Thursday, June 26, 2008

Speaking of people who should just die already

Awwww... Dianne "If I could have said Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have" Feinstein is saaaaad...
The decision received a mixed reaction on Capitol Hill. Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said the decision "opens this nation to a dramatic lack of safety."

She then patted her waist, confirming her personal carry handgun was still there, ensuring her safety and self-defense. She then continued,
"I must admit as much as I knew this decision was coming, I was viscerally affected by the decision," she said in a statement. "I remember both Justice Roberts and Justice Alito sitting in front of us and indicating how they would respect stare decisis and precedent - and this decision takes down 70 years of precedent."

70 years? My 150 years of precedent beats your 70 years. Bugger off.
Feinstein added. "And I believe the people of this great country will be less safe because of it."

And I believe your push for gun control has left the blood of rape and murder victims on your hands.

Wonder what she'll say when crime rates start dropping? Probably attribute it to a statistical anomaly.

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