Friday, June 13, 2008

7 days left

UPDATE: It's a MK1, and has strange rifling. It's very slow, and only seems to have two valleys... 5 days left.

What? I didn't mention the Enfield I picked up at the gun show Sunday?

How odd... :)

The FFL is close, so I'm going to go visit it (gunjugal visit), and properly identify it (since I failed to properly develop my enfield education before the purchase (which was too good of a price to pass on)

Now I just gotta find some cheap 303... Wish me luck...

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Mike said...

Recommended reading:

I almost picked up a copy from a friend, but didn't see a need for it, so it's still in Texas, or I'd send it to you.

Shallow rifling grooves you say? That sounds like a Lee-Metford...