Thursday, August 07, 2008

Backups... I need them.

The server I primarily work off of was damaged in a tragic vmware migration. Due to extenuating circumstances (they didn't backup the fucking server) I must rebuild the server from scratch... and reset all the settings... that it took me two weeks to get working smoothly... and another week to tweak the sql scripts to work with the new version.

FSCK would have saved it.


Kelly Byrd said...

I'm curious how VMware blew things up. With enough detail, I'll file a bug.

Fletch said...

Thanks for the offer, but VMware did everything exactly as it should have. The issue (second hand info) was that some part of the server was not transferred over, and the partition table was corrupted.

AFAIK, it wasn't VMware, but if I get some more info, I'll e-mail you.