lying, it 'just works'! Now give me your wallet!
He: Here you go.
Me: Hey, wait, isn't that Apple's new motto?


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