Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Slow-mo brass shower

I was thumbing through youtube gun videos and found this Glock 18 vid that seemed interesting.

The video started as expected, but at 0:23, it started the slow motion mag dump that completely mesmerized me for the remainder of the video.

My brain shut down as the brass flew off at different angles, spinning helplessly, and all I could think was; "oohhh... shiny..." Until I was broken from my trance as the youtube video recommendations filled the screen.

Look at all that brass fly.

Fucking beautiful.

UPDATE: I think this qualifies for one of Kevin Baker's Moments of Zen.


Fletch said...

I was re-re-rewatching the video, thinking about the music, and it just clicked.

It's the kind of music you'd hear during a skinemax soft-core flick.


davidwhitewolf said...

Looks like Yosemite, which of course it's not, but still, that would be even more cool.