Monday, August 18, 2008

Paintball LOLtivational poster

After a day of paintballing, I only had two body hits, and both were on bunkers so I didn't mind. The one on my shoulder was pretty tame, but the one on my side was considerably closer, and looked much worse. The hits only hurt after you're done playing (and only if someone pokes or touches them), but I had forgotten that I was supposed to fix a hole in the built-in knee pads on my pants, and skinned my knee pretty good sliding into the bunkers. The skinned knee hurt more than the two hits combined.

This morning I inspected the hits and saw that the one on my side broke skin strangely. Usually paintball impacts leave a crescent moon (I've got a perfectly shaped crescent moon scar), or a outline of a circle. (FYI, if you make friends with any pro players and see them without their shirts on, they look like leopards) But this hit didn't have either of those shapes, and when I realized what I was looking at, I had to take a grainy cell phone picture.

(NOTE: do not try to adjust your monitors; I really am that pasty. I have a skin condition called Computera Geekus)

clicky for large size

I LOL'd heartily, then I made this;

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Good to be back.

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