Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eternal vigilance

Cautionary Tales: Home Invasions

Other than that, it is just a matter of keeping your home defense firearm and a charged cell phone with you wherever you go. Yes, even take them with you into the bathroom. Remember that you will only have seconds to react, too short a time to go hunting for what you need when they finally make their move.

Of course, this is tough to do. Day after day, week after month, year after year, even decade after decade, nothing will happen! Few people have the mental discipline to keep hauling guns and cell phones along with them every single time they get up from watching TV to use the head or get a snack. Added to this is the fact that all burglaries are on the wane in the United States, and home invasion as a subset seems to be particularly unpopular amongst members of the criminal persuasion. It won't take long before someone starts to second guess their decisions and decide that such vigilance is a waste of time. I mean, the odds of becoming a victim to this particular crime are very remote, and falling every year. Who would bother with this routine?

Mainly people who have been victims of this particular crime in the past.

Give it a click, it's worth your time.


James R. Rummel said...

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