Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A bit of fun with cryptography

Before you start clicking the clues below, really try to exhaust every angle. Spend some time on it. It'll be much more rewarding to get it without the hints.

For a hint, click here.
For a clue, click here here.
For a BIG clue, click here here.
For a near spoiler, click here here.


aughtSix said...

Curse you! I spent a good long while trying mono- and poly-alphabetic ciphers by hand (stuck on the metro with little else to do), before I gave in and looked at the hints.

aughtSix said...

Why, yes, I would say that I am. Especially since I kept screwing up the order.

Turnabout being fairplay, and all... (and no, it's not a enciphered using a Playfair cipher, with turnabout being the key, although that would be amusing)


Fletch said...

OH GOD! I just spent several hours trying to solve for the WRONG CIPHER. I have NO idea where that other one came from!

I am starting over, but can't promise I'll solve with all the vigor I put forth on the first attempt!

aughtSix said...

Ha! the curse worked! Feel free to ask for hints for cribs or the method used. After all, the enemy knows the system. :)

Fletch said...

I may have to ask for a crib. I may not be ub3r l33t, but I don't think I've got a statistically significant set here...

No matches from the general digraphic idiomorphs so far, and repeating digraphs are different and far apart.

Already tried a solver with obvious keywords (turnabout, aughtsix, ernestthing, playfair, fairplay, password, etc) with no luck.

I AM operating under the assumption of playfair, given the formatting, even letter count, and lack of repeating letters, so if I'm off there, please set me straight or I'll be here for days. :)

aughtSix said...

It's not playfair. How far apart are the repeating blocks? What key length could produce that?

aughtSix said...

Oh, and what solver are you using? I just made my own for Vigenere ciphers (or shift-ciphers, as they're just Vigenere ciphers with key length 1) and frequency analysis of characters and bigrams. But, well, let's just say *user interface* is not my strong suit, and I wouldn't mind one that wasn't such a pain to use.