Friday, June 13, 2008

More people unwilling to "hold their nose"

Bruce over at No Looking Backwards is quite at the end of his rope at some recent news. An entertaining read, quick, and worth your time. Everything you would expect from Bruce.

As I've stated previously, I will not hold my nose this election, though I will hope McCain wins. (supreme court justices are terrible things)

I want him to win, but I just can't bring myself to actually perform an act of confirmation for him. That's right, your vote is unqualified. There is no checkbox that relates your reluctance.

[ ] McCain
[ ] McCain (under duress)

I'll be "throwing my vote away" this election. I wouldn't even vote for him if he reanimated the corpse of Ronald Reagan for his running mate.

He sets a horrible precedent for the whole party.

Hat Tip to Josh for the link.

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JP said...

here's a good way to look at it.
If your in a swing state, watch the polling and if a few votes may give it to McCain, go ahead and suffer through voting for the Sombitch. If your state is dyed in the wool Red or Blue and McCain will win no matter what, or loose no matter what, write in Fred or Alfred E Newmann or something, or vote for Barr (though he is about as Libertarian as GWB) or some one else of your choice (like there are ANY on this ballot). The goal this election os to make sure ObaMarx does not get into office. This year is certainly not about electing McCain, it is about salvaging something that can be saved from the disaster to come.