Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I decided a long time ago that this blog would not be totally serious.

The way I see it; you've got the choice to have a serious blog, where everything you publish is jewel-encrusted gold; or you have a relaxed blog, where what you publish is more light-hearted, and fun. I was hoping to go somewhere in the middle. Actually, you can also have a linky-no-thinky blog, which is fine (Uncle is my number 1 must-read).

However, lately there has been more fun than jewel-encrusted gold (ok, so maybe polished brass). I've got 10 drafts that I would feel bad about abandoning, but I just haven't been able to sit down and work on them. (Plus TWD is fun to write)

Not feeling it. You know?

I'm going to force myself to finish them, so I can continue to maintain the standard of excellence many readers have come to expect from this blag.



...I guess.

If I feel like it.

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