Thursday, June 18, 2009

Palin keeps the smack down classy Sarah Palin accepts Dave Letterman's apology
[Palin] accepted [Letterman's] apology on "behalf of all young women, like my daughters, who hope men who 'joke' about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve."

SMACK! And you just know she said it with a smile on her face.

Sarah, don't listen to those Democrats OR those Republicans. Just run. RUN!

Wait... Palin Cheney 2012? FUCK YEAH!

Vote for two people who don't compromise on principals, and will smack the shit out of detractors and look good doing it.

(though Sarah does need a little practice on that second part)


Fletch said...

Oooh! Even got a campaign slogan!

Palin Cheney 2012
Never before has one vote pissed off so many liberals!

Retardo said...

I don't agree. Letterman's second apology was a genuine apology: He said (accurately) what he'd done, he said it was wrong and he shouldn't have done it, and he said all that in the same venue where he'd caused the offense. It wasn't perfect, but it was acceptable, and much better than anybody expected. He could have stuck with his original pseudo-apology. Most public figures would.

Letterman admitted he was wrong on national TV. The only classy way for Palin to reply to that was to accept the apology and drop it. That is good manners. It's churlish to go on about on the offense after the guy made an acceptable apology.

Good manners involves a sense of proportion. Manners aren't about being right all the time. They're about getting along.

Fletch said...

Retardo, I was fisking your comment, but realized I was only nitpicking.

After a bit of rereading, I do agree with your comment. It was technically boorish to make a backhanded compliment, and frankly, it was probably only done to show that she still had claws after repeated media attempts at declawing. But still, I can't honestly say she acted in a "classy" fashion.

However, there remains the fact that from her perspective, some late night comedian took a sexually charged cheap shot at her 14 year old daughter. That provides some explanation to her actions, and to be frank, a little more permit.

While I concede that issuing an acceptance with the restraint not to take a parting swipe would have been perfectly classy; I can see how that kind of class would have been misconstrued as weakness, which brings politics into question here, and soundly defeats any real talk of honest manners. When discussing manners and politics, it really depends on your side of the aisle. Most people want their opponents to be submissively polite, and their proponents to be aggressively polite.

I don't think, though, that Letterman should be applauded for performing better than "anybody expected" or doing better than "most public figures would." The facts surrounding his final actions; that his show was losing advertising revenue, the first pseudo-apology, and the time between the outrage and the complete apology, just don't cast him in the light of the guileless comedian who just made an innocent mistake.

In my defense (and this may simply be semantics), I did say her smack down was classy, not that her classy response had a smack down. :)

Thanks for the quality of your response! I hope you'll continue to comment here.