Friday, August 08, 2008

As if engineering hadn't fucked up enough already

I asked for a fresh server, and they gave me one that was totally fresh... Except the E: drive was unformatted. No problem, except that the program I'm having trouble with was installed on the E: drive. This caused the reinstall to seize up, and managed to corrupt the replication data, rendering the install about as useful as a .380 to the head.

Eng: "It's just the E: drive. The C: drive is a totally fresh box."
Me: "But the E: drive has the program I'm having trouble with on it. This new box is hosed because this software was written by hypochondriacs, and won't install right unless you actually buy a hoop and jump through it while you type in the serial number!" (he said wondering how on earth these idiots were the leaders in their industry)
Eng: "So dig through the registry and remove all references to it."
Me: "One; I already tried that, and two; even if I hadn't, my answer would still be 'no.'"
Eng: "Well, rebuilding it will take like an hour, and it's afterhours on friday."
Me: "Yeah, it is, isn't it? The perfect time to start replication for a fresh install of [software], don't you think?"
Eng: "This seriously can't wait till Monday?"
Me: "Dude! YOU nuked my server AND made me fuck up the fresh box I was going to reinstall on!!"
Eng: "...Ok, ok. It'll take a bit."


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