Saturday, August 02, 2008

New gun pr0n!

S&W 442-2

Just for comparison...

Range report coming tomorrow!

The Boomershooter: Savage 10fp

Mmmmm... Heavy barrel

I'm itching to get this to a local 700 yard range. A range report will follow within a month.


Mike said...

I'm loving that Smith. .38 or .357? .357 might be a bit to manage in that Airlight frame... But dayum, that's a hard to beat pocket gun.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Which Grand Slam is that, the 6-20x?

Fletch said...

Mike, its the 38 special. After 100 rounds at its first trip to the range, and the sore thumbs afterwards, I really can't imagine shooting 357 in a gun like this. I might have some grip issues to work out, but the idea of the m&p 340 being a few ounces lighter, and good for 357 makes my thumbs want to fall off.

TD, good eye! It is indeed the 6-20x! It came with the rifle. It was a consignment, but in great shape, (prolly owned by a hunter) so it was an incredible buy. :)