Monday, June 30, 2008

"You feel you could be more dangerous!"


At the desert shoot this weekend I began to feel that intangible confidence with a weapon that you can only get with practice. My body felt more acclimated to the act of shooting the AR, and the motions felt much more natural. Methinks I have leveled up!

I need to get back out there so I can shoot up the rest of the wolf ammo I have to get even more used to the action, and the recoil. (felt recoil has been steadily decreasing for me)

IN B4 "what recoil?"


Anonymous said...

"Methinks I have leveled up!"

Oooh, do tell what attributes you'll be spending your XP on!

< sheepish>

I'll go away now. I owe you an email.

< /sheepish>

Mike said...

It's a great feeling when a firearm starts feeling like an extension of self rather than a mere tool that you're using.