Monday, August 04, 2008

Death by red herring

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Guns campaigner stabbed to death

Mrs Regan's friend Sylvester Johnson, 74, said: "She didn't want any young people to get caught up in the trouble that her son got caught up in.

"She was very brave and I don't know of anyone who would have a grudge against her."

In February, Mrs Regan was involved with the launch of a DVD warning about the dangers of gun and knife gang culture.

"She made a huge impression on me and on many people that she met. She was determined to do all that she could so that other mothers didn't go through the experience that she went through when her son, Danny, was killed."

I'm not an anti-gunner, and thusly, I'm not apt to the blood-dance they enjoy whenever someone dies that they can leverage to support their position. Consequently, I feel no animosity for this woman. She had a tragedy in her life in losing her son, and began what she thought to be the right course of action; fighting to limit the availability of guns and knives.

This is a red herring.

This is the easy, obvious answer. But it's not the right one.

I can't bring myself to speak ill of this poor woman who's only problem was that she didn't look closely enough at what she was fighting for. Make no mistake; anti-gunners, and any persons or groups who fight against availability of tools to limit their misuse, are wrong. The facts are not on their side, history is not on their side, statistics are not on their side. The only thing they DO have on their side, is the knee-jerk reaction most have to this kind of violence.

The sentiment is that people are generally good, and but for the availability of these tools (be they guns, knives, SUVs, or chainsaws) murderers would be regular, non-violent people.

I think the reason it is so widely accepted is because it allows bystanders to believe that even the most evil people are good at their core.

It's hard admit that evil exists in the world. It's especially hard to believe when you're trying to deal with the loss of a loved one. But it's reality. It's what's happening in the world. It's what sometimes happens to our loved ones. Refusing to believe it at first may be excused as frustration at a loss, but continuing to believe it, and refusing evidence to the contrary, is simply cognitive dissonance.

Believing the world is made of sunshine and rainbows will not protect you from a meth-head with a steak knife. Believing that banning guns will stop murder will not protect you from an ex-boyfriend with an illegal gun. Believing knives longer than 10 inches cause stabbings will not protect you from a crazy man with a hammer.

Anti-gunners are anomalous in that they are not well versed in the facts of the matter for which they fight. One would think that anyone who takes their fight seriously would arm themselves with as many facts as possible, but these anti-gunners seem to just run on grief and emotion. Every victory for them is worse than a shining spotlight cast upon a red herring, because every victory for them denies others the ability to protect themselves from the very tragedy that fueled these anti-gunners to fight.

Only when these useful idiots are stopped will people be able to properly address, and truly deal with the problem of violence in our communities.

Well, MY argument allows women to protect themselves from rapists; so what does that mean YOUR argument does?

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