Monday, June 16, 2008

Gays can marry

As of now, gays have been able to get married for one hour in California.

As far as I know, no one has married any horses, pet rocks, or chia pets.

Marriage is a legal contract entered by TWO CONSENTING ADULTS. Shut the fuck up about people marrying barnyard animals.

Two 80 year-old chicks women got the ceremonious first marriage license. You know what happened next? NOTHING.

Hey, I've got an idea; lets try to make it illegal for people with red hair to get married! Or perhaps we could pick on some other minority? C'mon people! We live in a democracy! That means the majority can rule over any minority with an iron fist!

No, gentle douchebag, we live in a republic, which means that EVEN minorities *gasp* get representation, and laws that are unjust, but supported by the majority, get smacked down! This also means when the government is in charge of marriage, marriage must conform to fit the will of all citizens. Gay, straight, yellow, green, or dinosaur. (Dino-Americans)

Don't want gays to marry? Take the government out of marriage, and let whatever church (a private organization) do whatever it wants, coupled with a government equivalent of a civil union. Homosexuals can get married by their own churches, heterosexuals can get married by their own churches. Then those who don't agree with homosexual marriage can plug their ears, and pretend their marriage is different from teh ghey marriage. DONE.

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Anonymous said...

I've long argued that getting the state out of the marriage game would be the fairest and most elegant solution to the gay marriage "problem". At least California is doing something right...