Friday, August 29, 2008

E-mail referrals and Jennifer Connelly

Sitemeter shows referrals so you can see what pages link to your pages. This is pretty useful, because you can tell when forums link to your posts, or see the search terms that prominently display your page. You can also see when people see your page, and actually e-mail them to friends. This seems to be pretty rare, since people usually reserve e-mail for stuff recipients can disprove on snopes later, so seeing those referrals has some kind of significance to me.

The usual ones are expected ones like, Why own guns?, 40 Reasons to ban guns, and The Walking Dead. Others include links to posts that have funny or odd videos, expected stuff that people might send to their family or friends to change minds or for a bit of amusement.

Jennifer Connelly, however was not one of the posts I had expected to be e-mailed around. It's just a picture with a few words of... approval. Not anything to write other people about. But since I've posted it, I've seen four e-mail referrals to it. Hopefully I'm spreading the word about JC. (link removed for extreme NSFW-age!)

Additionally, Jennifer (we're on a first name basis now :P) is starring in the new The day the Earth stood still. Apparently she was the director's first choice for the role. More JC love. :)

Here's some screencaps from the trailer.

Oh yeah...

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