Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A bothersome trend in the gun blogs

Some gun bloggers have been bugging me lately. Bugging me enough to keep me from reading their stuff for a while. Of course, I'll eventually get back to their blog, yet I'm usually disturbed to discover they've yet to learn.

I don't say anything to them because, frankly, it's none of my goddamn business how they run their personal blog. So I'll keep my opinions right here, speak my peace, and not bore you with them again.

Below are examples of posts that have irked me lately;

I've come to a quick conclusion! Let me share it with y'all!

[82 comments later]

Ok, so maybe, I was a bit quick with my conclusion...

Poorly thought out ideas presented, then defended, only to be abandoned do not make good blog posts. They depreciate the value of the blogger to the reader. Not that I oppose an open exchange of ideas, or *gasp* changing your mind(!), I'm just saying that if this keeps happening to you; maybe some more thought should be given before we push Mr. Publish Button.

My opinion is more valid than yours. I offer no hint or reason for this increased validity, yet am not above implying it is related to my hit count.

People read your blog because they see value in what you write. Thinking you don't have to do the diligence of-- explaining *spit* yourself smacks of the same elitist crap bloggers complain comes from ye olde media. Don't be a douche and expect people to lap it up.
Lets keep things in perspective folks: you're still just some dude or dudette with a keyboard and an opinion.



'nuf fucking said.

I philosophically oppose/support an idea.

[225 comments of poorly formed arguments between people who should simply agree to disagree]

The particularly applies when commenters obviously troll or bait. We understand your philosophy. We understand the opposition's philosophy. Arguing bitterly with the opposition accomplishes little. Honestly, it should only take three long comment replies to say all you need to say. Instead, bloggers and commenters fight with paltry statements that must be qualified and clarified in many, many follow up comments. If someone disagrees, address their points clearly and obviously. Anticipate their arguments and diffuse or comment on them. When your piece has been said; shut up. Leave it be. Drawing it out only makes you look bad, and turns off readers. It especially looks bad when it's on a topic in which there should be no equivocation.

In closing this uncharacteristic jaunt into finger wagging, and general obtrusiveness; a closed mouth gathers no foot. Considering folks on the internet (and gun folks on the internet particularly) have no shortage of opened mouths, one would regard a closed mouth better than one hanging agape, waiting for a nearby foot to Hoover in. A little bit of forethought, research, and taciturnity, goes a long way.

Perhaps better stated; A taciturn mouth gathers significantly less foot.



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JP said...

I totally disagree with your disagreements about disagreeing.

Cogito Ergo Sum has changed to what ever the Latin is for "I disagree to justify that I am. Who needs to think?"