Friday, June 06, 2008

Mombie Zeme

It’s Dawn of the Dead. You’re in a mall. You have one weapon, one song, one famous person to fight alongside you. Weapon can be real or fictional, with endless ammo if applicable.

Close range, and unlimited ammo? No question;

The Abomination. Full Auto Saiga-12 AK conversion with drums loaded with alternating 00 buck and slugs...
Made of solid gold.

Music? Gotta agree with Josh on this one;

DragonForce - Revolution DeathSquad

A famous that I'd want with me in a mall being attacked by an endless sea of zombies?

Christian Bale in Equilibrium



some kind of robot said...

Using the Army of Two pimp option I see.

blogagog said...

I have to rent equilibrium again now.

blogagog said...

"No. Not without incident."

Haha, it's on the kid's computer. What a great movie.