Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paintball video; Pumping it up

Some videos from my first day back Paintballing last Saturday. We all played pump except for one young semi, and we stuck to the speedball fields. It was hot, but it was fun.

I'm the player on screen at 0:13, and moving up at 0:56

This was one of the first games back, and I am obviously sluggish :) I wasn't shooting straight for the first few games, so that was my first out of the day.

I make a brief appearance running to my bunker off the break (right side), then you don't see me until I get shot out at 3:03. Bleh.

This is a little later in the day, and was one of those games that just sucked. It's funny that I couldn't see a damn thing that game, and the camera couldn't see me either :) It's interesting looking at it from this angle because the way the bunkers were set up, I could only see one player on the opposing team, and he wasn't focused on me so I wanted to move up, but couldn't get an idea of where everyone was. My teammate at the 50 was not able to communicate because he was caught up. So I just sat there, trying to see somebody to shoot, and taking a few shots at the one guy I could see whenever he moved to the other side of his bunker. Eventually one of my teammates asked me to watch a bunker, and when I switched back to that side I shot it out with a player I hadn't seen before, and caught one in the forearm. I'm always so surprised how different the game looks once you step to the side of the field.

These are the only videos of that day

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Mike said...

Looks like fun! If only the refs weren't so lazy...

Looks like a much nicer field than I can find in my neck of the woods, though.