Wednesday, June 25, 2008

But think of the supreme court justices!

Everywhere I turn, I keep being told to hold my nose and vote for McCain because,
"Think of the supreme court justices!"

Well... Have you thought about the supreme court justices?

All the republicans who are afraid of Obama keep telling the conservatives to hold their nose, because Obama's justices will be worse than McCain's justices. Really? How much worse exactly? We ARE talking about the guy that almost changed parties in '01. Lets just say I'm not entirely convinced.

But I keep being reassured that things will be different this time, because everyone's on his back now, and he has to change his old ways. While I don't know anything about predicting the future, I do know that you can get a pretty good guess by looking at the past. McCain's past does not lend him to following conservative values. In fact, most of his past doesn't even show him leaning toward conservative values. But maybe he'll change this time, right? A politician would never go back on his promise.

"Think of the supreme court justices" is not a very convincing argument. Quit chanting it. I don't even think I can continue to want McCain to win (though I wouldn't have voted for him). For now, I say, give the people what they want. Let them have their socialism, and when they realize that the government makes a horrible mommy, daddy, nanny, friend, and guardian, maybe they'll learn.

Hearts and minds of the masses need to be changed, not the president.

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