Monday, August 18, 2008

Shut up Monkey, just dance for me.

I was at the local ad-infused theater watching Mirrors yesterday, and among the never-ending advertisements was a spot for a lawyer show full of sexy female lawyers who punctuate their sentences by screaming objection, and hookers with hearts of gold lawyers who care about their clients. This wasn't a problem since it was simply par for the course.

The issue I had was when they started doing the edgy, behind-the-scenes interviews with the actors who played the lawyers, and they talked about the justice system and what it means to be a lawyer.

I'm sorry; who the fuck are these people again?

Aren't these the people who get paid truly obscene amounts of money to be someone they're not, and read words other more talented people wrote? Asking their opinion on ANY subject matter besides acting is, in the most artful of terms, pants-on-head retarded.

Actors are Monkeys.

They dance for our amusement.

If we stopped looking at them, they would cease to exist.

The fact that some of these actors realize that they're only Monkeys dancing for our amusement, and feel so self-conscious that they have to run out and demand a position in fields like world politics should be amusingly patronized as one would a child who wanted to grow up to be a firetruck.

The fact that these Masters of Pretend Land are regarded as highly as some would politicians, would be a point of enlightenment were people to actually stop and think about it for a moment.

Wait! I think I just discovered the secret of the Actor/Politician cross over!

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