Thursday, June 26, 2008

My pinching fingers draw near my nose

Today's momentous decision was brought to us by George Bush's supreme court nominations.

I have previously stated my... reluctance... at "holding my nose" for McCain, but today's 5/4 decision was FAR too close for comfort. I don't care if the supreme court justices McCain appoints (possibly two) are just .01% more conservative. We need to take what we can get, otherwise we could lose big when important cases come up. Kim got me (re)thinking earlier, and I think this clenches it. I'll do my best to make McCain wish he never won, because I'll likely be fighting him on almost everything he tries to do, but it'll be worth it if it results in just one ruling like the one today. Somehow these supreme court justices have more bearing on the direction of the nation than the damn president.

I'm afraid that this coming election I'll do as Uncle recommends;
I’ll hold my nose, get good and hammered, and pull the lever for John McCain.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


Kent McManigal said...

I can't do it, and not just because McCain is anti-gun. He is anti-individual liberty in so many ways and THAT is my line in the sand. I would rather be scorned for "wasting my vote" or for not voting at all, than to hate myself for voting for someone who has not earned my vote, and has repeatedly stabbed me in the back when he got the chance.

Fletch said...

I just don't know, Kent.

I'm just not sure yet.