Saturday, June 06, 2009

Range Fail

I haven't been to the range in too long, so I had to go today, even if only to shoot the 10/22.

Not wanting to deplete the ammo I'd saved up, I was just going to pay a little more for the range ammo.


The cheapest they had was Remington Viper .22lr for 10 cents a round.

Apparently .22 is even getting hard for the range to keep in stock.

I thought about skipping the trip and returning with my own ammo, but decided against it. I bought the expensive ammo, and a few targets to shoot.

I was annoyed, but I just needed to make some tiny groups offhand at 50 feet, and I'd be back to normal.

Except I couldn't shoot for shit...

I put three dots on the target at 50 feet, and shot 10 rounds at each one, bringing it in after each magazine. Each dot had a four inch group around it. Very little grouping around the center; just shotgun.


I thought about it a bit, and realized that I couldn't possibly be doing that badly, so I put up a fresh target, and put my elbows on the tray to shoot supported. Exact same fucking group.

I thought it could be possible I wasn't getting a good sight picture on the aperture sights, because it can be hard on a small white target on a black background, so I brought the target in to 25 feet, and shot supported at one spot... One huge fucking inch group. Shotgun.

So, fuck Remington Viper.

Expensive and worthless.

I still had a little over half of the 100 rounds left, and I just quit.

Shooting it would be a waste of my time.

I don't go to the range to make flash, noise, and poke indiscriminate holes in paper. I can do that at home with a flashlight, pots and pans, and a pen.

I go to the range to perfect my off-hand shooting position, and beat my previous record for 10 shots offhand 50 feet.

Calipers set to 1/2 inch

So now I have range blue balls.

So I came home and typed this angry message to the internet.



Ride Fast said...

Ten cents a round for .22? Man, I'm in the wrong business.

Anonymous said...


tell us the truth u just wanted a chance to show off ur killer groups. the range fail mis-direction was good though. i know a guy in DC that's hiring good mis-directors.

buck ofama!

lan astaslem!

davidwhitewolf said...

Iron sights or scope? My first thought is that your scope screws were loose.

Fletch said...

Iron sights. I avoid scopes whenever I can.