Friday, June 20, 2008

Energy saving lightbulbs threaten government

Never before were you more worried that someone might cripple the government by breaking a lightbulb.

How is it we're even a country anymore?


Justin Buist said...

I like his spunk but he could have ended that after noting that Congress shouldn't have the power to mandate what kind of light bulbs we use.

Everything after that wasn't worth much.

Mike said...

I have CFLs in this room, they make white paper look brown. I hate CFLs.

I guess I'm not a good guy who follows the EPA regs. CFLs (yep, burned some out already - they don't last forever like they claim) go in the trash, like a regular bulb. 4 foot sticks go in the trash, but I break them in half so they'll fit in the curbside.

Shit, I'm going to jail now!